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13 Things You Shouldn't Be Sorry For

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There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves. 
Imagine going through your day being unapologetically you. 
-Steve Maraboli

13 Things You Shouldn't Be Sorry For

1. You shouldn't be sorry for your beliefs and for being passionate about it.

We're all created with unique minds. Just because your beliefs are different from the people around you doesn't mean you should be sorry for it. They're not sorry for theirs! 

When a person is secured enough in what he believes in, he won't have time criticizing or condescending others who have different views. 

He will be busy growing in his faith he won't have time looking for other people's faults.

Respect towards other people's beliefs and having an open mind is a sure proof of spiritual maturity.

Whoever claims to be superior is actually NOT. They're the ones who should be sorry.

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2. You shouldn't be sorry for the way you look. 

You are beautiful just the way you are, and no one can argue that. You're fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). 

Who says you need to have perfectly straight hair to be beautiful? Those curls are enviable.

Who says you need to have fair skin to be attractive? A person who is confident in his own skin is sexy.

Who says you need to have a perfect figure to be accepted?

If someone loves you just because you have the right curves in the right places, you should start worrying.

As long as you dress appropriately, you're okay. You don't have to buy designer clothes to be accepted.

It's not about the clothes you wear. It's about who's wearing them.

Don't be sorry for your looks

3. You shouldn't be sorry for speaking the truth

When you speak the truth, expect to be hated. 

People hate people who make them realize they're wrong. 

Most people hide behind pretense and lying because the truth makes them uncomfortable.

Don't be sorry if you're too honest for some people. They don't hate you. They hate the truth because they can't handle it.

Don't be sorry for speaking the truth

4. You shouldn't be sorry for your relationship status

For as long as you're not wrecking lives or destroying relationships, you're not offending anyone, you're not wasting someone's time, you're not causing harm to yourself or to another person, don't be sorry.

For as long as you're happy with your choice and you know you won't regret it in the end, don't be sorry.

For as long as you are having a good time---whether alone or with someone (at no one's expense), there's nothing to apologize for.

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5. You shouldn't be sorry for sleeping in or taking a break.
Sleep in on a weekend.
Book a vacation.
Go out and see new places. Or just stay at home and watch your favorite movie or show in your pajamas.
Bury your nose in a book.
Do absolutely nothing.
If you've been working like crazy, if you have always given your best, you DESERVE to have a break.

Don't be sorry for not being productive for a day or two. Or they'll be sorry if you break down and burn out.

Don't be sorry for sleeping in

6. You shouldn't be sorry for setting a standard

Don't be sorry for asking for what is right for you.

Do you want value for your money? Everyone does.

Do you want a raise in your salary or an increase in your profit? You've worked hard for it. You deserve to receive more.

You also need to choose the people you surround yourself with. After all, you become the average of the five people you spend most of your time with (Jim Rohn). What kind of person do you want to become?

Don't be sorry for your standards

7. You shouldn't be sorry for making wrong choices in the past.

No one saw it coming. Okay, maybe you saw it coming but you ignored the signs.

That's okay. You'll never learn if you've never committed mistakes. 

You wouldn't know what's right for you if you haven't experienced the consequences of making the wrong choice.

Go ahead and feel sorry for yourself...but don't wallow in it. 

Don't make it your permanent residence. Most of all, don't make your wrong choices define you, and shape your future.

8. You shouldn't be sorry for asking for help or questions.

You can't do everything yourself.

No matter how smart and great you think you are, there's always something someone knows that you don't. Or something you haven't discovered yet that someone is already an expert of.

Don't be sorry for asking questions. Better admit you don't know something than pretend to be a genius and embarrass yourself in the long run.

Don't be sorry for asking for help

9. You shouldn't be sorry for your quirks.

So what if you still read fairy tales or young adult fiction before going to bed even when you're...not a young adult anymore?

So what if you dress like a lady, but love heavy metal music?

So what if you're the odd one out? Start loving yourself more. How to do that? 

