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Hi! I'm Lux. I'm the editor-in-chief, social media manager, all-around elf of About Life and Love.

I'm a pharmacist by profession but I've always known that my heart is set on writing, so here we are. šŸ˜Š

I am a vegan copywriter helping vegan businesses increase their reach and revenue with content and copy.

My website has transformed through the years from an online journal to a professional lifestyle blog.

It has changed as much as I have grown into the Proverbs woman I aspire to become.

I'm currently enjoying this new chapter of my life with my wonderful husband.

Together, we manage Internet Marketing Ad where we help entrepreneurs find their target audience online.

Some of my works have been published on Thought Catalog and A Writer's Studio.

I quit my good paying job in one of Forbes Fortune 500 companies to become a full time freelance Content and Copywriter for vegan and health businesses with Social Media Management gig on the side. 

I've never looked back since and I've never been this happy with my career.šŸ˜Š

Other things I'm passionate about aside from writing:

About the blog

Started as Lux Thinking Aloud (2011), changed to Bared My Soul (2013), and now called About Life and Love (2015), this blog is a collection of life lessons, travel diaries, and personal views about life and love that reflects everyone's story.

Surprisingly, some readers are sending life and love questions seeking advice or asking for prayers. About Life and Love is no Love Doctor, but you are encouraged to do the same.

You may share the contents of About Life and Love provided you give credit by linking back and tagging on social media (social media buttons at the top and in the bottom part of this page).

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