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Lessons Learned On My Way To Getting There

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If you do not know where you come from, then you don’t know where you are, 
and if you don’t know where you are, you don’t know where you’re going. 
And if you need to know where you’re going, you’re probably going wrong.
-Terry Pratchett

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like life is passing you by.

One day you wake up and realize that most of your peers are now getting on with their adult lives, getting married, and having babies. 

And here you are...still drunk in love with your being single.

It could be terrifying when negative thoughts start to enter your mind. 

When people make you question your choices, you begin to also doubt yourself.

That is if you don’t have a solid conviction of who you really are, what you want, and where you are going.

On my way to getting there, I’ve learned how to make the journey light, and I’m sharing it here with you.

1. Know exactly what you want.

Where exactly is your ‘there’?

Living without goals is like driving without direction

You keep on going around in circles. You don’t get anywhere simply because you don’t know where you’re heading.

If you know exactly what you want, you can change your strategies or change your timetable and still know it’s okay because you haven’t forgotten your destination.

You have a clear vision of where you’re going so you don’t go astray. 

You may have stopovers or detours, but keep your eyes on the prize.

What do you really want to do, and where do you want to go?

The Notebook gif what do you want

2. Be friends with people from all walks of life.

Younger friends are fun to be with because their excitement and curiosity are contagious. They keep you young and updated.

Friends who are about your age share the same sentiments. You can share notes about your past experiences, struggles, and plans. They are your reality check.

Friends who are more mature or are ahead of you in this life journey could be amazing life mentors.

They will guide you and help you avoid making the same mistakes they did.

Entrepreneurs have different mindsets and lifestyles from people in the workforce. 

See things from different perspectives by forming friendships with business owners and employees.

Every person you meet has a story, and their story comes with lessons for you to learn.

Taylor Swift life lessons

3. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

They say money speaks only one language. “If you save me today, I will save you tomorrow.”

Learn how to manage your finances

The people who laugh at your frugal ways will one day come to you and ask you for help. (True story!)

Take care of your health and secure your future. Learn how to be truly rich

Enjoy the present, but don’t forget to save some for tomorrow. 

You don’t want to be begging for money when you’re too old or maybe too sick to work.

Yes, YOLO! But you only live once, so you might as well not live miserably, right?

That piece of steak looks good, but is it really worth it when you know you’re putting your life at risk?

Not to mention the debilitating effect of the meat industry on the environment and, of course, the suffering of the animals just for you to get your plate of juicy steak.

Your future self will thank you for your choices today.

Choose selflessly and wisely for your health, the planet you live on, and the future.
Greta Thunberg you are never too small

4. Travel more.

Visit a new place. Traveling changes your perspective.

You realize that you are a tiny speck in the vast universe. Your primary concern, like your change of career, what other people would think, not having a date for Valentine’s, not having enough clothes in your closet, or not getting the latest gadget, will become insignificant.

CALVIN: If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live much differently.
HOBBES: How so?
CALVIN: Well, when you look into infinity, you realize that there are more important things than people do all day.

Calvin and Hobbes looking at the stars

5. Help someone.

Your job title, the trophies, and the rewards you received may be impressive and could give you euphoria. 

But there is a different kind of high when you give without expecting anything in return.

Help someone who is not capable of giving you back. At least not directly. 

Because kindness begets kindness.

The love (or hate) you give will eventually come back to you.

Have you ever been a part of a ministry and witnessed God’s work through people helping other people? You will be amazed.
Eat Pray Love

6. Let go.

You can never enjoy the present if you keep looking back at the past.

As you age, you realize that some dreams are worth pursuing and others are not your dreams but someone’s plans for you, like your parents.

Let go of the people who are holding you back.

Let go of your excess baggage to make your journey getting there easier and lighter.

What are the things that are weighing you down?

  • Is it guilt? Forgive yourself and ask for forgiveness. Confess.
  • Is it an addiction? Seek help.
  • Is it your inner critic? Learn how to silence it.
  • Is it worrying about what people would say? Why does it matter anyway? 
  • Is it the limitation you set yourself? Change your mindset.
  • Is it a toxic lifestyle? Learn how to live healthily and live happily.
  • Is it fear? Do it afraid.
  • Is it your lavish ways? Simplify.