There are several ways to stop hating yourself that can help you achieve healthy self-love. Start with accepting yourself for who you are, embracing your quirks and recognizing your flaws don't define you.
Don't be sorry for your quirks

10. You shouldn't be sorry for your big dreams and/or achievements.

Don't let people who lack imagination look down on your creative plans.

Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.

Sometimes critics discourage you from reaching your goals, not because they don't believe you can do it. But because they know you can, and they don't want you to.

They're only afraid of your success, because you remind them of their mediocrity and failure.

You only scare those who are weaker than you are.

Girl Boss sign with Hustle pen and notebooks

11. You shouldn't be sorry for eating to your heart's content.

Unless you're putting your health at risk or causing another creature to suffer and die because of your food choices, go ahead and eat to your heart's content.

You don't have to eat less, just eat right.

eating to your heart's content

12. You shouldn't be sorry for for walking out of a relationship.

Maybe you stopped being friends because they seem to be holding you back. Or you feel like you're going in different directions after you came to a certain point.

Maybe your relationship was draining you because it's demanding too much of your time, or you've been the only one who's trying hard to work things out.

Maybe they can't meet you halfway, and you got too tired trying to reach out and chase them.

Maybe you made the right choice by walking out of it. Don't be sorry you did.

Don't be sorry for walking out

13. You shouldn't be sorry for saying 'No'.

If you're not comfortable with the idea, if you think it's too much for you, if you don't feel like doing it for no selfish reason---don't do it. It's okay to say 'no'. 

Don't be guilty for turning down an invitation, a job offer, a proposal or even what appears to be an opportunity. If your gut feeling is telling you to say 'no', believe it.

say no

We should be sorry if we've done something wrong or if we've hurt other people's feelings.

We should not be sorry for ALL the decisions we make.

Over apologizing makes it easier for people to treat you like a doormat. 

Over apologizing invites abusive people to come into your life. Over apologizing will not correct anything. 

Don't be sorry for being yourself.

Don't be sorry you're not sorry.

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  1. No is a perfectly good answer if you don't want to do something for whatever reason... no explanation needed :-)

    Also, it's perfectly okay to make mistakes... we are human after all... besides we are not our pasts...♡

  2. A lot of these ring proud and true. The only problem is I have a hard time doing some of them! I never sleep in for some strange reason, and sometimes when I do nothing productive I feel like I am wasting time! I do like the idea of saying no more often, which is something I really should work on ^^

    1. That's normal. I also felt guilty when I'm on "stand-by" mode. But then after working hard for the day, I feel more unproductive if I don't give myself a break. So go ahead and take a nap or something.

    2. This post may be a year old but I am working on it still. I'm getting there with the taking a break part, but gotta work harder at saying no >.>

  3. i'm not sorry for being awesome! hahaha hi, lux! :D love this! <3

  4. I agree with all points! Esp. number 6!!! People tell me to lower my standards, but I cannot be okay with "pwede na yan" :)

  5. Oshey baDDest! This was an insightful read! Thank you Luxxy of Laaiffee for pointing this out.. You know yeah Bubba.. I for one believe in living my life as it best suits me.. and not as others will want me to do so.. as on the Long Run Yeah Nne.. Its My Life and not theirs **Wears Cheeky smile... This was a ghen ghen Piece of laiffee! Thanks for sharing Bubba.

    Hey! How are things with the Shop Plans going?! The one with your Sister?! We soooo cant wait to read on the Developments and growths thus far! Cheers Lux.. and thanks for always being a Ray of Sunshine.. Udo!

  6. such a a lovey post. I agree with you 100% you need not be sorry for doing things which keep you happy :)

  7. Great post!! Everything is SO true <3

  8. great post! The point for me is about speaking the truth, sometimes it is hard to say difficult truth...

  9. Dear Lux ... wow, such great truth and wisdom you've served up. Each one deserves its very own post for there's so much to be said, so much to be learned.

    Thanks for serving up a great feast! I hope your week's a good one, friend ...

  10. I think throughout life there very few things you should be sorry about and how you live your life and religion are two of them. Very wonderful post.

