Safety Tips When Traveling With Pets

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Safety Tips When Traveling With Pets

Every pet parent knows the struggle of leaving their beloved furry family member behind when they need to travel even if it's just for a few hours or days. Separation anxiety is so real! But traveling with pets although sounds exciting could be as difficult. I know. We have 17 dogs at home! Although we don't travel with all of them together (imagine the chaos?), I can remember the quick trips to the vet or the nearby beach with some of them. Fun and at times...disastrous. It's not easy to have a four-legged ball of energy in an environment not so familiar with them. Thankfully, with years of experience, I have gathered some safety tips when traveling with pets that I'd like to share.

Safety Tips When Traveling With Pets

Plan ahead

Before your trip, visit your vet for a check up. Inform the vet about your travel plans and ask for advice especially if your pet has a health condition. A health certificate is important when traveling.

If you're traveling abroad, have your dog vaccinated.

Research about the place you're going. Google pet-friendly places you can visit and stay in or if they have any restrictions or laws you need to know. Let the crew know you're traveling with your pet if you're flying and you can't bring them on the plane.

Also know where the nearest vet clinics in the area where you're going.

It would also help if you crate train your dog before your trip. If you're going for a long car ride, have some short car trips weeks or months ahead just to get them familiar.

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Keep them secured

Security is of the utmost importance. Better be safe than sorry, right? Check their leash and make sure it fits and locks properly. If you haven't yet, microchip your dog. In case (knock on wood) you lose him, the chances of finding him are higher. Have your contact number on their collar too.

If you can't put them in the crate while in the car, be sure the windows are locked. They would love to stick their heads outside but this is not advisable to avoid accidents.

Emergency kit

Dogs could get too excited or nervous during a trip. Keep an emergency kit ready. What should be in your pet's first aid kit?

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Cotton balls
  • Gauze pad and rolls
  • Adhesive tape
  • Your vet's number
  • Calming treats
  • Water and extra food
  • Thermometer
  • Alcohol
  • Any medication your pet needs

Comfort is key

Make sure your pet is not antsy before the trip. Monitor closely and see if they are exhibiting any sign of anxiety or discomfort.

Most of the time, they are anxious because they unfamiliar with the place and because you change something in their routine. Keep them comfortable. Travel with a carrier. They will not only feel comfortable, they will also be protected during the trip.

Here's a graphic of the benefits of traveling with pet carrier:

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Safe Travel With Your Pet Carrier'

It can also help if you play calming music during the drive or reward them with treats once in a while for being an angel during the trip.

If needed, have frequent stops for bathroom breaks and to allow them to stretch or get a quick exercise.

I personally talk to our dogs and tell them we're going somewhere or I have plans involving them. Pets are sentient. And not to brag or anything but our dogs are smart. So they know what to expect in the coming days. They're mentally prepared.

Our pets are families. Their joy, health, safety and comfort is also our priority. Whether we're just staying home or outdoors, we want them to have the best kind of experience.

May these tips help you give your pets the best kind of life they deserve.

How about you? Have you ever traveled with your pets? What tips can you share?

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