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Started as Lux Thinking Aloud (2011), changed to Bared My Soul (2013), and now called About Life and Love (2015), this blog is a collection of life lessons, travel diaries, and personal views about life and love that reflects almost everybody's story.

Surprisingly, some readers are sending life and love questions seeking advice or asking for prayers. About Life and Love is no Love Doctor, but you are encouraged to do the same.

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Admin also manages another blog, Dear You. It is a venue created for unsent letters to help you find your closure. You can send and post anonymously. (Your secret is safe!)


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About the admin

Hey, there! I'm Lux. The introvert in charge of About Life and Love and Dear You,.

I'm a pharmacist by profession, a frustrated globe trotter, and a writer at heart. To some family members and close friends, I am the corniest joker ever---to which I strongly disagree. 

Currently, I'm balancing my time working on my dream business and pursuing my passion for writing, finding my one true love while building my own happily ever after, and chasing my dreams as I live in the reality of the present.
My blog has transformed through the years as I continue to evolve into the Proverbs woman I aspire to become.

Some of my works have been published on Thought Catalog and The Praying Woman.

Through this little space on the web and in the every day things that I do, I hope to someday leave a dent in the world---the universe rather. ^_^

About Life and Love is where I share my travels and where I gab about life and love that I hope would encourage or make people feel they're not alone in their journey.

Visit my other blog Dear You, to read unsent letters or if you're looking for someplace you can send yours.

Disclaimer: Photos used on this blog are from the admin's smartphone, free stock photos, and a few searched on Google images. Big thanks to the owners who generously share them on the web. If you own any of them, please shoot an email so you can be given proper credit.

Maraming salamat po!


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