Best Gifts For Book Lovers That Aren't Books [Part 1]

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Best Gifts For Book Lovers & Readers That Aren't Books

We've all got that one friend whose nose is perpetually buried in a book, whose idea of a perfect evening is curled up with a novel. I am that friend! (Hehe) Finding the best gifts for book lovers can be a delightfully tricky affair for those who aren't as addicted to books as some of us are. 

Sure, another paperback or hardcover sounds like a safe bet, but why not make things a little more fun? While a book is a door to another world, let's step outside the pages and explore some other portals of joy.

Here's a list of thoughtful gifts that can make the heart of a bookish, binge-reader, bookworm, bibliophile - or whatever you like to call us - flutter just as much.

1. Tech Gadgets for Audiobook Lovers

Audiobooks are a great way to enjoy stories while on the go. And the right gadget can make all the difference. Here are four gift ideas for book lovers who love their audibles.

Apple AirPods

Meet the best friend of every audiobook enthusiast: the Apple AirPods. These sleek earbuds provide crystal clear sound quality, ensuring every word, every dramatic pause and every nuance of a story comes alive. Plus, their noise-cancellation feature is a boon, allowing for an uninterrupted listening experience no matter where you are.

Beats Headphones

For the ones who like their sounds a bit bolder and bass-filled, Beats Headphones are a dream come true. With unbeatable audio quality and a snug fit, they're perfect for those marathon listening sessions of a gripping novel. Their extended battery life means the story doesn't have to end prematurely.

Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Not just for parties or picnics, a Bluetooth Portable Speaker can be a fabulous gift for someone who loves to play their books out loud. Maybe they're cooking or taking a bath, this gadget ensures their favorite story plays in the backdrop, making everyday chores a delightful narrative experience.

Audible Subscription

Is there a gift better than endless stories? An Audible subscription offers access to thousands of books, from thrillers to romances, autobiographies to fantasy epics. It's like gifting an ever-growing, ever-evolving library ready to whisk listeners away on new adventures.

audible subscription


2. Gifts for Digital Book Readers

Kindle readers have found their slice of modern magic. So, for those enchanted by digital reading, here's a list of good gifts to enhance their literary adventure. 

Kindle Paperwhite

My husband gave me this gift, and it's the best gift a book lover like me could've ever asked for. With its high-resolution display that mimics the look of actual paper and an adaptive front light ensuring comfortable reading in all environments, it's a gift that screams luxury and convenience. I still love the feel and smell of physical books. But I'm really enjoying my Kindle right now. 

Kindle Holder with Remote Page Turner

Dear husband, if you're reading this, I've got a brilliant gift idea for you on my birthday. Lol! Hands-free reading just got a makeover. This holder ensures that readers can indulge in their favorite stories without the strain of holding the device. And the remote? A nifty feature allows seamless page-turning, making binge-reading sessions even more engrossing. 

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Stories galore! Gifting a Kindle Unlimited Subscription is akin to offering a golden ticket to a vast library. With access to countless titles spanning genres and languages, it's a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Every day becomes a new story expedition. I've never read as many books as I have since I got my KU subscription. 

Kindle Case

Safety meets style with this one. With countless designs and colors available, it's a sure way to make a Kindle feel brand new and uniquely yours. Mine is pink, of course. 

Digital Book Gift Cards

When in doubt about the right gift for a book lover, give the freedom of choice. Digital Book Gift Cards are perfect for the discerning reader, letting them choose their next favorite title. It's a simple gesture that resonates deeply with the joy of discovering new stories.


3. Self-Care Gifts for the Tired Binge-Reader

Because reading is fun and relaxing, but too much of a good thing could also take a toll on you. So here are perfectly practical and thoughtful gifts for the book enthusiast who reads until their eyes hurt. 

LEVOIT Core 300 Air Purifier

Nothing beats curling up with a good book in a fresh and pure environment. The LEVOIT Core 300 Air Purifier is a compact yet powerful device that filters out tiny particles and unpleasant odors, creating a clean haven for those cherished reading moments. 

TheraGun Theragun Prime

Reading marathons are fantastic, but they can leave one with stiff muscles and aching limbs. Enter the TheraGun Theragun Prime. This high-performance massage gun offers targeted relief, ensuring that bibliophiles can enjoy their reading sessions without any physical discomfort lurking in the background. 

Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Neck Pillow

For readers who find solace in their books during long journeys, the Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Neck Pillow is a game-changer. Providing optimal neck support, this pillow offers comfort even in the tightest airplane seats or during road trips. It's like giving the gift of cloud-like comfort to the traveling bookworm. 

Eye Massager with Heater

An eye massager's soothing warmth and gentle massage can be the perfect antidote to a long reading session. Gift your book-loving friend this relaxing treat to rejuvenate those eyes after hours of page-turning.

Bonus Gift Idea for Book Lovers

If it's within your means, consider gifting a trip to a location made famous by their favorite book. Be it the English moors from a Brontë novel or the magical entrance of Platform 9 3/4, walking in the footsteps of beloved characters can be a transformative experience for any dedicated reader. It's like watching the story come to life.


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Your present will remind your favorite reader of your thoughtfulness and attentiveness to their passion. Hope you find valuable ideas in this list of best gifts for book lovers that aren't books. Your bookworm pal will thank you for it. Trust me, I'm a bibliophile myself.

Stay tuned for Best Gifts For Book Lovers & Readers That Aren't Books Part 2!

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