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Happy Thanksgiving And Things I'm Thankful For

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Happy Thanksgiving And Things I'm Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving!

We don't really celebrate Thanksgiving here, but I'm working for a US-based company so it's a holiday for me too.

Since it is the time for shouting out words of gratitude, let me share my Thank Yous with you.

Thank you:

Faithful readers

To you who willingly waste a few seconds of your time to read my brain farts. You reaffirm my purpose. You make me realize that what I do here matters. Your kind comments and love mails are enough to assure me that the platform I chose to help make the world a better place in my own little way so to speak, is perfect.

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Passionate bloggers of blogs I follow

Your posts either motivate me, make me laugh, make me think, and make me want to share my own stories too. Your thoughts can change a life so don't stop sharing. I love browsing through your pages because it's worth the time. Keep on posting relevant and heartwarming stories. Keep on using the internet for the good.  Keep on inspiring people.

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Friends old and new

For sticking around and putting up with my mood swings, melancholic tendencies and crazy moments. For listening to my ideas whether it be trivial or profound. For sharing a portion of your lives with me. For the love irreplaceable and overwhelming. More travel and more fun! More stories and hugs! Thank you, friends!

Family near and far

As you grow older, you appreciate more the value of family. Them people put in your life by fate who whether they like it or not are stuck with you 'til the end of time because of the DNA you share. Haha! No matter where I am, my heart will always be with you. I will always find my way back home. We may not be perfect but we are all we've got---and thank God for that!

Light of Jesus Family

You have been my family outside my family. The flock I chose to grow my spiritual muscle with. I will always be proud to be one of you. It's not every day you find people with genuine love for God and hearts of service without the pretentious, all righteous, judgmental, hypocritical air in them. 

You love God and you love people without the hang ups of religiosity. That's all that really matters!

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Bashers, critics and all you vampires

Your words may have wounded me, but it sure made me stronger and pushed me to do better. Thanks for teaching me to be more understanding and compassionate, for testing my patience and making me appreciate my life more. Thank you for being the chisel that has helped form me into the beautiful being that I am today.

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Teachers, mentors, and beautiful souls

You are too many to mention, some of you may not even know I exist! But your passion is so strong I can feel it in the air. Your beautiful life stories, your never-say-die spirit, your example that's worth emulating are my inspiration to put a dent in the world too. Thank you for being brave enough to step out, step up and share your encouraging stories to the world.

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My Unbeatable Team

My greatest and favorite intercessors. Our Holy Mother, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Joseph, St. Padre Pio, St. Pope John Paul II and my Guardian Angel. Many may not believe in you but I thank God for sending you to help me always.

I have learned that relationships are our greatest treasures and living our purpose is the most powerful driving force in life.

I have learned that gratitude is the key to open the door to endless possibilities and blessings. So everyday I give my thanks to the universe for blessing me this much and for blessing me more in the future.

Thank you especially God for loving me this much, for dying to give me life unworthy and flawed as I may be. I can never repay Your perfect love for me. Here I am, I am yours. Make do of my imperfect love.

What are you most thankful for?

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Even though we don't celebrate it, I do think the idea of taking a moment to be thankful for the people and things you have is lovely.

    1. We don't celebrate it here either. It's just that I'm also working for American clients so it's holiday at work. Haha. And yes you're right. It's nice to take a moment to be thankful.

  2. Hi Lux,

    What a beautiful post! Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. What a lovely post. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy holidays! It seems you have tones of loving friends judging from the photos!

  5. Just like you, I am always to god for his blessings.

  6. This is a Superb Post , Really Good , I like it ,

  7. Hey thanks for dropping by my blog earlier, really appreciate it :) Happy thanksgiving by the way.

  8. Happy thanksgiving dear :)

  9. Nice post, Happy Thanksgiving to you

    Thanks for sauntering by :-)

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! And a big thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving commenting!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving! Lovely Greets :)

  13. Wow!! Nice post... Turn up Turn Up!! ladies and Gentlemen, its nice to be here.. Okay so this post is pretty awesome, and hey I am catholic too.. :) Nice.. Thanks for coming by, it was fun to read from you.. My Blog mother always says that a "heart of gratitude opens doors of opportunities" so trust me, (I aint no pastor oh) but something great is coming your way... This was such a nice read, and trust me, I am smiling like a fish right here. You Rock Bubba.. Cheers. xx

  14. What a sweet post! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  15. Happy Thanksgiving! This was a wonderful post. It was nice to see read about all the people you're thankful for and why. :)

  16. Yay!...Happy Thanksgiving Lux!!!...I am loving this post mami.

  17. Gratitude is such a beautiful trait to see :) We all have so many blessings, I'm so glad at least this time of year we are all jolted into remembering what really matters!

  18. I am very thankful for all the relationships that I have - those that broke me down and those that build me up. God has taught me that living fully and recklessly alive can only be fulfilled through loving relationships.