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Why I Write And Keep On Writing

2:03 AM

I think a lot. I talk so little. 
That's why I write.

Why I Write And Keep On Writing

We all have our own coping technique. For me, it's writing.

Why do I write? At first, it was just a place for venting out. Expressing how I feel and airing out my opinion.

I like to observe events and people. I write down my observations.  

I write to preserve my thoughts and ideas (I get forgetful).

After a while, my blog evolved. Now I blog about events, my travels, food, book and movie reviews, my faith, about being single and about being a woman, quotes I like, wealth and finances, and almost anything and everything that has caught my interest.

Those are the reasons why I write.

But, here are the reasons why I keep on writing

I keep on writing because it lightens the load I carry.

I keep on writing because I want to share my experiences and the lessons I learned from them.

I keep on writing because of the heart-warming and ego-boosting appreciative comments from friends and strangers alike.

I keep on writing because I hope that through my opinions and even my rants I might enlighten someone who's confused.

I might give hope to those who are on the verge of giving up.

I might make someone smile and make their day better, and I might just make someone realize that they're not alone in what they're going through. 

I write because it makes me happy. And I keep on writing because making someone happy gives me a sense of purpose.

Wait! I've got more stories for you...


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  1. Those are very good reasons to write! They are also some of mine. Keep writing!
    - Lily

  2. Good reasons to write. Indeed, making someone happy gives a sense of purpose. Keep writing. :)

  3. I write for the same reasons you do hon ... and I keep on writing for the same reasons. Writing is my own personal therapy. If I can share my experiences and the stupid things my kids do with others and that helps them or puts a smile on their face then I'm a happy girl.

  4. Great! I can understand because I keep painting because it makes me happy :^) Patsy from