    Kia / KTS

  11. I think a lot of men try not to ask for help, just a pride thing.

  12. Thanks a lot for sharing, you always help my soul :)))


  13. These are all great points and so true!

  14. So many great points here, Lux! #5 has been a life changer for me. I used to think breaks were just me being too lazy. Now I see them as an absolutely necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. I love your point about beliefs as well. "When a person is secured enough in what he believes in, he won't have time criticizing or condescending others who have different views." Amen :).

  15. #4 is great. Words to live by!

  16. it actually happens a lot of time that people convince me to apologise even when I feel i haven't :( Gotta change this

  17. Grwat post. No is such a powerful little word that I need to use more often

  18. This is such a good post. I feel like as women especially we tend to automatically apologize for all sorts of things without even thinking about it! Thanks for sharing on the Small Victories Sunday Linkup!

  19. Love! Love! Love! Often we, as women, are so bad about putting the needs, wants and desires of others before our own and need to stop and realize what needs to be eliminated. Thanks so much for sharing this on the Small Victories Sunday Link-up. Glad to connect!

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  21. Love this inspirational post well done.

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  23. Lots of wisdom here which I enjoyed reading. Thank you

  24. I love this so much! People shouldn't be sorry for being who they are as long as they're not hurting anybody. :D

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  25. Oh, I see myself under each number... Thank you for systematization of this things. Now I can think about it more clear.

  26. You made a good list! Tama ka, we shouldn't be sorry for saying the truth. In fact, saying the truth is much better because the truth sets people free. At alam mo naman, lahat ng tao ngayon gusto ng freedom.

  27. Accepting the imperfect us is important but we sure can improve as well.

  28. I love this post. And I am totally with "Do absolutely nothing.". I always feel guilty if I want to do nothing. It's a time to relax and just get my thoughts back together, but being here in NYC with a million things to do I always feel so lazy and awful about it!

  29. wow! i love this article really! what a way to start my year! :) i couldn't agree more! If this is a food, i should say that this is a crisp one really! :) thanks thanks so much for this!

  30. Can I just say hell to the yes to number 11?? I don't care if it makes me fat. I don't care if people judge me for it. Eating is such a joy <3

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

  31. These are great reminders as we get into a new year. One thing I am working on is saying no a bit more often. I think I sometimes end up committing to things I don't want to do because I said yes instead of no. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  32. Every single one of these points resonates with me. I came across most of them while reading many many books and articles lately. Now I only need to make them a habit. Especially saying no without feeling guilty and being proud of being me :)
    Have a fabulous day, Lux!
    Hugs to you,

  33. what an awesome post! this is a really helpful content! thanks for posting it :)

  34. I totally enjoyed this post.I was literally smiling and with every sentence, my smile grew bigger and bigger!! Perfect food for soul and lotsa love for sharing this!! <3

  35. This post was super inspiring :) I have to admit- I do often feel guilty for taking a break- that's something I really need to work on

    Rachel xx

  36. I was reminded of the saying "Be true to yourself." No need to always feel sorry just get over it and be YOU. Yes, there is a time to say NO, depending on the situation. Don't over load yourself with duties that may hurt your health or stress you out. Thank you for your suggestions and wise words shared here with us at Tell me a Story.

  37. This will be deleted off the InLinkz story board for FFfAW challenge.

  38. No one should feel sorry for the way they look. If you do not like the way someone looks, then it is that persons fault.

  39. Oh yes! We are far too apologetic about ourselves. We don't owe anyone an explanation unless our actions are directly affecting them!

  40. Yes, you must believe what you do.

  41. This is all SO true! I apologize too often for things that I really should not say sorry for. Heck, I shouldn't even justify myself for most of the things I say sorry for.

  42. *-*

    Adorei. Não devemos nos desculpar sem um bom motivo!

    Ótima sexta!

    Beijo! ^^

  43. Most of them I do. I got no down well at my zoo lol lots of people eat a ton as well, but most of what they eat isn't swell.

