7 Pros Of Working From Home With Tips

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If you love what you do, it isn't your job; it is your love affair.
-Debasish Mridha

If you can work in the comfort of your home...

Doing what you love to do...

Earning more than what you're currently getting...

Having more freedom of time...

Why wouldn't you?

Working from home is not stress-free. There are still challenges

But deciding to do it was the best career change I've made in my life. 

Because the advantages of working from home are more significant than the downside. 

Here are 7 pros of working from home that I've discovered.

7 Pros of Working from Home with Tips

1. No dress code

You still need to look decent when you have a video call. 

You can dress up if you want to, but that's the advantage of working from home. 

No one will judge you even when you're in your sweats or pajamas all day.

Let's face it, not having to wear a bra also feels more freeing. 👀

As long as you deliver your work, your clients won't ask whether you've showered or not.

(Though I do shower to wake myself up. Just thought I'd let you know before you presume I work like this 👇)

Working from home dress code: None

When working from home, you can wear anything comfortable without worrying about breaking any rules. 

Because you make the rules.


Invest in a good blazer or a presentable top/shirt that you can wear during an interview or conference call.

Pros of Working from Home: Wear anything

2. Commute or drive to work no more

The distance between your workplace and your bed is just a few steps away. 

Some even have their bed and their home office in the same room.

No more hassle of waiting for the bus or cab. 

No more long lines and fighting your way in the crowd so you won't miss the train. 

No more danger of getting robbed on your way to and from work.

You don't have to worry about arriving or coming home late because you're stuck in traffic.

Most importantly, no need to brave the weather just to get to work for fear of being reprimanded by your waterproof boss.

Pros of Working from Home: no more traffic
Call Center Life


Don't work as much as possible in your bedroom, especially on your bed. This will help you stay productive and avoid the temptation of taking a nap during your working hours.

It also conditions your mind that your bedroom is for relaxing and sleeping

So when you step inside the bedroom, your mind knows it is time to take a snooze.

Keep your home secured at all times. It may be safer to work from home, but it doesn't mean you have to be lenient regarding security.

Don't forget to invest in security, such as antivirus software to protect your computer work from hackers and a sound home security uk alarm system to protect you from thieves. This will give you peace of mind whether you're working at home or taking a break.

It's hard to focus on both if your home safety is in question, right?

How is your daily commute to work? Share your craziest story in the comments.

Disclaimer: I wrote this post pre-p a n d e m i c 2018 and edited 2019. Please don't get offended by this gif.

Pros of Working from Home: no need to commute

3. No office politics or challenging people to deal with

Don't we all have that annoying person at work we dread seeing?

Have you not put on your headphones and blasted music in your ears to block the noise of nonsense gossip around you?

And does it not irritate you when someone who works less gets recognized more just because they're drinking buddies with the boss?

Is your boss a toddler trapped in an adult's body, throwing tantrums when things don't go his way?

How many times have you faked a smile or tried to look calm even when you feel like throwing a fit yourself?

Pros of Working from Home: No office politics

When you work from home, you eliminate this kind of toxicity in your life.

Stressed at work


If it costs you your peace, it's too expensive.

Unsubscribe from other people's drama. Some people are not worth your time and emotion.

4. Choose your view

Whether you want to work in front of your window, in the kitchen, or anywhere in your house, you can.

Bring your work outside or in the coffee shop for a change (that aroma of freshly baked bread and coffee is a good stimulus). 

Pros of Working from Home: Work anywhere

Or better yet...

5. Travel with your work

You can bring your work wherever you go as long as it's convenient and you know you can still be productive.

If there's a good internet connection and electricity, you're good to go.

New place, fresh ideas.


If you need to bring your work on your trip, set aside a day and time for work. 

You don't want to ruin a beautiful holiday.

I don't advise bringing your work when you travel for leisure. 

Not only will it add to your luggage, but it also beats the purpose of vacation.

Pros of Working from Home: Work while traveling

6. More time for yourself

You can finish your work either at the time agreed with your client or whenever you want, depending on your arrangement.

Since you don't have to take the time to commute from home to the office and vice versa, and no colleague is inviting you to unwind after a stressful day at work, you have a lot of extra time in your hands.

If you want to keep your day productive after working, you can run errands, clean your working area, organize your files, update your blog if you have one, watch a tutorial or inspiring speech or learn from other people in the same field.

Or relax.

Sleep. You need it.
Catch up on your reading.
Take a walk.
Work out.
Serve the community.
Get a massage.
Find a new hobby.

If you like to earn more, you can use your extra time to look for another client or work on some extra gig.

You are the king/queen of your time. You do you.

Pros of Working from Home: More time for yourself

7. More time with what matters most

When you're staying home, you get to see the people or the reasons why you're working.

You have the luxury of spending quality time with your loved ones.

Go on a date with your partner.

Meet a friend.

Spend more time with your pets.