Brad Bitt movie

Sometimes you get to your dreams fast, and sometimes you face detours.

Sometimes on your way to reaching your goals, you realize life is more than just about pursuing a career and living according to society's dictates.

Sometimes you get lost and find a better dream, and sometimes you see...a better you.

I’m getting to my next chapter. Just taking it slow, enjoying each step, but getting there.

How about you? 

Where are you going? What lessons have you learned on your way to getting there?

Wait! I've got more stories for you...


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  1. Being friends with lots of different people from all walks of life is so important. You can't have too many friends in my book!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  2. Yes, it's very useful to know what you want, so if you are able to find out!

  3. I spent a lot of time when I was younger worrying that I wasn't where I wanted to be in life...but eventually you get there and you regret not enjoying your youth more!

  4. All great advice. Do for you and everything else will fall into place. Seems like that's what you are doing. Excellent.

    I'm doing very well. I finally learned what is and what isn't important. I do the important and ignore the unimportant.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. I like what you said about choosing friends of all ages because each age has something to offer. Visiting other places is good too. Thank you for your sweet comments at my site.

  6. Great Post Lux as always! I simply love reading each of them in your blog. The pointers are worthy enough to ponder. True! When we know where we want to go, we can be conscious of how to go and get there!

  7. i'm in the mid-life portion after success and some years of relaxation, wondering what's next. :)

  8. I take one day at a time great post.

  9. Hi Lux! "Let go" Those are scary words, but they really are powerful too. As I enter this new year, I know I have to work on getting priorities in line. It's a new beginning, and understanding what my goals are will help me work toward them more effectively.
    I like so well that you are enjoying your journey, and not worrying about the speed. That's a great attitude, and one that helps your mental health! I will keep that in mind as I figure out my goals. and the best way to achieve them.
    Happy Monday!

  10. You should never look at your friends' lives to see if yours is fulfilled. Perhaps for them they are doing what is right and they are happy. That does not mean that is the way for you. I believe you have a good way to keep yourself on the right path.

  11. Hi, SuperLux! This latest set ot guidelines is another winner. It does you no good to wish and hope for "happiness." You need to have very specific goals and specific plans of action that enable you to reach them. #2 is extremely important. Many young people, bloggers included, seek only the comfort and familiarity of people their own age who have the same interests. They reject the notion of making friends, seeking helpful advice or learning new things from people of older generations. In my 6.5 years of blogging, I have encountered not only age discrimination but gender discrimination. I agree with #3, too Take care of your body now and it will take care of you when you are my age. Save money now and when you are my age you will thank yourself.

    Great stuff again, dear friend SuperLux. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  12. I'm single, too, and so many of my friends who are married say they wish they did what I did, which was find myself first. I was always depressed when I compared my marriage-less, child-less life to theirs, but now I'm happy because so many of them have regrets. I don't want regrets when it's my turn to marry and have kids.

  13. Very wise lessons you shared... thanks

  14. Great words and post, as usual!!!
    Keep smiling!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  15. SuperLux, good for you for taking these steps and enjoying the journey in your life. Many times, uncontrollable events happen to divert your path, but you can get back on track. I've pursued many dreams and have had a truly wonderful life. And I'm still willing to try new things for even just one more adventure.

  16. You are wise beyond your years. This is very interesting to read, thank you.

  17. I'm middle-aged. I have accomplished some of the things I set out to do and others I have not but it's all good. As long as God is in control, I will be okay.

  18. Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing it at the Single Life link party.

  19. Yes, time is precious, don't let it go to waste - live life...and live it to the fullest. Many let it go by without their noticing it.

  20. I love this line... Sometimes you get lost and find a better dream, and sometimes you find...a better you. ... I hope I find both soon... a better dream and a better me... these are really wonderful pointers, I am working on all of them xox

  21. I absolutely love the way you see life!

  22. this post does resonate with me too, as i'll be turning 40 next year, and i sometimes wonder what lessons i've learned in the past four decades and even though i don't regret the past, i can't help realising i probably should have taken different turns in my journey. but i guess the same holds true for most of us :)

  23. I hope with those points in mind you will have wonderful journey~ Good luck dear~

  24. You are indeed very wise beyond your years, great words of wisdom, thank you so much for sharing.

  25. The word "Let go" isnt easy but it's healing to the soul. I also get you about having friends from all walks of life
    Great lessons!

