4 Safety Tips When Traveling With Pets

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4 Safety Tips When Traveling With Pets

4 Safety Tips When Traveling With Pets

Every pet parent knows the struggle of leaving their beloved dog behind while going on a trip.

But bringing your pets when traveling could also be challenging. Their safety is essential.

What is the best way to travel with pets?

Traveling by car is, so far, the best, safest, and most comfortable way to travel with pets. 

They're somehow used to being in the car with you. 

Planes and other public vehicles may trigger your pet's anxiety, especially if they're not trained. 

So how can you travel with your pets safely? 

With 17 dogs and years of experience, I've gathered four safety tips to help you be at peace if you plan to go on an adventure with your cats and dogs.

4 Safety Tips When Traveling with Pets

1. Plan ahead

  • Before your trip, visit your vet for a check-up. Inform them about your plans and ask for advice, especially if your pet has a preexisting condition. Secure a copy of their health certificate.
  • If you're traveling abroad, have your pets vaccinated.
  • If you're going for a long road trip, go on short drives weeks or months before your travel date to gradually introduce them to car rides.
  • Research the place you're going to visit. Google pet-friendly places where you can stay or hang out at. Know their rules about pets.
  • Inform the airline that you're traveling with your pet to avoid any hassles during the flight.
  • Know where the nearest vet clinics are in the area.
It will significantly help if you crate-train your cat or dog before your trip. 

What are the rules for flying with pets?

As USDA requires, pets must be at least eight weeks old and fully weaned before traveling. 

They should be healthy and in good condition to fly. Meaning they shouldn't be in distress or sick.

This is where the health certificate from your vet would come in handy.

Safety Tip When Traveling With Pets: Plan ahead

2. Keep them secured

Security is important. 

  • Check their leash and make sure it fits and locks properly. 
  • Microchip your dog. If (knock on wood) you lose him, the chances of finding him are higher. 
  • Write your contact info on their collar.
  • Lock the windows or open them only enough. Of course, your pets should enjoy the surroundings, but their safety should still be a priority.
Safety Tip When Traveling With Pets: Keep them secured

3. Bring your pet's emergency kit 

Dogs could get too excited or nervous during a trip. 

Keep an emergency kit ready. 

What should be in your pet's first aid bag?

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Cotton balls
  • Gauze pad and rolls
  • Adhesive tape
  • Your vet's number
  • Calming treats
  • Thermometer
  • Alcohol
  • Any medication your pet needs
  • Water and extra food

Remember to bring healthy superfood blends for your cat and dog. 

Ensure they still get the nutrients they need, especially since they're exposed to different elements outdoors.

Nutrition-packed dog food, such as Badlands Ranch, will satisfy every dog parent's desire for their fur babies to stay healthy and protected from diseases. And your dog will immensely enjoy the taste.

Just as your health as a pet parent is essential, your fur kids' wellness should also be a prime concern.

Safety Tip When Traveling With Pets: Bring their emergency kit

4. Comfort is key

Make sure your pet is relaxed before the trip. 

Monitor closely and see if they exhibit any anxiety or discomfort.

They could get anxious because they are unfamiliar with the place and because of changes in their routine. 

Keep them comfortable. Travel with a carrier for their safety. 

They will not only feel secure, but they will also be cozy during the trip.

Here's a graphic of the benefits of traveling with a pet carrier:

Safety Tip When Traveling With Pets: Keep them secured

Some additional safety tips when traveling with pets:

  • Play calming music during the drive.
  • Reward them with treats once in a while for being an angel during the trip.
  • Have frequent stops for bathroom breaks and allow them to stretch.
  • Talk to your pet and let them know about your travel plans. You'll be surprised how much they'll understand. This will help prepare them for the trip.

Our pets are family

Their health, safety, and comfort are our priorities. 

Whether we're just staying home or going outdoors, we want them to have the best experience.

When traveling with pets, what are your safety tips? Share them in the comment box below! 👇

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