Pros of Working from Home: more time with your loved ones
One of our dogs sleeping ON my foot while I'm working. 
Had to capture that precious moment in-between editing.

Clingy dog #1

Clingy dog #2

UPDATE: Now that I'm married, I spend more time with my husband. 

He accompanies me when I need to work outside due to inevitable instances like a power outage

That's an unplanned and productive date right there. 

You can't have it all.

Like everything else in life, nothing is perfect. There are still challenges with working from home.


  • Google and YouTube tutorials are your friends.

    When I first started, no one in my circle doing freelancing. But because I was determined to make the shift, I researched it. I attended seminars.

    As they say, if you want something wrong enough, you find a way, not an excuse.
  • Join a fantastic group of freelancers. Here's one I highly recommend 👉 The Freelance Movement Workshop. This is where I learned freelancing hacks. I wish I knew when I was starting.

Once you've found your rhythm, you keep learning and improving your skills, and you don't forget your BIG WHY. You will find that the pros of this work far outweigh the cons.

Question for you:

If you're already working online, what are your struggles? What do you think are the pros of working from home?

If you're not yet making this incredible career, would you like to know how?

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  1. Awesome! Have a fun-filled weekend.

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  2. There was a time near the end of my working that I would work at home. No phones ringing and I got far more done. Those bit projects sometimes just needed some peace and quiet to get done.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. I love working from home too. Too bad I do not live in your country or else I would contact you.

  4. I would totally work from home if I had an office just for work. I would love to save time from traveling, I spend a good 3 hours a day of my life traveling, I would rather use that for exercise, especially in the good weather.

    Have a great day xox

  5. Thanks for the great advice. Take care.

  6. I love that you're enjoying your time at home! I work at home for the blog mostly but also have a studio space for my other work. It's a good spot for me as sometimes home can be too stressful... plus I have too many cute cats who want to snuggle all the time. :P

  7. Dear Lux, I'd love to be able to work at home, which I partially do and I prefer over being at the office! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog

  8. I will be too busy doing other things if i were to work from home.

  9. I have another one for you. This week we had snow...and there were those days when you watch the news and think, "Should I go into work?" If you work from home, you don't have to worry about that. You just work like you always do...although it sucks when all your friends are getting a day off and you're still working! I do often find myself still in my PJs at 10 or 11 a.m., though, realizing I haven't showered yet. I seem to be pushing that later and later lately!

  10. Great Points. now i want a pink Umbrella, because i have to go outside for work, also when it rains :)


  11. Lux, I taught online classes for about ten years, and I absolutely loved the freedom of being able to work from home.

  12. Great points! And I LOVE the fun gifs... "on Wednesday we wear pink" hehehehe! :)

  13. I have never had a job that would offer me to work at home, or to have a home office day. But the points above sound so good, that I regret a bit now, although I don't mind going to the office everyday.

  14. I love the list! I've tried working at home during my college days as a part time job. I love that I can be very very productive in the comforts of my home. Sometimes I think, if people know that it's really possible to do things like this, then unemployment rate will be lesser and lesser for the next coming years.

  15. What a blessing that you are able to work from home. Thank you for sharing at Weekend Whispers.

  16. I work from home (as an attorney). For three weeks, I'm in an office covering for someone during maternity leave.

    I love the community at the workplace, but I can get something similar at coffee shops and wear my yoga gear instead. I'll be continuing to work from home, happily, when these three weeks are over.

  17. been working homebased for the fast 5 years and yes I do agree about these advantages... in my case.. i enjoy the beenfits of having no bosses around , no time pressure and no hassle of choosing what to wear... however recently namimiss ko yung pagbiyahe and working in an office haha pero pag-inisip ko yung stress ... uhmm okay na ako sa bahay haha..
    pero i think yung cons nito is we have limited opportunity to grow.. but i'm sure there are ways! Cheers for homebased workers ^_^

  18. Your lists, friend makes a lot of sense!

  19. I love working from home!!! And if I miss social life, I meet with my friend and we work together :D
    Stay awesome!

  20. One of the only things I miss about working in an office is things like Christmas toy drives. But I do love being home in my PJs!

  21. There are definite perks for working from home! I'm so glad you added this to the Thursday Favorite Things Linkup!


  22. This was such a great post! The no dress code part is probably the best perk of working at home. I'm definitely interested. Do let me know what type of work it entails, thanks!

  23. I've also had the pleasure of working from home.. Just the money part. how do you earn more than traditional job? :P

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my earlier post :)

    Check out my Beach post The Goa Life Who doesn’t love beaches :)

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  24. i love your list, and i can empathise, since i've been working from home for two years now. the main challenge for me is being disciplined enough to do the work though! :D

  25. Working from home is awesome! That's why I love freelance writing so much and all my internships I've ever done were remote as well. Great post, Lux!