  26. Uhhhh...try something new and let go...Always!!!....I really love this post lux...buh you know something mami, when I think of being friends with people from all walks of life, I am a lil reserved towards aint easy mehn! Some people, no matter how much you try to extend that hand of friendship, are just gonna turn you down...altho, I don't let that get to me buh it can be very discouraging mami....Hows mi lux doing?....Lux.....I wanna send you an email and I can't seem to find your email anywhere **sad face**

  27. great advice, but some of it is hard, no? know what you want... changes all the time. let go... easier said than done, especially with people close to your heart...

  28. There's so much pressure as a single person in the church to get hitched as soon as possible. It is so refreshing to read your contentment and peace with where God has you in your walk. I LOVED this quote:
    "Sometimes you get lost and find a better dream, and sometimes you find...a better you." - Isn't that the crazy truth!

    Thank you so much for the awesome post!

  29. being friends with people from all walks of life is so get to experience the world...and all the different flavors and cultures...groups are usually insular....staying with like, but when you can mingle and get to know so is so refreshing.....

  30. ;)

    Adorei as lições! Preciso começar a seguir algumas delas!

    Ótima terça!

    Beijo! ^^

  31. So true to my life :-(
    Every friend of mine is in college... and I still am not :-(
    kind of hurts! but i am working hard!

  32. Lovely photos.

  33. I have been experiences a wide variety of obstacles and unexpected situations before I am in this point, however, we always learn from those lessons right? :)

  34. Try something new is a great one probably my favorite thing, and I'm really trying to do this with my children also!

  35. take your own advice.....everything happens just the way i is suppose to!!!!

  36. My favorite tip you mention from this post is the 2nd one. I agree that it's important to have friends from all aspects of life. It's nice to get all of their different perspectives and attitudes/spirits!

  37. Some wise advice. Being friends with all ages will provide us with rich experiences. Thank you for this today!

  38. Nice post !!!!


  39. T'was really lovely ....thanks fO sharing dear...!!

  40. Oh my gosh I needed to read this - the last few weeks have felt just like that for me. But the problem is that I don't know exactly what I want! At one end I want the white picket fence and husband with babies and pets... and the other I just want no obligations or limitations.. nothing holding me back. I want to go off and travel and adventure for years, never knowing what tomorrows going to bring.
    I don't know what to do right now :(

    Beautiful post!!! I needed this!

    Thank you!!

  41. Great advice for a more fulfilling life! I especially liked your tips about having friends of all ages, and taking care of yourself when you're young! Thanks SuperLux!


  42. What you're doing is excellent babe! As they say, good things come to those who wait, and being patient is the key! Love the points you your perspective on things!! <3 Very inspirational! :)

  43. Very endearing post! I like lesson # 2. Sadly, I have connected more closely with seniors, and left the other two behind. On my my way to rebuilding myself, I'm trying to reconnect with people I have missed during those times when I was looking at nothing but myself.

  44. Your post are always very encouraging and i love to read them.
    we all wont go same way in life and its important one find her own dreams and make it happen

  45. Amazing post and tips! I love to read about positive things! =)

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  46. Let go...number 5 I'm totally agreement with. As always your post is truly inspiring with life lesson and teaching.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  47. amazing article, really gets me thinking

  48. Really good post. You always leave me thinking.

  49. Looks like simple steps... But really tough to follow...
    A very useful one!

  50. I love this post. Beautifully written -xx


  51. Your post are always well thought of and put together. Enjoying the present and not thinking of the past is the best way to go!

  52. I was going through some of your blog posts and I'm loving the positive vibes going on!

  53. This may be the wisest post I've seen all month. When you think about it, it makes so much sense. Amazing how hard it is for some (and me) to follow through on the small, important things. Great post. :)

  54. Awesome thoughts. I especially like that last one. Life is a journey, not a destination, and it's easy to forget that while wrapped up in the day to day challenges. I think having kids has taught me that more than anything.