  44. This is such a brilliant post and like nothing I'd ever read before - you make so many good points :) I've been nodding enthusiastically at each and every point, especially not apologising for your bi dreams!

  45. Thanks for reminding us about this

  46. Simply "being" the one God made us to be is a powerful thing. When we grasp that, there's no stopping us. ;-) Good encouragement, Lux. Hope your weekend is wonderful.

  47. I agree with you - sleep in on the weekend and don't feel bad about it! :)


  48. Great tips! I agree with all points

  49. These are all good points. We should never have to apologize for who we are.

  50. Nice post here. These are good points.

  51. I love these post! I often feel bad in the past when I do things that isn't belong to the norm. But I learned to embrace myself and not to feel sorry for what I know is right. I respect other people's opinion and I respect mine's too, by not feel sorry about it.

  52. Fabulous post, very inspiring and motivating. I took time to read this post very carefully and I must admit the wisdom contained in the post is very precious and worth remembering at all times.

    Best wishes

  53. Great post dear!

  54. I loved this post. Especially number one. Basically, "don't be a dick". :-) Thanks. Hahaha!

    Greetings from London.

  55. These are very wise saying. Have a blessed Sunday!

  56. Those are wonderful thoughts indeed, and one we all should take to heart. Many thanks!

  57. I totally agree with you. We spend a big part of our lives worrying about the others, instead of being happy.

    Jasmine xx

  58. Great post!
    Have a nice week-end!
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  59. Great post.

  60. This is very well stated. We definitely shouldn't feel sorry for any of these things! This is valuable advise everyone should hang onto.

    I'm glad you shared this on the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup party. I hope to see you again next week!

  61. Such good reminders! I think as women especially we tend to apologize way too much for unnecessary things! Thanks for sharing in the Small Victories Sunday Linkup!

  62. Right! Who cares? I'm assume. Thank you for the tips and reminders, Lux!

  63. Love this! All 13 ideas have great merit and embracing them is being true to who we are. We just need to make sure we are not doing things at the expense of others.

    Have a great week!

  64. Love the sentiment behind these - standing up for what you believe in and believing in yourself and your goals and dreams is so important.

  65. Great post. I agree with so much in here. When we aren't sure where we stand we can get tossed by the wind.
    Found you at Turn It Up ;)
    Happy Blogging!

  66. I love this so much! Thank you for sharing this at the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup!

  67. All so true! Thanks for the reminders! Especially about looks and eating!

  68. We never should be sorry because the decisions we made, made us who we are today. But feeling sorry is part of being human. Thanks for sharing! Great thoughts!

  69. "Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big."

    -thank you for reminding me about this. This article is very essential for people. Your write up is so nice. keep it up!

  70. Oh I can relate in everything you wrote in this article. What you wrote are so true!!! Thank you so much for sharing this Lux. Looking forward for more post from you. xx Kim-

  71. Each one of these spoke to me. Well done Lux.

  72. So good and so true!! Love this.

    I also recently read somewhere the point, don't apologize when you could thank the person instead... like if someone holds the door open or moves aside for you, you shouldn't apologize, you should thank them. Same even with being a few minutes late... you could say "thank you for waiting for me," rather than "I'm sorry"...

    I often feel like I'm living in "I'm sorry" land, so both your thoughts and the above were really pertinent to me! Thanks for sharing!!

  73. This is a good read. Sometimes, we just really need to read something like this and realise that, "Hey, I am living my life well and I don't feel sorry for making decisions that made me like this." Thanks for this. :)

  74. Well said. This is a good read. Thanks!

  75. This is so true! We let guilt from so many of these steal our JOY from each day. Thanks for sharing!


  76. Great and encouraging post - to stand for one's beliefs and values ... and saying Yes and No with a good conscience! Thank you Lux!

  77. I so agree with this. I happen to LOVE my quirks!

  78. I super agree on everything that you have posted most especially that we should believe that we are beautiful. Such a very positive and encouraging post. -ANOSA

  79. I agree with you 100% you need not be sorry for doing things which keep you happy :)

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