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Dealing With Daily Vampires

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Dealing With Daily Vampires

Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level 
and then beat you with experience.
-Mark Twain

We are all dealing with vampires daily. Our daily vampires are the people who suck out our every ounce of joy, energy, and patience. They are the toxic people we deal with everyday. You may consider them your daily cross.

Here are ways on how to make dealing with daily vampires easier.

Dealing With Daily Vampires 

Understand where they're coming from.

Hurting people hurt people.

The way you treat someone is an extension of how you treat yourself. 

So understand that the way vampires attack you is not because of who or what you are, but because of their issue with themselves.  

Those who love to criticize others are usually those who don't like themselves. 

They point to others' mistakes because they can't correct or accept their own.

Those who talk about other people are bored with their own lives. Nothing great going on in their day to day.

They want to make their existence more interesting by taking interest on other people's lives.

More often than not, the reasons why haters hate you is because they want to be like you, but can't.

They see their own fault in you and they wanted to correct it, but can't.

Or they are just purely envious and competitive in nature. They can't accept defeat, and you are a big threat to them.

Needless to say, vampires are frustrated people.

You must understand that it's hard to deal with frustration if you see someone living a good life.

Writer's note:
It is different when abuse or demoralization is involved.
For serious issues, it is best to seek help or report the attack.

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  1. So true Lux - what they say and do is a reflection of them just as how we react is a reflection of us. I have a few vampires in my family which is more challenging, however, I find compassion helps a lot :)

    1. i agree. compassion saves the day. :)