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9 Tips For Traveling With Your Toddlers

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How can we make it easier for families with younger children to travel with, and what things you think about to ensure you have a wonderful and memorable journey? This article touches on all of those things you should be thinking about when travelling with a family.

Children who have a chance to travel with their parents have an opportunity of a lifetime, and they have a chance to build so many memories and wonderful moments that they can look back on when they get older. 

However, anyone who has traveled with children, especially younger children, to countries without the same infrastructure and facilities knows it's difficult. In order to address this problem, parents should seriously consider developing a simple travel plan. Below are some useful tips for a wonderful journey with your little ones:

9 Tips For Traveling With Your Toddlers

#1: Choose Proper Destination

Younger children, especially those under 2-year-old, need a little space to play and explore. So think about hotels and resorts that have bigger rooms and may have plenty of spaces to play or maybe have swimming pools or close to the beach. A day out the beach can be a wonderful affordable experience, building sand castles, swimming or playing some simple sports.

#2: Book Ahead

Once you have found your perfect destination, in addition to booking ahead, parents should inform the hotel that they will be travelling with children. This will give the hotel or resort plenty of time to prepare your room, proving things like cribs, extra chairs or special incentives for kids - if available.

#3: Choose Suitable Means of Transportation

When traveling ahead especially on planes, try to choose seats closer to the front (if booking online) or request when checking in at the airport. Additionally, parents should remember to bring all the necessary travel documentation for their children. If traveling by train or car, make sure that little ones have enough space for sleeping comfortably.

#4: Offer Toddlers a Camera

Offering toddlers their own (child-friendly, robust) camera helps them concentrate on what interests them and observe their surroundings. The results will definitely surprise you from the knee-high view. According to a mother whose son is toddler, among photos of wheels and feet, her three-year-old child has captured rabbits, rocks, boats, helicopters, animals and flowers.

#5: Anticipate the Weather

It might be a simple piece of advice, however, kids dressed comfortably for the climate, terrain and environment are much happier. There’s no reason for leaving kids barefoot on a beach where sea urchins might lurk, forgetting their gloves, hat, rain jacket or dressing them in ski-suits four sizes too big.

#6: Prepare Travel Potty

It’s really hard when travelling with kids are being potty trained. Nevertheless, everything will be easier with the help of the best travel potty.

Thanks to the compact design, you can easily fold the travel potty down to save space for other items and put them in your car’s trunk or the bottom of the diaper bag. In general, this item can be used for a short time and coupled with a potty seat or potty chair.

#7: Prepare Travel High Chair

If you plan to go on holiday with kids at the age from 6 months to about 3 years old, one of the vital tools of travel kit you should remember to bring with is a travel highchair. The travel high chair will make feeding children much easier. Additionally, you will no longer encounter the dirty floor everyday due to your kid’s naughtiness while eating.

#8: Choose Proper Utensils

Firstly, pay attention to the garments of kids. When traveling in the summer, kids can sweat a lot, therefore, parents should choose clothes that are cool, and can absorb sweat well. In addition, it is recommended that parents should prepare some longer and warmer clothes for the windy evening or areas with air conditioners.

Next, hats, sunglasses, sunscreens, mosquito repellents, and antiseptic creams for small children are also indispensable. Also, more carefully, parents should bring some medicines or medicated plasters to reduce the fever, anti-diarrhea, and personal gauze bandages for children.

#9: Put All The Utensils of Children In Private Luggage

You have to arrange private luggage for your small children because they have a lot of stuff such as milk bottles, foods, diapers, etc. In addition to checked baggage, parents also need to prepare another small bag for carrying the necessary things which kids need anytime during the trip.

Remember to bring blankets and special pillows for kids. These items will be very useful for them to help them have a good night’s sleep when sleeping in the hotel. Moreover, don’t forget to bring their favorite toys especially if you need to pacify them at any stage.


With the aforementioned useful tips, it’s certain that parents and children will have a wonderful vacation with unforgettable memories. If you find this article helpful and beneficial, please share it with your friends, and relatives.

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