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If You're Scared To Be Alone

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If You're Scared To Be Alone

If You're Scared To Be Alone

If you're scared to be alone, you have every reason and every right to be.
If you're scared to be alone, take time to listen to me;

If you're scared to be alone, you're right, it's never easy. 
But, to be alone also means to set yourself free.

If you're scared to be alone, I know what you're going through.
I've been there myself, I was just as scared as you.

But, I've learned to conquer it and I know that someday you will, too.

If you're scared to be alone, just remember who you are.
Remember why you're here and what has brought you this far.

It's because you chose the road less traveled.
It's because you've learned.
It's because you now know your worth and now it's your turn.

It's your turn to love yourself more than anyone or anything.
 It's your turn to give up, to stop enduring, to stop waiting.

It's your time to enjoy, to really live and not just exist.
It's your time to thrive---no one can argue or resist.

If you're scared to be alone, let me assure you that you're almost there.
You're on the right track, just hold on 'cause life can take you anywhere.

If you're scared to be alone, hold my hand and we'll walk this unfamiliar and scary path together.
It may be rocky, it may be winding, but this journey won't last forever.

If you're scared to be alone, don't look around you, but look above.
You'll never feel empty if you know you have a Father who fills you up with love.

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  1. Boy! Can I relate to this!
    Hope its ok, shared on my facebook page to help my other Christian Single sisters of a certain age, Made that middle aged.HA!
    THANKS! Suzie

  2. Thank you.. I am still struggling with letting go of the person who means so much to me but i dont mean that much to him. There is still this fear, but i am doin all i can to keep my faith and pray that i may be completely healed and able to move on with my life and be comfortable being with myself

  3. Thanks so much for your good words! It was in the right time now when I find your blog and this great article!
    God bless you

  4. oh, I love this. :D don't mind if I share it.

  5. What if i want to be left alone.

  6. Dear Lux, your poem is beautiful and so full of deep meaning. I can also envision the widow or widower who now walks a new path and perhaps feels that loneliness. Myself, I enjoy being alone even when my hubby is in the other room. Knowing Jesus we also realize that we are NOT ever alone because He is always with us and in us. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  7. Hi Lux,
    Amen, What a great reminder that God is the only One who can fill us up.Even as women who are not alone but expecting our husbands to be more than just a man. They fall short. Only God. So glad to be your neighbor at #FellowshipFridays!!!
    Blessings and smiles,

  8. I am at a loss for words. So very beautiful.

  9. Loved the verses... beautifully penned....

  10. I found this very inspiring. So well written.

  11. This poem is echoing my life's journey - I could relate with it so much! Thanks for such a lovely poem