  55. Nice post. I love learning from others.
    Thanks for sharing.

  56. Great post and so true, I have friends of all age, younger older...and true about what you do now effecting your future. I have a friend who just had a stroke at 42 VERY young and kind of shocking, but for years decades really he drank a lot and did not eat well and smoked...even though he adopted healthy habits the last 2 years it still happened. Though the drs said if hadn't done this he would be dead. So yes what you do matters.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  57. #2 is so true. Everyone you meet knows something you don't, give them a chance to teach you what they know.

  58. What a beautiful post! I love that you are thinking about your life and how you want to live it. Lots of great advice! Thanks for sharing. :)

  59. life is an interesting journey but some times there are lots of junction and crossroad along the way and we might take a wrong turn but don't forget to make a u turn as the journey haven't end yet.

  60. Life is forever a learning experience ... teaching us lessons all the way :-)

  61. These lessons are so good that they can make our life more organized and can make us more happy. I absolutely agree about the friends, in general with everything! Thank you!


  62. Nice post.

  63. You have learned great lessons. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    xx /

  64. I love the one about the future. Very true.

    Greetings from London.

  65. OMG, I completely agree with you, all points :)))
    Great post, believe me...


  66. Hello, fantastic thoughts.

    When I read your post, I thought of the saying ]A PERSON WITHOUT A GOAL IS LIKE A SHIP WITHOUT A RUDDER.

    Best wishes

  67. These are great lessons! Thanks for sharing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  68. oh my gosh!!!
    this is such an inspiring post. i need posts like these, to remind me of my goals or to motivate me.
    thank you so much for sharing, you're very wise!
    Lovely post! xx

    MJ //

  69. You have said it all and I so agree.

  70. Have a lovely day Lux <3
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  71. Such good advice. I especially loved the part about taking care of your health when you're young so you have the energy to do what dod is calling you to do when you are old. I wish I'd done a better job. And, the part about having friends in all stages of life - awesome!

  72. Thank you for your visit and sweet comment on my blog! As a Christian, I think we are called to show God's love to everyone and I do my best to do that. Jesus made friends with everyone he came in contact with and he expects us to always be kind as well. I have friends of all ages and think that's important. Great post!

  73. Having plans is important, but I learned that you should also let yourself be surprised by life as some of the best things that happen are not planned for. Have a great weekend.

  74. Those are some great tips! I wish I knew some of these earlier!


  75. Great post! A lot of people my age are in their careers and starting families, but my boyfriend and I recently decided to go back to school to pursue our dream careers. It's somewhat of a new beginning. We might not be in the same spot as everyone else, but we're happy where we are. Continuing to try new things is so important!

  76. Super Girl ... I could embrace each one of these steps ... and SHOULD! Love the insight you offer in this lovely space.

    Weekend blessings, friend ...


  77. I love your points to a good life. Keep Jesus first and make friends of all ages. Share, but keep some for your self in good investments, when you are no longer working. Keep on the Path of "LIFE in CHRIST" and allow The Holy Spirit to direct your steps each day. Thanks for your sweet comments at my site. I will post very soon, Our Visit to the Healing Rooms at Bethel Church, Redding, CA

  78. Another great Post! Yes ,Friends make the Life better and happier :)


  79. I so enjoyed reading this. And it reminded me that I have to keep fighting for what I know is right. Amazing post

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  80. You are a genius!!! Love this post and all others :) Liuba x

  81. I totally agree with all of these! I often find myself where I think "what can I do to inspire/enjoy this?" Many of these lessons are what I've came up with. It has led me to many unique and wonderful experiences and friends I wouldn't have otherwise. I wouldn't change a thing!

  82. Being the senior in the group -- I love where my life is right now and I never thought it would get to here! You are right about needing a plan or a direction. If you aren't headed somewhere you are headed nowhere. Great post Lux!

  83. I am at a place where I am trying to decide if I want the original dreams I had... maybe they were never meant to be and going after them is not bringing joy...

  84. A lot of great advice which I enjoyed reading. Thanks Lux :)

  85. I learned to carry my cross and embrace its true meaning in my life. I learned to give more value to my relationships with people and with God. I learned that when I lose everything I've worked hard for, these two will always remain.

    Thanks for sharing these lessons! You're a wise life mentor!