5 Places To Visit For Your Family Vacation In France

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5 Places To Visit For Your Family Vacation In France

Charles de Gaulle, the former French President, rightly said, “France cannot be France without greatness.” Boasting of incredible destinations, unmatched culture, thrilling nightlife, and fine dining, France today allures over eighty million tourists on an annual basis.

Holidaymakers from all over the globe take utmost pleasure in exploring the sizzling cities of this nation that is steeped in deep history. The majority of the cities are dotted with magnificent palaces, cathedrals and ancient castles that make France stand out in terms of architecture and aristocracy.

This European country, in other words, is that ideal paradise where you will love to take your near ones, especially your family.

Being the third largest country in the world, France has plenty of beautiful cities for a super holiday that can now be exclusively arranged by Opodo. Here are 5 great cities that will surely make a family vacation of a lifetime. Take a look:

1. Paris
The capital city has to be on the list as it is also the most populous one with plenty of remarkable things to witness. To top the charts is the Eiffel Tower followed by the Louvre Museum, the Sacre-Coeur, and the Arc de Triomphe.

Well, if it’s not the first time for you, head to Denfert-Rochereau, the Place de la Nation, the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Marais where you can keep a bit of distance from the crowd. Besides, you can take your family to let them witness around 6,600 sculptures at the Musee Rodin.

The Seine Cruise, on the other hand, will be quite enjoyable as it would take you past the famous landmarks, making way to the English Channel. Don’t forget to take your kids to Disneyland Paris where they will enjoy taking spectacular rides.

2. Lyon
Rested in east-central France, Lyon is the third largest city that boasts of a long history and attracts tourists to witness its vibrant culture and historic architecture.

Do not miss exploring its various districts like the Presquile that is surrounded with bars and restaurants, the Croix-Rousse that is known for its secret passageways while Fourviere will leave you spellbound with its Gothic churches and Roman ruins.

The Lyon Cathedral and its astronomical clock of the 14th century too is sure to grab your attention.

3. Strasbourg
This is one amazing place in France where you will discover beauty in its art and architecture, food, fashion and even in its language. As it is located along the Rhine River, it has a fine blend of German and French cultures.

Moreover, what the ladies would love here is shopping from the range of Alsatian textiles, stork-shaped souvenirs, cookware and what not. Pick up those exclusive gift boxes, candies, and cookies from those little shops to leave your little ones delighted.


4. Corsica
Who doesn’t want to witness the birthplace of the great Napoleon? Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica, takes pride in having places in the name of this German legend, especially the Bonaparte House Museum. Besides, water activities are plenty here as a lot of tourists spend weekends here kayaking, surfing, water skiing etc.

5. Marseilles
If you are keen to witness the amalgamation of African and French culture, this is the city for you. The beaches here too deserve mention like Plage de Prado, which is quite wide and open for kids who can find climbing walls and playgrounds as well.

Of course, the historic museums like the Art Museum and the Natural Art Museum will accumulate memories for the art lovers. The unmatched Mediterranean food keeps calling back tourists every year while young graduates love choosing this French city for weekend evening parties.

If you are willing to explore these cities or other any other location in France with your family and friends, Opodo will assist you without any hassle. Grab this opportunity now and you never know this can be your dream vacation you have been waiting for!!

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