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7 Smart Tips For A Smoother Trip

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7 Smart Tips For A Smoother Trip

Everybody wants a hassle-free vacation. But things don't always go our way. The most important thing to remember during a trip is to enjoy it. Follow these 7 smart tips for a smoother trip next time. It would be a great help.

7 Smart Tips For A Smoother Trip


Where do you want to go? What kind of trip is it going to be? Research about the place so you will know what to expect. Check the weather forecast. Know what activities to try, where to get the local delicacies, what the people are like, what to observe and avoid while in the place. Research inns or hotels which are safe, with a good rating, and within your budget.

Research for a smoother trip

Make a list

Have a list of the things you need to bring while planning the itinerary. List down the sites you want to visit including the "how to get there". Download an offline map. Make a list of the food or activities to experience. If you're a vegan, it helps to research vegan restaurants or at least those that offer vegan-friendly food beforehand. 

Do you have people you want to buy souvenirs for? List them down. 

At the end of the day, list down your expenses so you can monitor your cash. It doesn't sound sexy but it's essential especially if you're traveling on a budget. 

List your itinerary for a smoother trip

Pack light

When packing, common sense plays a major role. Don't bring a month's worth of outfits for a 3-day trip. Don't bring a pair of boots if you're going to the beach (duh). 

Pack only the things you will need. As much as possible, don't bring a valuable jewelry. Aside from clothes, my must-bring stuff includes:

  • Food and water (or a water bottle which you can refill inside the airport)
  • First-aid kit and medicines for pain, allergy, and stomachache
  • Earphones and chargers
  • Toiletries
  • Comfy travel pillow
  • Shawl/jacket and a pair of socks (because I easily get cold)
  • A good book or Kindle in case of down-time like waiting for a delayed flight
  • Like every Catholic school survivor graduate, my rosary beads 
I have a back problem so it's a no-no to carry a heavy bag. Some bags are already heavy before you put anything in them which is a pain. My favorite fool-proof tip for a smoother trip is to bring a foldable, light-weight, waterproof rolling trolley luggage. 

I'm so happy to have found Jaswon Overnight Bags Aero Carry-On Rolling Trolley Luggage. Not only does it have different gorgeous designs, but it's also light, and functional. 

It's lightweight, waterproof and you can bring it as your carry-on. It's every traveler's (especially with back problems) must-have for a smoother trip.

Pack light for a smoother trip

Jaswon Overnight Bags Aero Carry-On Rolling Trolley Luggage

Jaswon Overnight Bags Aero Carry-On Rolling Trolley Luggage

Be early 

Starting the travel time early is better as you get to see more places, prepare calmly, have extra time when any unforeseen delays happen. When traveling by plane, check in online to avoid queuing. Missing your plane or train means more hassle and maybe sacrificing an activity or two.

Be early for a smoother trip


Set your email's auto-responders while you're away. Someone might reach out to you and you don't want them to worry or guess why you're not responding. It could be an important client

Bring extra money

As with any trip, expect the unexpected. It is wiser to bring extra cash than be constantly worried about having enough until it's time to go home. Transfer a certain amount of money to an ATM card that you can bring handy with you.

Que sera sera

It's nice to keep an itinerary and plan your trip carefully. But things happen that are beyond our control. Sometimes the weather will not cooperate with your trip to the beach. Sometimes there will be miscommunication between you and your guide. Sometimes you'd still forget something important despite the planning. Cut yourself some slack. 

Relax for a smoother trip

Don't let a minor problem get in the way of fun. Let things be. Go with the flow. Que sera sera. Enjoy!

Note: I received Jawson carry-on luggage from Amazon through Uskoop free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Lists are SO important. What a great carry on- I love that it has wheels!

  2. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  3. Dear Lux, What a great post! As one who has done my fair share of traveling I can say for certain that your 7 Smart Tips are right on! I can't emphasize too much the importance of a list. I once ended up on a cruise when I realized I had forgotten the charger for my iPad. I got lucky and found a fellow traveler who allowed me to use theirs. Lux, I hope your year is getting off to a great start. Thank you for sharing your excellent blog and for your kind comments on mine. Take good care, my friend! John

  4. So important! I've been late before to the airport and actually missed my flight. Ugh. Never again!

  5. Great tips ;)
    Agnese & Elisa

  6. Wow, you have given some tremendous tips for trips. No doubt, they all are useful for a smooth journey! <3 Kisses & Happy Friday <3

  7. The one I struggle with most has to be packing light. I think I would enjoy traveling a lot more if I could get better at it xD Researching and planning ahead are always good things to do too!