5 Best American Road Trips To Take This Summer

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5 Best American Road Trips To Take This Summer

The 5 Best American Road Trips to Take this Summer

The USA offers every conceivable landscape imaginable. It is all part of the typical summertime experience. 

From mountain ranges and lush valleys to wondrous deserts, canyons, plateaus, coastal waterways, and historic sites; the country offers a bit of everything to road warriors.

Now that summer is nearly upon us it is time to start planning your next summer getaway. 

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Geared up? Let’s explore the 5 best American road trips to take this summer.

1. The Turquoise Trail 

One of the most beautiful stretches of highway in all North America is the Turquoise Trail which is named after the turquoise mineral deposits that have been found and mined in the New Mexico area. 

52 miles in length this stretch of highway runs between Santa Fe, and Albuquerque, with a sprinkling of interesting and offbeat towns in between. 

In 2000, the highway was designated as a National Scenic Byway – which means that the US Department of Transportation recognizes the route as having one or more of these characteristics: cultural, archaeological, natural, historic, scenic, or recreational. 

Visit Cerrillos was once a booming town with dozens of saloons, hotels, and pretty churches, it is now a ghost town, ready to be explored.

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2. The Great River Road 

Looping and curving through 10 states, the 3,000-mile Great River Road follows the Mississippi River through a number of natural wonders, such as the Trail of Tears State Park in Missouri, and Nelson Dewey State Park, in Wisconsin. 

It is an amazing opportunity to become immersed in the history and culture that is life on the Mississippi River. Learn the history of the “blues” at the Delta Blues Museum in Mississippi, and stop at the Buffalo Bill Museum, in LeClair, Iowa. 

Another fascinating stop - Fort Snelling, in Minnesota, an old military outpost, where, today, they offer military history demonstrations and activities.

American Road Trip The Great River Road

3. Florida A1A 

If you love the beach­’s warmth and the sunshine, you’ll love Florida’s A1A route which takes you from Miami to the Georgia state line, or vice versa, of course. 

Some of the amazing stops along the way include the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum, Amelia Island, the McKee Botanical Garde, and Daytona International Speedway, not to mention, dozens of spectacular piers and beaches. 

A favorite among the locals is the Cocoa Beach Pier; a great place for beginning and experienced surfers to catch some waves, as they are consistent here, much like the casual atmosphere of Cocoa Beach itself.

American Road Trip Florida A1A
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4. Route 66 

This road is the quintessential slice of Americana. 

There have been songs written about it and movies filmed on it. This road extends all the way from Chicago, IL. to Los Angeles, CA. with so many fantastic spots along the way, including the Meramec Caverns, Petrified Forest, and the Grand Canyon. 

Photoshoot, anyone? You will not want to miss the opportunity to tour the Cadillac Ranch. Ten Cadillacs which are half-buried in the desert sit ready and waiting for visitors to spray paint their own individualistic art onto them. 

Don’t forget about the Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum located in Pontiac, Illinois. 

Here you’ll find virtually thousands of original historic pieces of memorabilia dating back to the days when Route 66 was truly iconic.

American Road Trip Route 66


5. Million Dollar Highway in Colorado 

As you might imagine, this route offers a number of outdoor adventure opportunities and incredible vistas as far as the eye can see. 

At only 25 miles long and just a snippet of the San Juan Highway, this road packs a punch with people seeking adventure in the San Juan National Forest, and Molas Lake. 

There are ghost towns to explore like Animas Forks and in Silverton, you can take a gold mine tour to level up your knowledge on how things used to be done. 

This highway got its high-priced name because it is one of the most scenic highways in the USA. With jaw-dropping panoramic views, this highway traverses up three mountains taking an uphill climb of about 11,000 feet!

American Road Trip to Million Dollar Highway in Colorado

Now is the time to start planning your summer road trip. Getting your car in tip-top shape and making sure you have the insurance coverage you need to get to where you want to go, with serenity, and peace of mind should be first on your list of things to do!

Take your pick of the many magnificent highways America has to offer and savor the experiences you will embrace as you drive life’s highways.

Where's your next American road trip this summer?  

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