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7 Ways To Get Restful Sleep When Traveling With Kids

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7 Ways To Get Restful Sleep When Traveling With Kids

Could there be anything more fulfilling than a night of restful sleep?

No matter how young or old you are, everybody lovs a relaxing slumber.

But sometimes it takes an effort to get some quality sleep, especially when traveling with your kids.

Long journeys by rail, air, or road are challenging for parents on a trip with impatient, energetic kids.

There are many ways to get restful sleep while traveling with kids on hectic trips. Here are seven ideas you can try.

7 Ways To Get Restful Sleep When Traveling With Kids

1. Start your trip in the evening.

That may sound funny, but with kids in mind, it can help save your sanity.

Children are mostly ready to rest from a tiring and playful day after the sun sets.

If they were anxious about the journey, the excitement would have taken a toll on them and would need a nap. 

That gives the parent or caregiver a chance to take naps as well. If travel must happen during the daylight, make sure that kids go to bed early to encourage them to get enough sleep in readiness for the long-awaited trip.

Tired kid resting on the bed wearing hoodie and boots

2. Choose spacious accommodation during your trip

One undoing of any beautiful trip is a crowded bed space in hotels during your stay away from home. 

If you don't go on trips regularly, find a superior suite for your stay. 

Avoid overcrowding in cramped rooms during travel. 

It will give parents the privacy they need and the children a comfortable, more sleep-conducive 

Ask the hotel in advance whether they give baby cots or not. That way, you'll know if you need extra bedding, sheets, or traveling pillow for kids.

Happy Asian family on the bed looking happy

3. Understand time differences

Traveling across different time zones alters the routines and body clock

Children don't understand time differences, and the parent should take the lead in helping them adjust well before traveling.

It is critical to backtrack or extend the day's activities depending on how the time zone affects your life during the trip. 

For example, you could make children wake up and sleep early and vice versa with two weeks remaining to cross-time zone travel. 

Start using time schedules for new time zones for ease of adjustment for you and your kids.

One valuable sleeping tip is circadian rhythms for exposure to light when traveling to western time zones. 

If going eastwards, expose yourself and your children to bright light before daybreak as a way of practicing. 

Four wall clocks showing different time zones

4. Invest in a White Noise Machine and a Noise Cancelling Headphones

On any trip with kids, the White Noise machine is a brilliant tool for use. It's a gadget that produces distinctive sounds at high frequencies that encourage sleep. 

The noises include:

  • waterfalls
  • winds
  • rain
  • wind blowing on trees

The device encourages relaxation, which triggers rest through sleep.

Noise-canceling headphones equally serve the purpose of promoting quick sleep. 

Unlike other headphones, this special one reduces ambient sounds through soundproof techniques. 

You should try these headphones when traveling in noisy vehicles or on flights.

Another way of accessing white noise is downloading relaxing melodies apps on android. 

Asian little girl sleeping peacefully in a car seat

6. Buy comfort items for kids

For a peaceful sleep, children and parents need to be comfortable. 

Comfort soothes anyone and triggers rest within the shortest time possible. 

Some comfort items you can bring during traveling are:

  • socks
  • Marvin hats
  • face not
  • sono pillow
  • footrests 
  • cooling pillow

When going to cold places, socks and Marvin hats are essential to keep warm as you try to get sleep. 

On the other hand, a face blanket works well to reduce ambient lighting and promote sleep. 

Sono pillows and footrests encourage comfort while in a sitting position of rest. 

Notably, the sono pillow relaxes the back and reduces back pain, while the footrests minimize numbness of the feet by encouraging blood flow.

A cooling pillow is another original item to carry during travel. While on a trip to tropical climatic areas, the pad is handy to regulate temperatures and ensure a comfortable sleep.

Four pairs of feet of kids with socks showing under the blanket

7. Imposing strict sleeping schedules

Kids are hyped up on trips, so parents should exercise control over children and their excitement during travel. 

Control sleeping schedules for each family member to ensure everyone gets to rest and is ready for another memorable day of a travel expedition.

Dad reading story to daughter sleeping soundly on the bed

Final thoughts

Children get excited a lot on any travel. They're curious and love to explore. 

Their silly curiosity might will test your patience but remember that it's natural for kids to be inquisitive.

Understand the value of sleep and restful nights during travel. That way, you get the best out of the family trip. 

Arrange your trip in advance, think about the kids, put yourself in their shoes, and mobilize enough resources for guaranteed comfort.

Most importantly, learn how time zone differences affect your sleep.

Don't forget family vacation is a time to have fun and spend quality time with your loved ones.


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  1. Traveling with the kids in tow is very difficult especially for my kids who are very active. I am the one who always gets tired and then become grumpy because of exhaustion. Very nice tips from you here. Will follow some of it on our next family trip.