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Here are some samples of articles for/from site supporters and partners.

Let's help each other grow.
Collaborate with me through:

  • Banner ads (up to 3 months)
    • Leader board - 728 x 90
    • Side bar - 250 x 250
  • Product review/feature 
    • Review - please note that I only do honest and objective reviews. No product received, no review. 
    • Feature - I can feature your product or introduce you to the audience using the data you provided or found on your website. I won't be claiming that it's a good product unless I have used it myself.
  • Submitted promotional article (I will edit accordingly but please make sure you have it proofread and ready before submitting)
  • Mention you in one of my articles
    Please send your business proposals through the contact form below.

    IMPORTANT: Please be clear with your terms and offers. Go straight to the point with your message (what you want to promote, what date you prefer it to be posted so I can see if I can adjust the schedules,how much is your offer, etc.). Time spent exchanging emails for questions and clarifications for unsure offer is time wasted.

    DISCLAIMER: I cannot guarantee you will get a sale by featuring you on my website or posting your banner ad. Buying from your business is still a prerogative of my site visitor and something I cannot impose or force them to.

    I have a diverse audience and whether your business is of their interest or not is something I cannot assure you.

    I can only help you reach more people by providing a space for you to advertise.

    Thank you.

    I reserve the right to refuse offers.

    If you want to guest blog instead (no selling!), please see these guidelines: Guest blogging guidelines.