Fortune Island, Batangas: The Columns, Parthenon Greece Of The Philippines

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Fortune Island, Batangas The Columns, Parthenon Greece Of The Philippines

Fortune Island, Batangas:
The Columns, Parthenon Greece Of The Philippines

About Fortune Island, Batangas

  • Fortune Island is an hour and a half boat ride from Nasugbu, Batangas. 
  • Fortune Island used to be a luxury resort owned by former governor of Batangas José Antonio Leviste.
  • It’s been abandoned, and although it is still private property, the place is not maintained nor developed. 
  • There's a spot for cliff-diving
  • The unique view of the ruins against the beautiful beach is a great spot for photo shoots.
  • Aside from the clear water, rich marine life, white sand, scattered with corals and shells, the columns which pretty much resembles that in Parthenon Greece is a must-see.

Our Fortune Island Experience:

Travelers who wish to stay overnight in Fortune Island camp out; they pitch tents or stay in what’s left of the ruined buildings. We stayed in the farthest one which is large enough for our group (16 pax).

I was informed that it was former Mayor Leviste and Sen. Loren Legarda’s vacation house.

In front of our “shelter” is a ruined replica of a Spanish warship that sank off the island.
(Photo on the right: My friend reading the brief history of the island.)

Traveling by group (our experience - 2 days/1 night)

For a group of 16, we spent Php 1,661/pax. That covered:
  • Van from Manila to Batangas and vice versa (2 hours travel time)
  • Boat ride from Nasugbu to Fortune Island and vice versa (I was told renting a boat costs Php 9,000.00, so going in large groups is advisable)
  • Food for 2days/1night trip
  • Clean water for drinking and washing
  • Entrance to the island (350 Php/pax for day trip, 400 Php/pax for overnight)

I was lucky to be part of a group of experienced travelers/backpackers. They knew what to bring, what to do, and they’re pretty organized. You can find groups of backpackers on Facebook. 

There's no electricity nor running and potable water available in the island, so you need to bring those too.

Must bring in Fortune Island, Batangas:

1. tent, sleeping bags
2. flashlight or emergency light and extra batteries
3. mosquito/bug repellent
4. swim wear, number clothes depending on your length of stay
5. water for drinking
6. water for washing or rinsing
7. lots and lots of food (there are no convenient stores in the island)
8. sunblock
9. goggles/snorkeling gears
10. toiletries
11. towel
12. first aid kit
13. cooking and eating utensils (you have to bring all the things you need for your cooking. i.e. charcoal for grilling, portable stove, butane, etc)
14. powerbank for your gadgets
15. cameras (you would want to document your stay there)

Fortune Island, Batangas on camera 

(even more breathtaking when you're actually there):

I've posted more Fortune Island photos here.

All photos are from my phone.

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  1. Wow! What an amazing vacation to take! Simply nothing better than the beautiful beaches, and rough camping... so challenging, and yet so relaxing! Looks like you had a wonderful time :)

  2. Looks like the Parthenon, it's beautiful! Can't believe na may ganyan sa Pinas! :)