Top 10 Tips For Eco-Friendly Travel

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Top 10 Tips For Eco-Friendly Travel

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Want to travel the world but worried that you'll leave a more negative impact on the environment? These top 10 tips for eco-friendly travel will help you stay eco-conscious and reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying the trip of a lifetime.

1. Goodbye, plastic bag. Hello, reusable tote!

Did you know plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade? So when traveling, it's best to invest in a reusable shopping bag for picking up essentials in the local market or for packing your favourite trinkets. 

Reusable bags are not only eco-friendly, but they also come in a variety of patterns, fabrics, and styles. Just remember to invest in one that is a plastic alternative.

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2. Pack light for eco-friendly travel.

Did you know? The more a plane weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces. So travel sustainably and skip packing multiple outfits. Pack only what you need. The environment will thank you.

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3. Use public transport.

When on holiday, use public transport if you can. This means you'll not create any additional carbon emissions from private transport. 

It will also enrich your travel experience as you'll get to meet locals and experience what it feels like to be in that place. 

If you can use bicycles or walk around your destination, do it. 

Exploring your destination on foot or by bike will allow you to create a personal itinerary that takes in what you want to see. It can also be a gratifying experience. 

If you want a much more professional experience, you can always see what day trips companies offer. Make sure to do your research and pick trips that you will enjoy.

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4. Travel over land.

Flying can be quicker, but if you cut out just one five-hour flight, your carbon footprint will be much lighter. 

You will also see sights you would have overlooked on the plane. 

From the rolling countryside, tiny villages, and curious locals, you might find this bus journey the most magical moments of your trip.

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5. Enjoy a local beer.

Cut down on your beer mileage and enjoy a local beer instead of opting for a further traveled imported option. 

Not only will you enjoy something that many of your friends have never tried, but your tipple will also be low-carbon!

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6. Make yourself at home in your hotel.

Treat it as if you were at home when staying in your hotel. Don't request clean towels daily when they're not needed, and avoid long hot showers. Remember to turn off the lights, the aircon, and the TV when we leave the room.

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7. Choose a Carbon Offset Holiday.

Unfortunately, when travelling you can't avoid all carbon emissions. 

If you really want to travel eco-friendly, then look into booking a holiday with a travel company that offers to offset your carbon emissions or one that accounts for your trip. 

There are many companies out there that can help you stay conscious of this and that can offer a holiday that will keep your emissions low.

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8. Avoid bottled water.

Plastic bottles account for much environmental waste and pollute our oceans. 

You can bring a free reusable water bottle filled with safe water from your hotel. 

Investing in a filtered water bottle is a good idea if you will be backpacking and won't always have access to clean water. 

These bottles come with a filter installed to purify undrinkable water, allowing you to drink without paying for expensive water bottles.

It will offset the carbon emissions caused by using the plastic option.

This post contains affiliate links, so we'd get a commission if you purchase through the links at no additional cost to you. 

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9. Don't stray from the path.

On a hiking trip, always stay on the marked trails and keep a safe distance from any animals you see.

Don't approach wild animals in their natural habitat. We've all heard the story about the poor dolphin who died while people rushed to get a selfie. 

Also, if you go off the path, you may trample or damage protected flora and fauna. The track is there for a reason. Follow it!

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10. Power in numbers.

Travelling in a smaller group tends to have less of an environmental impact. So if you are travelling with a tour operator, enquire about their group sizes before booking. 

Another handy tip would be to ask them how they give back to the local community. This will help you determine which tour operator to book with. 

You'll want to go with a tour operator who values the local community and helps empower the local tourist industry.

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Next time you plan for a trip, be mindful of your impact on the environment. Choose a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to travel. 

You'll enjoy it more knowing you're preserving the Earth's beauty for your next trip and the future generation.

 Sarah McCann, Blog Editor at My Baggage, a luggage delivery service that helps take the time and hassle out of travelling.

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