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The 4 Chronotypes, Our Sleep And Activity Level Connection

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The 4 Chronotypes, Our Sleep And Activity Level Connection

Do you notice that you function better at a certain time during the day? 

Some people work effectively in the morning, while others excel during the wee hours.

Maybe you know someone who can still deliver excellent work even with only a few hours of sleep. Others need to get a full 8 hours to be efficient.

What is your The 4 Chronotypes, Our Sleep And Activity Level Connection Chronotype, and how is it connected to your sleep and activity level?

Dr. M. Breus is one of many who did extensive research to understand the Chronotype better. He came up with a helpful Chronotype quiz.

Chronotype influences your sleep pattern, energy level, appetite, mood, and other daily activities.

According to Dr. M. Breus' research, people fall into these 4 Chronotype categories.

4 Chronotypes: Our Sleep and Activity Level Connection

4 Chronotypes and our sleep and activity level connection

1. The Lion Chronotype

The famous idiom early bird can best describe people in the Lion Chronotype. 

They get up early and get things done ahead of schedule. They are productive from the get-go.

They don't need much time to get ready in the morning.

However, this activity level will not last all day. They would experience a drop by noon or a few hours afterward.

They also don't do well with engagements later in the day. 

2. The Bear Chronotype

Most people fall into this class. 

The Bear Chronotype mirrors the sun.

They are at their peak activity-wise between 9 am and 5 pm when the sun is up.

The bears need a little bit of time to settle into work, and they're at their best around noon. 

Like the lions, they are not best suited for social and work activities in the evening.

3. The Wolf Chronotype

The wolves in the Chronotype category are nowhere near the bears in terms of popularity. 

Only approximately 15% of people fall into this class.

They're known as night owls because of their sleep and activity level peculiarities.

People in this category are at their best towards the latter part of the afternoon. 

They are at their peak and can get a lot done in the evening when the bear, especially the lion, is experiencing a drastic decline in their activity level.

Wolves are not good at rising early in the morning. 

Because of their activity level, they are one of the best Chronotype classes for night shifts. 

They could do well in a freelance career, working with clients in a different timezone as the conventional working hours of 9 am – 5 pm do not favor them.

4. The Dolphin Chronotype

If you think the wolf class of Chronotype was unusual, then you're in for a surprise.

Meet the dolphin class.

Only 10% of individuals are part of this Chronotype. 

This category would usually sleep later than any other Chronotype classes, but they would be up and active early---same as the early birds.

They're known as insomniacs

One unique thing about them is their intelligence level. 

Despite having little sleep, they are some of the most intelligent people you'd meet.

They are also light sleepers. 

Consequentially, the dolphin class is prone to anxiety.
Other than the chronotype quiz by Dr. M. Breus, other quizzes can help you better understand your chronotype and how it's connected to your sleep and activity level.

Which of the 4 Chronotype classes do you fall on? 

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