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3 Safe Ways To Transport An Elderly Family Member To The Doctor

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3 Safe Ways To Transport An Elderly Family Member To The Doctor

3 Safe Ways To Transport An Elderly Family Member To The Doctor

Caring for an elderly family member with limited mobility requires dedication and patience. 

They've given us love and care when we were young. It's time to serve them back.

But you also have other priorities and can't always be at their beck and call. 

In this case, finding compassionate professionals like Care For Family, NDIS Service provider in Sydney to supervise the elderly on your behalf is vital. 

It will give you peace of mind knowing that they're given high-quality care even when you're not around.

For the senior member of the family, missing a medical appointment is not an option. 

A trip to the barber or hairdresser, social engagement, or family gatherings are also important for their mental and physical health.

When you're not available to give your aging parents a ride to their doctor's appointments, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a lifesaver. 

They provide transportation services for the elderly and disabled.

How safe is it to get an elderly transportation service? 

Here are three safe ways to transport an elderly family member to the doctor.

3 Safe Ways to Transport 
an Elderly Family Member to the Doctor 

1. Cabs

If a senior is well and can travel alone, cabs are good options for short to medium distances.

Try to speak to the driver and give instructions when necessary.

Have a trained nurse or caregiver accompany the elderly in the cab if they do need assistance.

For those who need immediate medical attention or are in a delicate condition, you may need to reconsider and look for another transportation for the elderly.

The cost of cabs or taxis depends on the distance so you can calculate how much you're going to spend.

Cab is a Safe Way To Transport An Elderly Family Member To The Doctor

2. Medical Vans

For seniors who are not in a wheelchair but need medical care, a medical van is a great option.

They're made especially for medical transportation so they're equipped with basic facilities. 

A qualified attendant accompanies the senior traveler to the destination and back.

The drivers are generally trained in CPR and first aid.

The attendant will assist the patient to get in and out of the vehicle, make sure they are comfortable through the journey, and wait beside them while the appointment is in progress.

The vehicles used for this mode are mostly vans, sedans, RVs, and SUVs.

How much does this elderly transportation cost?

A medical car is more costly than a taxi, but it gives you the reassurance that your loved one is being transported under the supervision of a trained health professional.   

Medical Van Safe Way To Transport An Elderly Family Member To The Doctor

3. Intercity and Interstate Medical Transporters (Mini Trucks)

How do you transport elderly people long-distance?

When you need bedside-to-bedside long-distance medical transportation for seniors, a cab or a medical van will not suffice.

You'll need an elderly transportation service with a spacious, ambulance-sized vehicle, like a Mercedes Sprinter.

It should be equipped with:

  • the latest medical tools
  • a medical crew trained to handle specific conditions
  • comfortable seating and sleeping arrangement for both the elderly patient and the accompanying family member
The best way to transport the elderly long-distance or across the country is through an intercity or interstate medical transporter.

The cost of this elderly transportation service depends on the company providing it. 

Check out some medical transportation services near you and ask for their price before deciding.

Interstate or Intercity Transport is a Safe Way To Transport An Elderly Family Member To The Doctor


We want to keep our aging parents comfortable and safe. 

There are premium long-distance medical transport vehicles that offer superior services, with an inbuilt bathroom, complimentary meals and drinks, Wi-Fi, entertainment, and plush sleeping arrangements.

There are even pet-friendly transportation service providers so you can bring your elderly's loyal pet to give them comfort during the long trip.

Providing safe transportation to an elderly family member who needs to see the doctor is important. Which of these services do you prefer or use?

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