Why Mature Women Are The Most Attractive

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What is the most frequent problem when it comes to serious relationships? Without doubts, it’s immaturity.

The thing is – people don’t often pay attention to why their relationships never work out

As an eligible man, you must have been blaming yourself for all the breakups that ever happened in your life. 

But what if you were looking at it with the wrong perspective?

However, only a mature person can make relationships work. 

But that’s not the only reason why you should date mature women (in this case, we are talking about women in their mid-30s and older). 

Here are a few honorable mentions prepared by Prime Russian Dating.

Why Mature Women are the Most Attractive 

1. They know what they look for in life

There are some situations in life when people choose radically different ways of living their lives and, therefore, ought to leave their love relationships behind. 

But what if a person you want to date does not imagine what she wants to do with her life? 

Your girlfriend will be perpetually seeking her destination, which makes your relationship development virtually impossible. 

On the contrary, mature women know their aims and ideas of perfect life

i know what i want and i'm gonna get it

2. They are experienced

Intelligence and curiosity are important, for sure. 

However, wisdom and experience always remain crucial for happy family life and relationships. 

As these women indeed went through several relationships and personal development, you no longer have to teach them or get them accustomed to being a grownup. 

In fact, women become mentally and emotionally mature much earlier than men do. That is, your girlfriend will be able to share some remarkable experience. 

Of course, your sexual life will be much more exciting with a woman that knows good hints and moves. 

People tend to believe that sex life is not a necessity. Well, we might disappoint some of you but without sufficient sexual relationships, your feelings will be burnt out really quick. 

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3. They have careers and hobbies

Gone are the days of the patriarchal idea where men leave women home to become housekeepers.

Modern women become more and more successful with every decade – and that’s just beautiful! 

boss lady is busy

4. They are your teammates

Just imagine that your partnership/family is not just a couple of people with similar interests and life agendas. Think of it as a team. 

To make your relationships work, you need to remain on the same page about everything. Otherwise, everything will fall to pieces much faster than you assume. 

With a mature woman, your partnership works as an oiled mechanism. Everything you do, your plans, your everyday routine – it all divides in two to become mutual. 

in this together

Now that you know main reasons why you should prefer mature women to younger girls, let’s talk a bit about how to date them

How to Date Mature Women

  1. You need to be committed. They do not look for flings and summer affairs – their aims are usually focused in orbit of long-term relationships. 
  2. You should be respectful. 
    While young girls need romantic gestures and an infinite amount of attention, mature women seek respect and thoughtfulness. 
  3. Don’t underestimate her talents and achievements. With this simple yet important list, your chances to date one of them drastically increase.

Good luck!

This article was provided by MeetWife Dating site.

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  1. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  2. This is such a great post! I think the life experience of older ladies is certainly an advantage

    Rachel xx

  3. They sure look nicer that the younger ones

  4. What an interesting post! As we get older our laugh lines and other lines definitely start to deepen and help tell the story of who we are. :)

  5. I could hug you! Thanks for the inspiration about the mature.

  6. Truthfully, I met my husband young, but I was the go-getter who dated like crazy (not co-habitated, not hung out, went on actual dates) and knew what she wanted. That's how I knew I wanted him when I met him. Truthfully, that's the BEST way to go.

  7. Representing "men of a certain age" I agree. Thanks for a thoughtful and insightful post.

  8. Amazing post my dear, i totally agree!:)

  9. Such a beautiful post, Lux.
    Loved the headline and quote at the beginning.

  10. thanks for reminding me that there's someone worth knowing in that mirror of mine ...


  11. Great post, insightful and true. And I hope all the young women reading it let it sink in.

    Allie of

  12. beautifully written :) thanks for sharing this!

    xoxo, rae

  13. Dear Lux, You simply have an excellent outlook on life. This is just a wonderful post showing a lot of wisdom. Youth is great, and yet, like the old saying, good things take time, life just gets better with the right experience. Hope you have a fine weekend! Best regards from Seattle!

  14. Like some people say "woman is like a wine, she's better with age"

  15. Totally agree! Mature woman are the treasure :)

  16. Oh this is SUCH a great list! I wholeheartedly AGREE! :)