6 Romantic Car Date Night Ideas

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6 Romantic Car Date Night Ideas

Tight budget and too busy to go on a fancy date or take a couple's vacation

How about making the most of your time together by going on a romantic car date night?

Anywhere can be special and fun when spent with your sweetheart.

Check out these six romantic car date night ideas to spice up your relationship.

But first...

Pre-date night preparation

Get your car ready for an enthralling date night.

Clean, wax, remove the clutter and ensure everything's working and in good condition.

Depending on your destination, bring these car date night essentials for a relaxing and comfortable time.

  • Soft pillows.
  • Fairy lights. Add them to the rear window frame, or surround the sunroof or ceiling for a touch of romance.
  • Treats you both love that are easy to prepare and put away. Or order your favorite takeout.
  • Matching insulated water bottles with hot chocolate, coffee, or smoothies.
  • Drinking water.
  • A fun and romantic playlist.

Car Date Night Destination 

Pick a destination for your date and plan your trip

Check the weather and research the place. 

  • How safe is it in the area?
  • What must you bring that's appropriate for the place or the weather?
  • What date night outfits should you wear?
  • What are nearby hotels, hospitals, gas stations, convenience stores, or restaurants just in case you need to be in these places?
Now that you know where you're going and what you're bringing, here are six ideas for an epic and romantic date night in your car.

1. Glam camping

Fresh air. A canopy of stars.

The sound of a flowing stream or the crashing waves of the ocean.

Back seats down. Open windows.

Thick duvet cover and cozy pillows.


Can you imagine it?

Your car would be the perfect retreat. 

Camp in your car, but make it glam for your date night.

Bring hot takeout food.

Take selfies (or keep your phones away and focus on each other)...

While your favorite song plays softly, you stare into each other's eyes and whisper sweet promises...

The best glam camping date night in your car ever.

2. Mini road trip

A short road trip to a historic site or scenic highway. 

There's something thrilling about getting away with your loved one. A sense of adventure that sends butterflies in your stomach.

That shared moment is too precious to forget.

No wonder Taylor Swift writes songs about it.

What to do on a road trip car date?

  • Play car games. 
  • Have a fun carpool karaoke.
  • Take turns asking each other questions.
  • Stop over at beautiful sites for photos and just seize the moment.
Enjoy but drive safely. Be protected with car insurance coverage and roadside assistance from a trusted provider like Freeway Car Insurance

3. Drive-in movie night 

Wouldn't you like to experience a drive-in movie night with your significant other? 

There are over 300 drive-ins throughout the United States.

Bring flavored popcorn, fizzy drinks, and candies. 

Watch old movies or new ones on the big screen.

Or make your own. 

Bring your laptop and stream Netflix date night movies in your favorite outdoor space.

Make it a surprise; this move will earn you brownie points from your lover.

Romantic Car Date Night Idea: Movie drive-in

4. Scenic sunset and selfies date

Grab a hot latte and watch the sunset from as high up as you can drive in your hometown. 

Or find a nice spot with the best view.

The comforting smell of coffee. The soft, beautiful splash of colors in the sky no artist alive can ever replicate...

The twinkling of the stars slowly peeking on the horizon as the colors change to ink blue, indicating the start of a romantic evening...

That's romantic car date night right there.

Remember to take lots of selfies because the lighting will be perfect during the golden hour.

Romantic Car Date Night Ideas: Sunset view

5. Group Zoom date call

Whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.

That's one of the many heartwarming quotes from How I Met Your Mother.

And it's true.

Share a part of your evening with your besties. 

Go on a Zoom call, play online games, or catch up.

Ensure your location has a good internet connection, and remember to bring your chargers. 

Romantic Car Date Night Idea: Zoom with friends

6. Stargazing

Check out meteor shower guides and plan your romantic stargazing car date night.

  • Use your portable telescope or observe the sky with your naked eyes. 
  • Bring blankets and hot choco to keep you warm.
  • Wait for a falling star and make a wish together.

If that's not romantic, I don't know what is.

Keep your love alive with an unforgettable date night, looking up at the stars.

Romantic Car Date Night Idea: Stargazing
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A lot of people have romantic memories in their vehicle - including their first kiss.

Make more dreamy, memorable moments with these romantic car date night ideas. 

Stay in love!

Going on a car date night soon? Where's your favorite destination?

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