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A Guide To Better Sleep Hygiene

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 A Guide To Better Sleep Hygiene

If we were to be truthful, we would discover that a lot of us are not getting enough quality sleep due to a variety of reasons. A majority of the reasons can be overcome with adjustments, only a few are unavoidable. We can adjust our habits to get better sleep. For instance my habit to binge watch on Netflix up to late in the night is something I can avoid. (I promise you when I'm finished watching suits, the "only one more episode" trend will be banished!) The following are some tips to help you sleep better at night!

 A Guide to Better Sleep Hygiene 

Basic Sleep Hygiene

Have and follow a sleep schedule. Preferable make your sleep schedule as consistent as possible. Though most of us like to sleep longer on weekends try to keep your sleep schedule close. If you like to sleep longer on weekends go to bed a little earlier.

Take notice of what you consume. Stimulants such as nicotine and caffeine suppress sleep and it can take hours for their effects to be over. Alcohol is also disruptive on your sleep. Always opt for caffeine free drinks such as herbal tea, hotel lemon containing honey or water in the evening.

Basic Sleep Hygiene

Create a set of activities before bedtime to slow down and prepare for sleep. From working with children, it has been shown that a bedtime routine signals the brain that we are heading to sleep. Spend half an hour before bed winding down and allowing your body to relax. To help with this switch off all electronic gadgets one hour before going to bed.

Ensure a conducive environment for sleep: with kids dim the lights or darken the room, keep the sleeping room at cool temperatures and cut down background noises by using white noise. For adults the same can also apply! Choose bedding that has normal comfortable temperatures and also have a comfy pillow. Also remember to power on the ceiling fan for a light breeze and turn down the thermostat before retiring to bed.

Avoid sleeping during the day: I love napping, I have to admit but there are disadvantages to it. People who experience insomnia at night might prefer to take a nap during the day. This is not advisable as it will lead to insufficient sleep at night leading to a perpetual cycle of compensating for poor sleep at night by taking a nap which in turn affects night sleep. Do not nap during the day and sleep better at night. Instead of a nap during the day take a walk.

Be active: Engage in physical activity as it promotes better sleep. Exercises are suited for the earlier parts of the day because exercise increases the pulse rate, brain activity and powers on our fight or flight systems.

Be active

New Mattress: If your mattress is over a decade old then consider purchasing a new one. The Sealy Posturpedic is a well regarded mattress and one you could consider changing to.

Minimize your stress levels. Journalling just before bedtime is a healthy practice. If you are apprehensive and worried about what happened during the day or what will occur tomorrow you will not get good sleep. Write down what is bothering you so that you handle it the following morning while fresh.

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