10 Caribbean Holiday Tips To Make Your Vacation A Memorable One

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10 Caribbean Holiday Tips To Make Your Vacation A Memorable One

The Caribbean is an amazing holiday destination as it brings a wonderful mix of lovely weather, beautiful locations, and fun-filled activities. The people are warm, the food is great and the atmosphere is absolutely vibrant. Even though a lot has been said and written about these islands, there is still a lot you need to know if you plan a trip here. Here are the...

10 Caribbean holiday tips to make your vacation a memorable one

Timing of the trip

The best time to visit the Caribbean is December through to April. This is the time when the weather is dry, with cool, pleasant nights and low humidity. 

The summers and autumns here are humid, with temperatures soaring and heavy downpours being common. You may even encounter prolonged spells of constant rain which may spoil your trip. Be sure not to plan a holiday from June to November as this is the official hurricane season. 

Places to visit

Find out all about the islands that are worth visiting. Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica, Nevis, St Lucia, St Kitts, and Grenada are some of the most popular destinations. You can read online about all these islands and plan an itinerary for the trip. 

Find out about the local sightseeing, food, events, activities, and commuting facilities. Check the accommodation options and compare package prices to find the cheapest. Look for an all inclusive resort package as it serves as an economical and convenient option.

Make bookings well in advance 

Once you decide the destinations to visit during your Caribbean holiday, plan well in advance. Book your flight tickets a few months before so that you can avail early booking discounts. 

The same goes for resort bookings. Also, you would need a local guide to show you around; so book well in time. You can ask your tour operator to get a good package for you. Alternatively, you can check out some travel websites for the best deals.

Things to carry

The best kind of clothing to be worn on a Caribbean holiday is lightweight, preferably cotton. You should carry casuals that you can wear on the beach and poolside, and even while going for local sightseeing. 

Besides this, you would need comfortable shoes to walk around and slippers to wear on the beach. Don’t forget your sunglasses, a sunhat and a high SPF sunscreen as you will need protection from the strong sun. 

You also need to carry a mosquito repellent cream and an insect bite soothing ointment. Since this area is affected by Zika virus, you need to take extra precaution. Pregnant women should not travel to the Caribbean.

Check your papers beforehand

Every person who travels to a foreign country must have valid documents. You must check the validity of your passport before planning the trip. 

At least six months of validity is required to prevent any problems. Also, get a valid visa after fulfilling all the requirements to ensure that you can enter the country legally.

These Caribbean travel trips would be of great help if you plan to visit the islands in near future. Check it out to have the most amazing holiday!

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  1. Oh yes, Caribbean is on my travel bucket wish. When I can save enough, I will definitely consider these Caribbean what to do or not to do.

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  3. When I visited one of the islands, I brought bunch of mosquito repellents but didn’t think about after-bitten ointment. I should have...! I could get locally, but since then, I always carry both :-)

  4. I am headed to Ecuador next month but the Caribbean is on my list for the near future! Thanks for this post, it was really helpful :)

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