7 Lessons I Learned From Ruth While Waiting For My Boaz

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Lessons I Learned From Ruth While Waiting For My Boaz

So here's the thing about Ruth and why she's a big deal---at least for single women. She's the perfect inspiration for those who are:

  • feeling inadequate
  • feeling flawed
  • scrutinized and marginalized by the cruel society
  • feeling that they've ran out of luck when it comes to finding "The One"
  • tired of doing good and not seeing any good happen to them

In short, Ruth is not your ideal woman. People looked down on her because:

  1. She was a Moabite. Moabites were descendants of Lot from an incestuous relationship with his oldest daughter.
  2. She's a woman, and women during her time were considered property whose value is only a little higher than cows in their society.
  3. She's a widow. Some people during her time thinks widows are cursed.

judging you

Despite her personal obstacles and the labels people give her, she remained faithful to her mother-in-law Naomi and did what she could to help her.

Brushing aside the whispers about her, she went out to glean the barley fields of her late husband's kin, Boaz.

That's a quick summary so you may want to read her story to know more.

But here's what I got from Ruth.

7 Lessons I Learned From Ruth While Waiting For My Boaz

1. Ruth’s priority was a life of service.

Ruth didn’t wait for someone to redeem her after her husband died. She went out there and worked---for her and for her mother-in-law. The only family she has. She could have left her but she didn't. She served her. She knew her priorities.

Don’t wait for other people—especially for men to validate your existence or rescue you from where you are.

In the end, you're the only one who can save you. Don't be a damsel in distress. Be your own hero.

woman helping poor people in Africa

2. Loyalty and selflessness are always rewarded.

She cared for Naomi and never left her side which eventually led her to her future husband Boaz. Even when you don't expect it, your goodness will be rewarded. That's how the universe works.

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3. Be confident with who you are.

Ruth never let rumors and gossip stop her from going out there and getting what she needed.

She ignored the naysayers. She knew she was being judged because she didn’t fit in the society’s standards.

She had more important things to think about; she had no time for petty things and petty people.

If you know who you truly are, no amount of rumor will make you question your identity.

Your reputation is in the hands of others. That's what the reputation is. You can't control that. The only thing you can control is your character. -Dr. Wayne Dyer

be confident

4. Be diligent, persevering, and determined.

Ruth worked harder than others, which Boaz noticed.

Your work ethics, virtues and hard work will speak for itself. Though some people don't appreciate your effort and your goodness, someone will---someone who matters.

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5. Be a woman of character.

Boaz told Ruth: “All my fellow townsmen know that you are a worthy woman.”

What can be more flattering than that?

You can’t control your reputation, because everyone's entitled to their own opinion. But remember: not everybody matters.

You can’t control other people’s impression of you. Don’t even waste your time trying. However, you do have full and total control of your own character.

Be someone your Boaz can be proud of. Be someone you yourself, your children and your children's children can be proud of.

Carry yourself with dignity.

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6. Stop chasing people.

Don’t be desperate. Boaz praised Ruth’s loyalty saying, “You have not gone after a younger man, whether rich or poor.”

Never run after a bus, train or man. When one leaves, another arrives. 

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7. Follow the advice of the wise.

follow advice of the wise

Ruth knew she could trust Naomi so she followed her advice. Which turned out to be an effective one because Boaz married her after that.

Ruth may not be every guy's fantasy girl, but she’s every man’s ideal wife, judging by her character.

People might have treated her like trash, but her character shined so brightly that a man of integrity like Boaz saw what a gem she was.

Don’t just sit and wait around for your Boaz. Ruth never did.

She lived a life of service and the Lord rewarded her.

For God is faithful, and His timing is perfect.

Be like Ruth while waiting for your Boaz. Work while you wait and wait in faith.


Lessons from The Feast's teachings on Women.
Edited from the article I submitted on The Praying Woman.

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