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Change The Way You Think And Set Yourself Free

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Change The Way You Think And Set Yourself Free

Everything you can imagine is real.
-Pablo Picasso

Change the Way You Think and Set Yourself Free

Imagine this:

Imagine a lemon. Imagine yourself cutting it into half.
Imagine squeezing the lemon into your mouth. 

Can you taste the sourness or that distinct taste of citrus? Did your facial muscle do that reflex action you do with lemon juice in your mouth?

Question: Was there a real lemon? None. But, why did your body react in a way as if real lemon juice touched your tongue?

Now try to recall a moment you felt hurt.

Your parents made you feel rejected. Your teacher said or implied that you're stupid. Your friend betrayed you. You have been scammed by someone you trust. You've been taken for granted or abused. Remember your first heartbreakRemember losing someone or something important to you.

Did it hurt? Was the pain real? Yes. Maybe not as intense as it was when it happened, but you felt it.

Question: Did it happen again? It didn't. It happened. It's in the past. It was done. It was finished. But the pain is still there because you thought of it. You imagined it.

The trauma, the heartbreak happened years ago. Maybe a month ago. Maybe only yesterday or just a few hours ago. But it has already occurred. It happened. It's over.

The pain we felt was of our own doing. Although I am yet to read the research done, I've read somewhere that, emotional pain lasts for 12 minutes. Anything longer than that is considered to be self-inflicted.

Use this power of imagination to let go of the things that are not worth holding on to.

Imagine yourself free: free from despair, free from the painful memories of the past that has been haunting you.

Imagine yourself living the life you've always wanted. Imagine yourself climbing mountains, globe-trotting, spending your time on the things you enjoy and not on the things you have to endure.

Imagine yourself financially free, absolutely happy, totally at peace with yourself.

Imagine yourself having the kind of family you want to have.

Imagine yourself serving and giving back to the world simply because you're too blessed and your cup overflows that you have to give some of it away.

Imagine yourself becoming the person you've always aspired to become.

Imagine yourself taking charge of your life.

Albert Einstein said "Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere."

What we know of things can only bring us to certain places but our imagination can give us a magic carpet ride ANYWHERE.

Change the movie playing in your mind right now, and be ready for the ride of your life.

Change the way you think dramatically and set yourself free.

I've learned this imagination exercise at The Feast.
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  1. Wow, I never knew emotional pain only lasts for 12 minutes! I think the only exception will be when you lose someone close to you. Because that can last a long time and people can die of heartbreak months later. But other than that, I have a hundred percent agreement with you. I hope to free my mind more ^.^

  2. wow. just wow. I felt like i had a five-year flashback while reading this over and over. How on earth did I keep all this drama to myself for five years and read this article just now?! thanks for opening my eyes, my mind, my heart and everything. Thanks!

  3. Dwelling on what hurt us can never help us. It's something I learned nearly 6 decades ago. Probably by necessity.
    It's seeking out the great, seeking out the humor, seeking our the love that shapes our lives.
    Great post, lux...

  4. Ang sarap mag-imagine...pero pagkatapos balik ka na sa realidad. *sigh*

  5. Oh gosh, I am going through this right now! I have to admit this really shed a new light. This definitely opened my eyes :D

  6. i don't know how to thank you.. but this post helped me a lot.. Thank you so much.. right now i feel like "if a single post can have this much impact on me, what if i read the whole blog?".. i'll definitely take time to read your whole blog... :)

  7. Thoughts have power, which is why we absolutely need to be conscious of what we let into our heads. Good post.

  8. Wow!...Lux...this is a nice post...Truly...our mind is powerful...our thoughts are powerful.....Nice Nice....**I see you mami**.....**whispering** you filipina?....

  9. Love this post, this is one thing that I do everyday. Imagine always the best in all. Change the way to see the things and the way to feel :)

  10. Love this post! how you emphasized how our God-given imagination is a blessing to us...i wrote a post about it here...

  11. Great advice for letting go of pain.I know that the way we think in our mind and spirit is the way we go. Thanks for sharing !! Visiting from The Weekend Brew.

  12. This is great imagery for being a stress reliever. I harbor a lot of stress and need to find different ways to release it so it doesn't affect my body so negatively.

    Thank you for sharing your advice. I found your post at Small Victories Sunday Linkup!

  13. I'd not known the numbers behind emotional pain and how long we experience it. It's very interesting. I've done exercises like this and believe they are beneficial. Change your thinking, change your life. Good stuff. Happy Monday!

  14. Emotional pain is felt in your gut. That brings so many diseases in the stomach and intestines effecting other areas of the body. It is best as you say to change your thinking. Let those remarks be their problem and not yours. Use scriptures to sooth your spirit and keep you calm. Rest in Jesus for He cares for you. Not enough room to expand, but you get the picture. Love ya. Thanks for sharing at Tell me a story.