9 Fun Things To Do On A Yacht

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9 Fun Things To Do On A Yacht

Gone are the days when cruising or vacationing on a yacht is for the rich and the famous. Today, you can rent a yacht and make epic happen with your friends, family or special someone. Yes, you can get a taste of the yacht lifestyle. Wondering what you can do to make it worth your money? Here are 9 fun things to do on a yacht.

9 Fun Things To Do On A Yacht


You don't have to endure the long hours of waiting (and delays of flight) at the airport to go places. Your yacht can bring you places and let you explore. Be a voyager in your own not-so little way. Explore destinations you've never been to before with a yacht.

Try La Rochelle Island. It's a great place by the seaside so if you love some fresh seafood, beautiful beaches and just have a leisurely stroll along lovely streets or in the pine forest, get your yacht into La Rochelle Island's direction. History, urban life, sea food, calmness of the sea or forest---it's all in La Rochelle Island.

La Rochelle Island


If you're the party animal and your friends are too, I'm sure you've been to every cool bar there is in your place or the neighboring cities. Do something different, unforgettable, and legendary. Throw a party on a yacht and give your friends (and yourself) the party that everyone will still be raving about after a long time.

Go fish

I know people who finds it therapeutic to go fishing. You're on a yacht, go find the best fishing spots there is. Go with people with the same passion as you have and exchange some fishing tips and ideas with them. It will be interesting to watch the marine life from where you are too.

fishing on a yacht

Swim and dive

Why stop from watching the water world from above though? Go take splash in the water, swim and dive. Discover many things under the ocean. Anchors down and take a dip and dive. Explore the underwater world and be astonished by nature's beauty under the sea.

With a yacht, you can visit different diving spots without the hassle of traveling by land and transferring on a boat from one island to the other.

Take photos

Wherever your anchors go, take photos. Take photos of the vast ocean at different times of the day (sunset is the best), of the skies and the different clouds formation you'll see while sailing, of the water and how it sparkles against the sunlight.

Take photos of the destinations where you land too. Just like a real tourist, go snap the Instagrammable quaint houses, busy streets in the city, and even interesting locals you'll see.

Isn't it refreshing to experience different cultures by visiting different places? That is very doable with a yacht.

Bask in the sun

What else is there to do when you're in the middle of the sea? Bask in the sun. Get your desired tan. Or just simply enjoy the sound of the waves, the breeze and the warm sun against your skin, the frequent birds flying overhead and listen to them as they go by.

Bask in the sun

Watch the sunset

When you're at the beach watching the sun setting so majestically, don't you wish sometimes you can come closer or that you have a different angle? You can when you're on a yacht. Watch the sunset and be in awe.

Just be

Enjoy the calmness of your surrounding. Take in the smell of the salt in the ocean. Enjoy being away from the crowded beach. Enjoy the stillness of the moment. No reception in the middle of the sea? No problem. Who needs the internet when you have nature to leave you in awe?

Bring your best pals. Or your dog.

Sometimes all you need is to be with the quiet presence of those you love and the stillness of nature to keep you centered and be recharged.


Yes, you can still work while on a yacht. Do what you must. If you're a writer, being on a yacht could be the best time to catch up on your writing. The surrounding could be very inspiring. The quiet could help you focus on your story.

Or if you just want to get to your reading list, bring your book and get lost in the pages.

Blog. Draw or sketch. Write a song. Play music. It's not a waste of time if you love what you are doing.

Work on that project you've always wanted to start. Let the quiet and isolation a yacht offers bring out your creativity juices.


Nowadays, everything you need and want is within reach if you just work hard for it and know where to look. Be practical. You don't have to spend millions buying a yacht. You can still experience how it is being on one and do a lot of fun things. You can always rent.

Find a reputable company like Alternative Sailing and be your own sailor. The world is waiting for you to explore.

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  1. I haven't been on a yacht but I have been on a cruise (the same maybe?) and loved the relaxation time! One of my favorite things to do was just stare at the water and read a book. :)

  2. I've never been on a yacht before, but there is a first time for everything! It sounds like such a cool experience from this post and one day, hopefully, I'd be able to give it a go.

    My recent post:

  3. Good for the not so rich and not famous at all to enjoy a yacht!

  4. How exciting read this was!!

  5. Just passing by as your blog was listed by a fellow blogging buddy . . . Flipped seriously is one of your favorite movies? In the small-world department, that movie was partially filmed in a school my two boys attended here in Michigan.

    Not a yacht fan, but a sailboat charter might be tempting if my brother could captain (after he learned to sail, of course).

  6. A great place to just be and explore indeed. Plus not a bad spot to work if one has to work.

  7. Wonderful advice here! Being by water is so incredibly soothing that's for sure. I love gazing at beautiful sunsets and sitting back admiring the beauty surrounding me.

    Great post :)

    Laura xo