16 Reasons Why The Feast Is The Coolest Place To Recover Your Faith

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16 Reasons Why The Feast Is The Coolest Place To Recover Your Faith

Are you a doubter? Agnostic? Atheist? An addict? 

Do you consider yourself immoral? A hypocrite? A failure?

Are you lost? Angry? Broke? Rejected?

Do you feel worthless? Irrelevant?  
Are you living a directionless life?

The Feast is the place for you.

What is The Feast?

The Feast is a weekly gathering of the Light of Jesus Family founded by best-selling author, entrepreneur, Catholic lay preacher, and minister Bo Sanchez.

The Feast is making waves worldwide because it has radically changed how people recover their faith.

What religion is The Feast?

The Feast practices the Catholic faith but welcomes everyone from all religious backgrounds. They usually have a Catholic mass before the worship and talk begin.

What is the Feast Light?

The Feast Light is a light group or caring group where friends gather to receive spiritual nourishment from the series of talks recorded by a live audience at The Feast.

16 Reasons Why The Feast is the Coolest Place
to Recover Your Faith

1. The Feast doesn't require you to register. There's no strict dress code to follow. You're welcome to come as you are, flaws and all.

2. The Feast is a place for sinners, cynics, hypocrites, and the broken who seeks healing.

3. The Feast does not condone sin and does not judge the sinner. "Hate the sin, love the sinner" is very evident here.

4. The Feast teaches that God does not call the qualified. He qualifies for the call. Everyone is called to serve, no matter how inadequate you feel.

5. The Feast is about receiving and giving love, not imposing rules.

6. The Feast believes in your dreams and gives you the gumption to believe in them too. Thus helping you make your dreams come true.

The Feast believes in your dreams

7. The Feast is not about a stern, judgmental sadistic God who sits on His throne all day and waits for you to make a mistake so he can punish you.

The Feast introduces you to a loving, merciful Father who looks at you with adoring eyes. Laughs at your boo-boos. Beams with pride in your victories. Cries with you in your grief. Holds your hands in your loneliest. And loves you unconditionally.

8. The Feast is not about memorizing the Scriptures or doctrines but about living out The Word. 

It is about applying what The Word says into our practical lives; handling money, caring for our health, cherishing and building relationships, and valuable everyday tips for living a better life.

9. The Feast teaches you to find God in the secular and to bring your faith outside the church. Because The Feast believes in bringing Christ to people and not in waiting for the people to come to Christ.

10. The Feast teaches you to love and enjoy where you are right now while striving to become the better version of yourself.

11. The Feast gives you rest from the stressful world by making you laugh and feeding you with nothing but positive energy, delivered by world-class motivational speakers who provide powerful and inspirational talks.

You'll hear music from bands that rock. You'll feel welcome and get quality service from the servants. Worth your time!

The Feast gives you rest

12. The Feast is a place for people who are continuously learning and growing.  

13. The Feast gives you hope and allows you to discover and rediscover yourself. You can build new dreams and revive your old and dead dreams without criticism and judgment.

14. The Feast is a beam of light for those in the dark, a compass for the lost, and water for the parched soul. The Feast is not the way, but it paves the path that leads you to The Only Way

15. The Feast is like a hospital where the sick and the dying receive healing and alleviation because it centers on The Eternal Healer and The Doctor of All.

16. The Feast is a service center where you bring your broken and damaged self so your Manufacturer and Creator can fix you and make you brand new.

See you there!

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  1. I agree, Everybody is welcome at the Feast :)

  2. I am a porn addict and a lustful person. But because of the love of God and the support of my friends at the Feast, I decided to break the shackles that binds me and surrender my life to Him. When I open this dark side to my Connect Group, they not judged me instead they accepted me as who I am and pray for me. :)

  3. I thought I failed in life. At The Feast, I've learned that I made small dreams and dreams only for myself. That's why I am just what I am now. The Feast re-calibrated my dreams, from small to the biggest dream I could imagine. Now, I am working on that BIG DREAMS of mine. Not just working on it, but HAPPILY working on it for GOD, myself & my family, believing it will come true with & through GOD's grace and mercy. Not only everyday but every moment of the day and with every breath that I take. The Feast will give your the experience of how GOD loves us unconditionally in a very not so traditional way.

  4. That's why I keep coming back and branched out! :). I remember in 2012, i t came to a point that I attempted to "cut/slash my wrist" that was the time I felt the love, support and prayers from Fellow Feasters. I never did it again.

  5. Hi Ms. Lux! Thank you Thank you for this! Reading this just makes my heart soooo filled with joy!
    Will it be okay to incorporate/include it in our flyers/Feast bulletins?

    God bless you more and more!

  6. Indeed Feast is the happiest place on earth :)
    Nice blog! :)

  7. A huge thanks and appreciation from Feast Auckland, New Zealand: The happiest place on middle earth :)

  8. The Feast gave me hope and changed my perspective in life. I used to be a mediocre Christian who goes to Church and talked to God for certain time. In the Feast, I learned to go deeper and deeper in faith everyday. Started to serve for Him and experienced the real Joy and Peace.