Reflection: God's Crazy Love

8:00 AM

For God loved the world so much 
that He gave His one and only Son.
-John 3:16

I thank God for giving me my passion to write. That's why as a thanksgiving, I decided to start a Reflection series. Because despite not being a technically good writer, despite some grammar slips here and there, despite the criticisms, insults, and mockery I've received from people telling me I'm not a REAL author, I know in my heart that this is a gift from my Big Daddy. I know this can only come from Him---from God's crazy love for me.

I'll always be grateful for Him providing me with the tools and skills I need to use this gift. For leading me to the right people, bringing me the right opportunities and allowing me to build pipelines for His blessings to flow into my life.

Truly, my God is crazy in love with me!

God's crazy love

I'm a nobody. I'm only a speck of dust in His vast universe.

I often find myself asking, "Why, Lord? Why do you love me this much? I am a sinner. I often neglect you. I often blame you for my misfortunes. Why sacrifice your Son---Your life for me?"

And the only answer is love. Pure, unadulterated, complete, infinite, unfathomable, crazy love.

Who can explain love? Even science fails to give it justice despite its intellectual research and theories. It's still not enough. Nay, it's not needed by people in love.

"I don't know, I just love her. That's all I know." That's what you'll often hear people respond when you ask them why they love someone. It goes beyond the physical. It is more than just what is certain and what's there. It is beyond human comprehension. And that is only human love.

God's crazy love is so much more. For this world's wisdom is foolishness (absurdity and stupidity) with God. (1 Corinthians 3:19)

That is why the proud, intelligent ones despise Him. For they cannot put Him in a box. For they can never explain His beginning and end. He is their failure when it comes to displaying their wisdom.

But that's what makes Him God. He is infinite. He is beyond our grasp. If we can understand Him, then we will be equals.

God's crazy love is not for the perfect. It is for those who are humble enough to admit they are not complete, they are not enough and they are not well. Those who will receive Him and allow Him to heal them.

God's crazy love is for those who are crazy enough to admit that they need His craziness in their lives.

Hey, I am crazy. That's why despite my flaws and imperfections, despite my difficulty to accept His love and feel His presence, despite my unlovable and unloving state sometimes oftentimes, I accept Him. For He's crazy enough to accept me in the first place. (Just between you and me, I think He's crazier than all of us put together).

The Lord your God is with you. He is a hero who saves you. He happily rejoices over you, renews you with his love, and celebrates over you with shouts of joy. (Zephaniah 3:17)

Kind of hard to imagine an almighty, all powerful, majestic, glorious King rejoicing and shouting with joy, right? I mean, I've always thought kings are reserved, dignified, solemn. We know some kings could even be tyrants, taking delight in punishing his people.

Oh, but this King we have is crazy in love with us. He is our Father before anything else. And that is something we may never come to understand. We can only allow Him to love us or reject Him like we always do.

God's crazy love is inviting you to accept Him today. Are you in or out?

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  1. Sometimes I don't understand it so much either. Because He loves us all so much, even though sometimes I feel so undeserving. And when I feel that love, it is one of the most complete feelings I ever get.

  2. Hi sweetie
    very interesting reflection. Have a nice week
    Maggie Dallospedale

  3. Thank you Lux. It's amazing, isn't it? If I were God I would have wiped us all off the earth long ago! That's why it's just as well I'm not!
    Making Cards for Love

  4. I can't believe people have criticised you and your writing. Booooo. Don't listen to them. You've been gifted and been gifted for a reason. Keep writing and keep believing lovely


  5. I love you my dear friend!
    Shall we respect what man says about us instead of honoring God?
    God's Love for us drowns every bit of lies shot against us.
    Yes we are dust but the Holy Spirit in us makes the difference.
    I love this Lux....I dare say it is the best I have read here :-P
    Bear Hugs and Blessings to you

  6. Yes, it's beyond human comprehension, isn't it?
    Great reflection to start off your new series. I'm looking forward to reading more!

  7. Stunning post dear!


  8. Good thing he is nicer than I, I would have shot lightning bolts at most humans by now lol

  9. your faith will keep you strong!

  10. Love this! Keep writing awesome stuff!

  11. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  12. very true reflection, i agree with you dear
    new outfit on my blog Dior Diorama sunglasses
    have an happy day, kisses

  13. Religious belief is really important in life. I sure agree.

  14. I, too, believe God to be in love with me and that makes me easier to love him. Nothing else can be so empowering as this belief. I do not understand why people tell to fear him for he will punish us for our misdeeds. Where there is fear, there is no place for love and hence a constant need to break free of the realms of fear and moving away from him. And, where there is love, there can be no place for anything else. Thank you writing this post. It is a wonderful way to start off my day by reading this post as first thing in the morning.

  15. such interesting post

  16. I love the confidence and reassurance that comes with belief; this was a beautiful post to read and I'm wishing you all the best with your writing as well!!

  17. Awesome read Lux. And I'm totally in. I can't explain it too but I feel it, strong and powerful and always there, even when I mess up and do the wrong things. He's always there, in my corner cheering me on. Totally grateful for that. Have an amazing day out there. Love your words.

  18. You have to follow your heart- I love that you're continuing to write and do what you love despite criticism! :) That is so important!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  19. Definitely "in." Thank you, Jesus. :) Well said, Lux. ((hug))

  20. I am in with you for the crazy love of God. To be honest, this is the most interesting blog post I have read so far. You are just like me :)

  21. Our Daddy sends huge heaps of encouragement through His word, doesn't He? In the end, it truly only matters what He says, no others. Keep writing as the Lord leads, Lux. As always, thanks for visiting over at my place. The welcome mat awaits always.

  22. His love is really crazy and unwavering.I'm not perfect but he still loves me. What an awesome God. This for sharing this thoughtful piece.

  23. Such a great truth to know that He is in love with me. Joy.

  24. I'm so grateful for God's crazy love, too. Count me in! "Pure, unadulterated, complete, infinite, unfathomable, crazy love. Who can explain love?" Thanks for this dose of encouragement, Lux.

  25. Keep writing darling and... don't listen to them! I love your posts!!!
    Kisses, Paola.

  26. This is so beautiful and inspiring, dear Lux. You have a loving and dear soul. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you.

  27. A beautiful piece, Lux ... going right to the heart of who you are and who He is. Thank you for sharing your soul, the deepest part of who you are.

    Inspiring, for sure ...

  28. Love this! I'm always saying "God is crazy good!" Can't wrap our head around it but so grateful!

  29. It's a test from God!

  30. Passionate and fascinating thoughts!

  31. Amen Lux! At the end of the day, it is between you and God that matters most. Keep nurturing this gift and more powers!

  32. Your faith is beautiful. :)

  33. Crazy! I just commented on someone else's blog about this exact same thing! We all need that love. It has carried me through the hardest times of my life and still sustains me. I'm sad for anyone who thinks they need to go it alone.

  34. Wonderful post!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase

  35. Lovely post and I like what you have shared here. Sometimes I struggle to come up with the right words to express properly. Whatever it is, I am grateful that we have our Heavenly Father's approval and appraisal...that's the most important thing to be accepted and loved by Him. Have a beautiful day!

  36. This is such an inspiring post :)

    Rachel xx

  37. The post was really awesome. IT reflects the god's love in the way you expressed it. It just feels like god showering love on me, when I read this. :)

  38. Lux, we are all growing in our writing and far from perfect in our grammar. Keep doing what you do and allowing God to use you. Thanks for linking up on Mondays @ Soul Survival so faithfully. I appreciate you greatly!