Story Of Half-Bloods And Bullies

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I would rather be a little nobody, 
than to be an evil somebody.
-Abraham Lincoln

Story Of Half-Bloods And Bullies

Here's another Life Lesson post from my favorite book series Harry Potter.

In the magical world of Harry Potter, there are purebloods (family from both sides are all wizards), half-bloods (the other parent is a Muggle or non magical) and Muggle-borns (both parents are non magical but they possess magical powers, like Hermione Granger).

There are three distinct characters in the book that are half-bloods; Severus Snape, Dolores Umbridge, and the Dark Lord Himself---Voldemort.

All these three characters despise those who are not pureblood giving you the impression that they are purebloods themselves. They regard themselves superior than the rest. 

In the Muggle world, I mean today in our world we find people like them. People who feel superior than the rest. People who look down on you because you don't fit.

People can be mean for two possible reasons:

1. They hate your guts, because you've got something they don't or will never have.
2. You remind them of themselves.


Number one reason roots from envy. Envious people won't admit they are envious. That will be admitting defeat. That will be accepting the fact that you are better than them.

So envious people will undermine you. They will do everything they could to ruin your reputation, stop people from seeing the good in you because they fear that you will stand out and be loved while they stand in your shadow.

They will hate you simply because they already see that you are more than them in every aspect. Envious people can't stand people who make them see their weakness and flaws.

Number two reason is due to denial and nonacceptance. There are things about themselves that they can't change. When they see these in you, they see themselves reflected back and they hate you for that.

Also, you might be in the position that they are aiming for. You maybe reminding them that they are still stuck. Your success intimidates them because they want to be where you are badly. You remind them of their mediocrity and failure. And that is hard to swallow if you have not accepted and fully embraced who you are and where you are at the moment.

That's exactly what Snape, Umbridge and Voldemort were like. They despise the half-bloods because they remind them of themselves. They cannot accept that they fall short to the standard they imposed on themselves. And since half-bloods show them that people like them exist, they loathe them.

They hate the Muggle-borns because they feel more superior than them.

They try to fit in with the purebloods, so people may think they are one of the royalties.

How to deal with bullies

Easier said than done, but bullies need our kindness and understanding more than anyone does.
They are lost and confused. They don't even know why they hate you.

Half-bloods and bullies in the magical world of Harry Potter were actually ignored by those who know better. Sure they sometimes can get to their nerve (the trio Harry, Ron and Hermione were easy targets of bullies---a Muggle born, a pureblood but from a poor family, and an orphan half-blood).

But they always take the high road, defend other victims, and were not afraid to fight back if needed. Remember Hermione Granger punching Draco Malfoy in the nose? Epic.

Because you're the better person, take the high road. Never stoop down to their level and take the gutter.

That is what being royal is all about. Always.

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  1. I've never seen this show but like how you break it down. It's true we need to forgive the bully, although it's not easy, taking the high road is the best ♡

  2. This is such a good way to explain things and break it down :)

  3. Love seeing Christians understand all the amazing and very pro-christian lessons within Harry Potter! It's very true, and it makes me sad how judgemental and cruel people can be. Why we have to just keep loving and trying to be the best we can be

  4. The best punch in the history of magic.

  5. Thank you for posting on Motivation Monday!

  6. I wonder how it is like to become bully just because a person reminds me of myself. Sigh. There's a lot of bully where competition is high. I wonder how to cure those people. Same applies to Hitler, though maybe he doesn't know that he's half before.