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3 Important Life Lessons I Learned From Changing Careers

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3 Important Life Lessons I Learned From Changing Careers

I'm a licensed pharmacist. Why did I become one? Because my mother wanted me to. 😂 It's not even on top of the things I was choosing when I was about to go to college. From working in a hospital to the corporate world to chasing my own dreams, I've grown. There are 3 important life lessons I learned from changing careers and it's a surprisingly fun discovery.

Lessons Learned From Changing Careers

I wanted to take up Psychology, Dentistry or Business Administration.

But I suck at Math. So goodbye business degree.

My grandma told me a terrible story about a dentistry student so I was discouraged from becoming a dentist.

And I don't know what I'd do after Psych.

Plus---and most importantly, my mother was always persistent (a more subtle way of saying pushy😂) in what she wants for me.

I have no regrets. I've learned to like Pharmacy and all the branches of Chemistry that came with it. Even though my grades disagree.

I've met friends and got to experience unforgettable things in college.

BUT my first love is writing. Even when I didn't realize it then yet. Even when I would have grammar slips from time to time. I like to tell stories through the written word.

1. You always make time for what you love

To please my parents or more like to stop them from giving me guilt trips, I followed a career in Pharmacy for five years or so.

It was okay but although I got paid alright, I wasn't happy. Obviously that's what happens when you do something you don't like just to please others. Even if it's family or parents you're trying to please.

The Bible says honor your mother and father. It didn't say you let them control your life. 

What pushed me to leave my career even more (as if I needed more reasons) is the toxic environment.

I was appalled that in the so-called "professional" world, people could still be so rude, immature and ironically, unprofessional. Everyone seemed entitled.

I was adamant that I should not end up like that and when I felt like I was turning into one of them, it scared me.

I was working more like an admin/secretary anyway. I never got to apply what I excruciatingly studied in the university.

Even during this time though, I would always find time to write. I write online on platforms like Friendster and Multiply or scribble on a piece of paper because this was before I discovered blogging.

I've realized that in career as in everything else in life, you will always find the time to do what you love.

There are no excuses. There are no delays. If you want to do it, you will and you will find the time.


2. Prioritize yourself

Shortly after my Pharmacy practice, I found myself in the corporate world. It was totally unplanned.

I was hired within the day.
I was happy! Compared to being a pharmacist, this was exciting.

I was exposed to online tools and technologies I wasn't familiar with. I was working in a much cleaner, more modern, cooler office and diverse culture.

I was suddenly a city girl enjoying my new-found freedom and discovering and rediscovering what I really want.

I was able to think about myself first. And you know what?

It's okay to love yourself first. Self-love is healthy. You can't give something you don't have. You have to fill your tank first before you can pour it out.

Finally, after ten years of working, I was able to take a real vacation. So this is how it feels to be enjoying the fruits of my labor? It was exhilarating.

I got to reset and sort out my priorities.

But I don't need to do a self-reflection to know that writing is still what I really want.

beach vacation

3. Keep working 

There will always be hardship. There will always be obstacles as you work towards your dreams. You should be worried if there's none. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

It is in the struggles that you learn to be strong. It is in the nothing that you realize what is superficial and what is essential. 

If you want something bad enough, keep working for it.

Before I left the crazy corporate world, I would juggle one or two side jobs. I would be attending seminars which I know could help me in my pursuit of what I want, even if that would mean I would be forgoing sleep.

Some friends would ask me to teach them too, but when I tell them what they need to do and sacrifice, they get discouraged.

They'd rather sleep in or spend their extra money on their vices rather than invest on what they know is good for them.

I'm not saying you should stop having fun and overwork.

Enjoy but keep working on your dreams. Even if it's just taking three minutes of your time watching a video tutorial. Or listening to speakers who can motivate you. Or reading short inspiring stories that can help you realize or remember your goals.

As Steve Jobs said, keep learning.

Especially now that we have different resources available online, there's no excuse not to learn anything.


My changing careers didn't make my parents happy at first. But that doesn't make me a bad daughter. I want to believe that it made me a better person.

I still encounter difficulties and problems with what I do but again if you really love what you do, you find a way to fix it. You don't find an excuse to walk away.

Have you changed career? Tell me about it in the comment!

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  1. I found this really interesting!

    I'm someone that never knew what they wanted to do and even now, after years of full time working, I haven't settled on what my path is yet.
    I've changed career direction a few times from working in nuclear chemistry to a year as a trainee accountant!
    Right now I'm in a pretty mundane office job but the pay and hours are good and give me plenty of 'me' time - I don't ever need to take my work home!
    I know that I want to be independent one day and work for myself but at the moment I'm still searching for what that path is.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    The Modern Bohemian

    1. Take your time and enjoy each moment. I've learned that there is lesson in every path we choose. And it's fun to meet people who become lifetime friends. Hope you reach your ultimate goal soon!

  2. This is so helpful :) I'm in the process of changing my career so your post really encouraged me.

  3. This was very interesting. I Lost a job I had for 12 years in November 2014. I felt because of my age I could not get the work I needed and was trained to do. I was unhappy at first but being forced into an early retirement with a small monthly pension was all I had. I have overcome the bitterness of being cut loose. Also the fact that the doctor was a cheapskate and allowed his wife and her sister to take charge. They were nasty with foul mouths and always talking about sex and other inappropriate things. I felt God wanted to me to be where I was put. I was able to help my grandson with his first son and became very close to Harrison. He was such a joy in my life and I loved being so close with him the way I was with his daddy as a small child. I don't think I could return to a day to day job anymore. I admire you for forging ahead. There is a pharmacist at my pharmacy that has gone above and beyond his job to help my husband and I out a few times with insurance and the cost of some medication we needed. I find some of the younger ones are almost rude and condescending. But I stand my ground and take care of our health. We are both in relatively good health and hope and pray to keep it that way. Thank you for sharing here. HAve a lovely weekend. HUGS xo

  4. I felt the same way about being a pastry chef. It it was a toxic because it was very cut throat. It was as if students where trying to compete against one another. I think I made a right decision to choose another field that I am more passionate about.