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There's no question that the Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. According to the latest survey, three islands---Palawan, Cebu and Boracay--- are among the top 5 most beautiful islands in the world. So, if you disagree, go check the numbers. 😉

I have personally explored a few places in the Philippines and captured its beauty on my phone. There is no doubt. It is indeed captivating.

Truly, it is more fun here.

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What is worth capturing in the Philippines?

The scenery

See the pristine beaches, white sand, rich marine life. Climb the wondrous peaks, be surrounded by the sea of clouds, explore the caves. Travel down memory lane with historical buildings. There is just endless options with what you can see in the Philippines. Here are a few of my travels captured from my phone.

Isla de Gigantes

Balay Negrense in Silay - Paris of Negros

The people

Filipinos are world-class when it comes to talents and skills. But more than that, we are known for our hospitality and resilience. We treat our guests like royalty and make sure their trip will be something worth remembering. We remain strong even in the face of tragedies.

photo credit: CNN

Celebrating love amidst the storm and flood.
(photo: Boy Wander)

And we are confidently beautiful with a heart.
(photo: Google images)


Filipinos are revellers in general. We love to have fun albeit in a loud way. Thus, there are fiestas anywhere. Every province in every region celebrates a certain festival that depicts history, reflects the culture and celebrates oneness. As expected, it's always vibrant, fun, and it could get crazy sometimes. Here are a few famous festivals enjoyed by locals and foreigners alike:

A parade of flowers at Baguio's Panagbenga Festival
Yes, the floats are made of fresh flowers.
(photo: Gridcrosser)

A thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest at Kadayawan Festival in Davao 
(photo: Equator Asia)

A thanksgiving dedicated to Sr. Santo Niño at Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo

A festival of smiles to remind everyone of the time the people of Bacolod
chose to smile in the face of economic crisis at the Maskara festival.

The food

Your trip to the Philippines, that is, capturing Philippines' beauty will not be complete if you don't try Filipino foods. Adobo, sinigang, sisig, tinolang manok, kare-kare, halo-halo are only a few of the many traditional Filipino dishes that will capture your heart and make you ask for more.

Anthony Bourdain 
(photos: Buzzfeed)

Favorite destination to capture

The next place I want to capture the beauty of in the Philippines is somewhere I haven't gone to yet, but dying to see---Palawan. It's been consistently on the top most beautiful islands in the world. It's kind of crazy to say that Palawan is my favorite destination because I haven't been there yet. I don't need to be there to know that Palawan is worth capturing.

Palawan, I knew I loved you before I met you.

If this snap of Palawan can't convince you to visit, I don't know what could.

The Philippines is such a beautiful place you'll fall in love with. It's good to keep memories of your travels. I mostly travel with my smartphone and that's what I used to take photos. Invest in a good camera to make capturing Philippines' fascinating beauty a whole lot better.

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  1. I'd love to visit the Philippines one day! Palawan looks incredible!

  2. My experiences with the Philippines have only been with Manila and Cebu, and both occasions were for work, so I never did really sightsee - but I would love to return ;)

  3. Philippines is one if the places I'd love to visit some day. I've never tried those traditional dishes but I sure would love to! Those photos are incredible!

  4. You always have the best travel pics. Can't wait to see where you're going in 2017!


  5. Wow, I would like to visit Philippines asap!!!
    Kisses, Paola.

  6. Awesomeness!
    Would you take me along on your next trip? You look relaxed in those cool pics.
    Happy New Year Lux. Praying for you that your Year yiekds bountiful harvest.
    God bless

  7. they do seem like colourful and lovely places

  8. Such a beautiful place, Lux. I've never been so thanks for taking me there with your pictures :). I love that camera! I may have to get one for my daughter.

  9. The flower festival looks stunning, and as for the OPPO it sounds very handy

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  10. Wow...your stunning pictures of the Philippines look absolutely amazing...oh I'd SO like to visit someday!
    Thank you so much for sharing.:))

  11. You forgot colorful. Wow, the colors just jump right out at you.

    You have a happy 2017 too. ☺

  12. I do hope to visit Philippines one day. I love the beautiful beaches and would love to try the food.

  13. That shot of Palawan is gorgeous. You're right, Lux, it'll make a girl linger over the thought of visiting. And the food? If it's anything like the Filipino food of Hawaii, I'm game. Oh, YUM!

  14. What wonderful photographs. It looks indeed like a very beautiful place.

  15. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  16. such beautiful pictures! I would like to try Oppo

  17. great pictures, Philippines looks awesome!

    lu | Coco&Louis

  18. Hi, Lux!

    It's great to connect with you again as we get 2017 underway. I remember one of your island trips two or three years ago and the beautiful sights you showed us. The new pictures in this post are further evidence that the Philippines have a lot to offer. Mrs. Shady and I would love to visit some of those places, especially Palawan. I would enjoy the festivals with all the bright colors, the flower floats, the music, the noise and the good foods. Thank you for taking us on a scenic tour of some of your country's (and the world's) most inviting spots!

  19. Oh, how beautiful! I have never been there...well, I've never been anywhere outside of the US! It is nice to be able to go there in pictures! Thank you so much for sharing. You are a blessing to me, Lux. God bless you, in return. ;)

  20. Beautiful Philippines! Lovely!

  21. Festivities are very colorful indeed. Much scenic as well.

  22. This is so amazing!

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  23. I'm not at all surprised it has been voted one of the world's most beautiful places - the views seem spectacular, and the colour of the water.... wow!!

  24. Oh, what gorgeous beaches... Here it's dark and cold now. Guess if I'd love to visit the Philippines! :) I haven't met many people from there, but they were certainly all very, very kind persons.
    Have a happy weekend!

  25. Man, I have always wanted to visit.. it is most certainly on my bucket list!! <3 -

  26. There are so many different beautiful places and elements of the Philippines to appreciate! I haven't been there before, but it is definitely one on my to-travel list!

  27. ;D

    Adoraria conhecer as Filipinas! Parece ser um lugar incrível!

    Ótima sexta!

    Beijo! ^^

  28. Wonderful photos of a lovely place. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment there. :)

  29. Wow. I really want to go. The photos are amazing!

  30. Never been to Phillipines, looks fabulous!

  31. Gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing!

  32. Very cool, Lux! Gorgeous photos!

  33. Beautiful photos!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  34. Dear Lux, Have wanted to see the Philippines for years and years. Still on my list and I hope to get there in the next couple of years. Your post makes it look wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  35. The photos look amazing!! Brilliant way of representing the highlights. Loved knowing so much!!

    Epsita |