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6 Key Lessons From Getting Sick

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6 Key Lessons From Getting Sick
Sometimes it takes a painful experience 
to make us change our ways. 
-Proverbs 20:30

I was sick three weeks ago. I was throwing up from dawn until around noon when I finally decided to see a doctor. Because I thought antacids could eventually stop it, it took me a while to decide. So we went to the local clinic. I knew dehydration is next and I was slowly feeling it in every inch of my body. While I was lying helpless, hooked to the fluid saving my life, I couldn't help but be more mindful of what's happening around me. Some key lessons from getting sick dawned on me. I knew these life lessons well before but my busyness made me forget.

6 Key Lessons From Getting Sick

1. The importance of the pause

I've been working like crazy since the beginning of the year. I have discovered that working from home gives you the freedom to earn as much as you like if you work as hard as you can. 

So worked hard, I did. Finding clients and sponsors left and right, eating and sleeping late, waking up early, working even during the weekends. Did I mention I was working like crazy?

Yeah, getting sick is my body telling me to take it slow. To take a break. And to, gosh...just breathe! God has always provided for me generously and faithfully anyway. 

Why am I so anxious about not getting enough this year?

It's finally a chance for me to listen to what my body's been trying to tell me. To rest. To stop writing. To stop scheduling posts on socials and here on my blog. To stop preparing emails. To stop sweating the small stuff. 

To just pause for a while and breathe.

2. Health is indeed wealth

I've had no choice but to stop everything when I got sick. And I felt bad because
  • I thought I wasted more time than I was trying to save by planning and scheduling in advance.
  • The money I earned working hard for the past weeks was lost because it went to medicines and bills. 
Way to go for trying to earn more. I actually lost more. Health is wealth! Remember that.

3. We need people

I am a happy introvert. I enjoy my me-time. They're sacred to me. But independent as I may be, I was reminded that I need people in my life. 

To get me through the tough times, to cheer me up, to help me whenever I feel helpless. I've never appreciated family as much as I did when I was like a little child needing assistance in even the simplest task such as eating. Thus, I was humbled.

4. Humility is important

Feeling a little immobilized because of the limitations brought by my condition, I was forced to humble myself and ask for help. 

It reminded me that I can't do everything as much as I want to. As much as I'm willing to control everything, I can't. 

I need God. I need people. I need help. I can't do everything on my own. I was definitely humbled by my sickness.

5. Empathy goes a long way

When someone gets sick, we automatically wish them to get well soon. We sometimes even send flowers, or fruits and check on them to see how they're doing. 

Right? I do that too. Sincerely, if I may add. 

But I've never understood the depth of wanting someone to get better soon as when I got sick myself and was desperate to get better. 

When I learn that someone's sick now, I have this certain worry and empathy for that person that wasn't there before.

6. There's always a reason to be thankful

I couldn't help but be more grateful for what I have. I'm constantly striving for more, pushing myself to do more, and setting goals that challenge me. 

These are good but they can sometimes make me overlook what I already have.

I was reminded that every day that I wake up not feeling any discomfort in my body, I am more blessed than I realize. Some people are terminally ill or are in constant pain.

As annoying as a family could sometimes be, I'm grateful that I have one. I don't have to face difficulties on my own. 

There are people I know who will not abandon me. There are people whom I can always depend on.

I thank God for my job which I don't only enjoy doing, but which also makes me financially able to support myself especially when I need it the most. Here's a bonus lesson I learned:

if you love what you do, there's no stopping you.
The next day, even while still hooked to an IV, I'm already reading emails, replying to inquiries, and even editing. One-hand typing, but I wanted to do it. I loved doing it! 

Yeah, that's me already working in the photo above.

I've appreciated myself more than before. I am grateful for knowing what I know and doing what I do.

I am grateful to God for being my Healer, Comfort, and Provider. Sure He's busy balancing the planets, but He has time to hear my call and answer my prayers.

It's funny how an inconvenience brings us to a place of peace sometimes. Like when you get sick and you have no choice but to sit back and let things be.

It's true that sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change our ways (Proverbs 20:30). 

And there are key lessons from getting sick that you will learn and make you appreciate life like never before.

How about you? What lessons have you learned from getting sick?

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  1. You hit it right on Lux. All of these points are so right. And I'm glad you're feeling better. Our health is important to be able to enjoy life. Take gentle care of you and stay well.

  2. Getting sick ca sure teach you what is worth while and what isn't. And how you can make due, even with one handed typing at one's zoo lol

  3. Glad you're ok now. Take care and yes, give thanks and praise for each day that we are well. I cannot imagine growing old and sickly - that would be really miserable.

  4. Hi, Lux!

    This is a great post, dear friend around the world. Health is indeed more precious than wealth and, if you have family, you have everything. Learn to heed your body's warning signals telling you that you are pushing it too hard. Slow down, keep it reasonable and you will avoid a crash. An illness forces us to slow down, brings our lives back into focus, puts things in proper perspective and allows us to get our priorities back in order. I don't like to work hard, but I love to play hard. The trick is to turn all work into play because, when you are having fun, your body produces beneficial endorphins. These are a few of the principles I have learned along the way.

