Fast Talk

I find Fast Talk interviews fun. You learn so much from a person by the answer they give when under pressure. I answered some fast talk questions from the web about life and love. 

Feel free to copy and answer them too.

Fast Talk!

About life

1. What is the first thing you would ask God?

Why are chocolates toxic to dogs?

2. What was the nicest thing someone told you?

That I'm beautiful more than I know.

3. What is your greatest achievement?

Helping my siblings finish school is my proudest accomplishment.

4. If you could be someone for a day, who would you be? Why?

I would like to be the most powerful person in the world. I'll use that power to wipe away all crimes, remove pollution and hunger, bring peace in its truest meaning. A girl can dream...and hope!

5. What is life's greatest surprise to you so far?
Finding my one true love in the most unexpected way. And at the time when I was 100% happy with the fact that I may end up being single forever.

6. What makes you happy?

Writing. Watching dogs being...dogs. The beach. Being with my husband.

7. One thing you've always wanted to do?
Tour Europe.

8. The most expensive thing you bought for yourself?

A house! 

9. If you were a fictional character who would you be?

Princess Mononoke.

10. If you can plan your death, how would it be?
Quietly in my sleep.

11. The best books you’ve read?

12. If you were to confess only one sin to God, what would it be?


13. If you have to eliminate one emotion in your life, what would it be?

14. What is the food that is always found in your fridge?


15. What is your idea of perfect relaxation?

On a beautiful beach, reading a great book, or cuddling with a dog.

16. What do you want your epitaph to say?

Mischief managed.

About Love

1. What's the biggest decision you've made for love?
Got married.

2. Is it important that you are physically attracted to your partner?

3. What's the biggest lesson your ex/exes ever taught you?
To never settle and not let anyone shortchange me. I am worthy. 😌

4. Would you give up or change your religion for your partner?
No. The God I believe in has always been with me way before I've met my partner.

5. What's the one thing you had to give up for a partner?
Styling my hair. 😄 My husband wants it black and long. A little sacrifice on my part as I love to cut and color my hair. 

6. What was your longest relationship and why did it end?
5 years. 3rd party.

7. What for you is a non-negotiable in a relationship?
Respect. If your partner doesn't respect you, it's time to leave.

8. What could make you leave your current relationship?
If 3 A's are present. Adultery, abuse, and addiction.

9. What is your dream date?
Watching Aurora Borealis with my husband.

10. What was your worst date?
I was pouring my heart out talking and the guy stood up to get something. Clearly not listening to a word I was saying.

11. What are your top 2 love languages?
Gifts and service.

12. How do you make someone feel special?
Spending time with them and making them feel heard and valued.

13. What's the ideal age to get married?
As long as both parties are financially and mentally ready, committed, and happy with the decision, age doesn't matter.

14. Who was your ideal partner when you were single?
I loved the husbands in the movie Julie and Julia. I remember watching how they treat their wives and asking God to give me a partner as supportive, loving, and kind as Eric Powell and Paul Child.

15. What is love?
Love is more than just an emotion. Love is a decision. You decide to love every day even when your partner is not lovable on a certain day or you don't feel like loving her/him. Love is a noun but it's also a verb. Meaning love is an action. It's not just sweet words and empty promises.