  26. I love working from home. I am very blessed. I enjoyed your post!

  27. Great article, Lux! Your videos and images always make me smile! It's awesome having the ability to work from home. Thanks for sharing! Blessings :)

    1. Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday, Lux! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

  28. I hate dealing with difficult people at the work place too.I'm happy you enjoy working at home.

  29. I work from home too, the only thing bad about it is that you are not meeting new people and it is very lonesome. And it is nice dressing up for work sometimes.

    PS, sister, these pop ups that you have when your page is opened are extremely annoying, get rid of them :)

  30. Interesting post, I love working from home!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  31. nice article lux....
    working from home is really enjoyable
    for me.

  32. I agree with all the pros above, however it'll be hard for me to resist temptations while at home. Prolly it'll all be about discipline, and putting your mind that work will always be work.

  33. Awesome, my hubby work from home too so I really see the pros you talked about, I would like to work from home but for now, I probably can't do it yet!

  34. I have worked from home for so long (mostly, you know... without pay) that I don't even remember what was like out there! I loved all the Pros and GIFs!

  35. This is so convenient! I really wanna try this! i'm contacting you now LUX!

  36. heheheh I lllooovvvveeeee the motion pictures you always put up on your Blog of Destiny Luxxy of Life! heheheh he said

    "there are too many people on this Earth... we need a NEW PLAGUE' heheheh lmao

    How are you Bubba?! You know yeah Lux.. Regardless that its more ghen ghen to work from home and all.. i fear that it all boils down to your kinda business.. and your Sector! I mean i for one would love to quit waking up by 3: 47 AM every. single. morning.. but I just have to be here cause my data lies here.. And yes! I dream for the day of flexibility too.. GOD willing Bubba.. In Time :)

    Blessings Luxxy xx

  37. This is my ultimate dream when I get married and have a child... to work at home lang. But then the dream guy is missing so I'll work on that first hehehe!:)

  38. Great post dear!

  39. Have worked from home for years and agree with all you say. Wouldn't trade it for the world!

  40. I don't know if I could cope with working from home. I have had to do it before and found it quite distracting. Great article.

    Greetings from London.

  41. Yes! I broke free from the 9-9 5 last year, and I love it. My favourite part is the flexibility in my schedule and not having to ask anyone for permission to take time off.

  42. Great post! I have worked from home for the past 16 years and it has been such a blessing! Thanks so much for sharing! Visiting you from the Life Free Thurs link up. ;)

  43. I tried working from home a couple of years back when I wanted to give freelance work a try. But I realized I enjoyed dressing up and going to the office. still I agree that there are pros to working from home such as the no stress commuting especially on a bad weather!

  44. I am working on it Lux. Hopefully, soon I can be free also.. :D

  45. I love working from home.No restrictions and boundations 😊

  46. There are SO many advantages! Getting to skip the commute being a major one of them. I also like the quiet and the calm of it. No noise, no busy co-workers, no interruptions,...

  47. So far I still can't crack it here, but working from home would be soooo nice indeed.

  48. The only big con, I think, is: money. Most people cannot afford to work from home. As much as people try to sell us on the idea that it's lucrative, I'm skeptical - except in cases with one partner being a money-maker. I'm glad you can do it and enjoy it to the fullest, Lux.

  49. Ah! Someday I hope to be working from home full-time! Would love the no-dress code!

  50. Isn't it great to be able to work from home?

  51. I would love to work from home. One day hopefully!!


  52. Thanks for sharing these thoughts! I'm glad you are able to work at home. Blessings to you!

  53. The idea of working from home has always appealed to me, but the job that I want doesn't allow for that. But I don't mind too much. I definitely agree that working from home does have its benefits!

  54. Dear Lux, Where were you about 40 years ago when I started working? :-) Of course, I suppose I could ask where was the internet too, right? :-) Life just keeps getting better, just like finding your blog. I love it! Thank you for your blog and the great suggestions you provide. And thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments on mine! I hope your 2016 is getting off to a good start. Best wishes from Seattle!

  55. Sounds like a dream job to me :) Hopefully I'll be able to experience it <3

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  56. Interesting post!
    Have a nice week!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  57. I totally agree with you...I have worked at home for many years, and I love it!
    Having previously worked in an office, I can honestly say there is no comparison!!:))

    Have a fabulous Sunday.

  58. I work with several homes and I am loving it. Haha. Time management it is!

  59. Agree and Missing it na!

  60. I should totally have a PINK day! Love your dog!

  61. Great list! Yes, all these things totally make me want to work from home. Now just to figure out how to do that... ;)

  62. I love the flexibility that work from home gives. Bt sometimes I do miss chatting up with friends at work. :)

  63. This was great and I am envious. I do work from home sometimes but not all of the time.

    Best wishes and God bless!

  64. "There's too many people on this earth. We need a new plague." We really need to do something with our problem with overpopulation.

    These are all true! I especially hate going to work on rainy days. Mas masarap matulog. :)