  5. Very good thoughts and true post. Being sick is such a helpless feeling and we come to appreciate our friends and family.

  6. I wish I could utilize my time as wisely as you ;-)

  7. so true and soo so important lux<3


    Check out my ♥Instagram ,Bloglovin

    Stay Gold

  8. I am glad you are feeling better, and it's so good that you decided to go to the clinic after all. I think there is a lot to learn from being sick. Humility is a hard thing to learn, but I can understand how being in that position may have helped you achieve it.

  9. I'm glad you're feeling better. Health is indeed a valuable thing. Your thoughts are wonderful.

  10. Sickness seems to be part of life. I'm not sure if it's the bodies way of saying stop and rest or it's something else. I do know how grateful I am when I'm well again. Glad you're well.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  11. I do hope you are feeling much better, Lux! And I really appreciate this post. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Hi Lux. I hope you're recovering well :) Take a break and get some much needed 'me time' :)

  13. Hope you are feeling better. It is wise to listen to our body, to rest when our body is showing sign of fatigue. Good, healthy life is about striking a balance in everything. Great tips. Have a good day!

  14. Great post, I am happy that you feel better

  15. Sooooo nice! I love it so much!


  16. Such an amazing post!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Mónica Sors

  17. You know what? I have been pushing myself too. This thing about working all the time in front of the laptop and staring at the smartphone are the worst killers. I fear, I do fear falling sick, not that I am in early 50's and that my biological clock which has stopped ticking comes with its set of not so healthy matters. I realise health is definitely wealth, because when healthy deteriorates, sometimes all the money in the world can save us. Just lost my bestie two weeks ago. Painful experience.

  18. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well, Lux. Glad you're on the mend now. ((hug)) I've been in burn-out mode myself and have had to learn some of the same lessons of slowing down. It's easy to get caught up in the to-dos and forget to breathe. Hope you're able to find some time for rest and relaxation this summer. Thanks for sharing. :)

  19. I remember when I had a terrible upper respiratory infection that caused constant coughing and an inability to breath. Nothing over the counter worked for me. But I was to stubborn to go to the doctor or hospital. My mother finally persuaded me to go to the doctor. When I got the clinic I was told by the doctor that if I had waited I could have developed pneumonia. I tried to deal with the sickness on my own and it could have been worse. I learned that I needed to take care of myself, ask for help, and stop pushing myself.

  20. Health is absolutely wealth- amen, sister!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  21. Stopping by from all the linkups!

    Empathy is a big lesson to learn and sometimes you really don't get it until you're down in the trenches.
    One unwritten lesson is also balance. You recognize that you love what you do but having been sick you now know that taking breaks are important.

    Speedy recovery. Love this post.

  22. Your highlights are so on point, though am still battling my own ill health right now.
    Health is wealth, when you despise it, you will regret it because you will be using your wealth to attend to your deteriorating health.
    This too shall pass . . .

  23. loved reading this.

    Hadas - luxury travel and fashion blogger @The Fashion Matters

  24. You're so right about health being wealth, and that's something that carries through our entire lives and at any age! Love your point about gratitude; it really is the key to happiness.

  25. Wow--you really were very sick! I'm glad you are better now. Thanks for passing along to us the lessons that you learned. I so agree with this: "Health is indeed wealth." And we never realize it so much than after recovering from an illness.

  26. We need pause, I need pause... Thanks for sharing :)))

  27. It's interesting that you said that about working from home. I feel that I work so much harder now...often forgetting to eat lunch or not drinking enough water, etc...than if I worked away from home. I don't take breaks until I get sick. :\

    I'm sorry you were sick, but I'm glad you're better.

  28. I am so happy you are well. I appreciate these lessons you wrote about as I am also independent and don't want to bother people but we truly do need each other! Humility is my big lesson.

  29. Great lessons Lux, I couldmìn't agree anymore!
    Kisses, Paola.

  30. I'm always trying to cram too much in so I agree with the need to slow down!

  31. Great piece. I have come to see taking care of myself as a professional responsibility as much as a personal one. I am better at my job if I am healthy.

  32. I love that you said we need to slow. Must agree on it because you know, sometimes we always feel like we are doing less but actually it's too much already! and also, yes we need people! We cant do things alone because God designed us to be collaborative

  33. Vale tentar! ;D

    Eu aprendi a valorizar mais os momentos em que estou bem!

    Ótima terça!

    Beijo! ^^

  34. Well said! Thank you for sharing. And I hope you have a speedy recovery. :)

  35. "If you love what you do, there's no stopping you." I absolutely love that little inspiration nugget.

    I'm so sorry to hear you got that sick but I am so glad to hear your feeling better!
    And like me, you always find something to write about based on the trials you face.

  36. I've learned a similar lesson from getting sick which is that our health is our greatest wealth because there are some health conditions that wealth cannot cure. Therefore I have to take very good care of my health.

  37. I definately believe God will use sickness to get our attention. Thankful for times of slowing down and rest so that His healing can flow.