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Liebster Award Recipient---Again!

4:04 PM

I am a Liebster Award recipient---again! Woohoo!

This is the second time that I have been awarded this year. I am so honored, so humbled, so amazed.

I started this blog years ago but I only decided to get serious with it early this year and already, my effort has been fruitful. I have gained not only followers but friends as well in the blogosphere. That is for me more important than anything else a blog could bring; people I've made happy (somehow) and whom I'm able to connect with.

This time, I would like to thank one lovely blog I follow, Raising Samuels Homeschool for giving me this award.

To officially accept this award, I am following these 3 steps:
1.  Link back and thank the person who nominated me.
2.  Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated me asked.
3.  Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award and ask them my own set of 11 questions.

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Step 1: Thank the blogger who nominated and link back:

Thank you Kelly of Raising Samuels not just for nominating me, but for posting relevant and inspirational stories as well. I'm glad I came across your blog. You've been very helpful. Keep on blogging!

Step 2: 11 questions from Raising Samuels:

1.  How long have you been blogging?
      3 wonderful years.

2.  Did blogging start out as a hobby for you and in what ways has it grown than what you expected?
      I started blogging as a space for my brain farts. :)
      Eventually, I ventured into online jobs and it has been a good portfolio for clients.
      Through  time,  I have been receiving great responses even from strangers, and I had no idea how
      they found my blog. After receiving a few emails from readers asking and encouraging me to
      write some more and even believe it or not, asking me for some life advices I've realized that this
      could be my calling, my mission. From then on I don't just write for my own entertainment, but
      for those whom I know I could reach out to and bless through my simple sharing.

3.  What advice would you give to a new blogger?
       Keep on writing, keep on reading, keep on learning. Don't let one negative comment stop you
       from pursuing your passion. Focus on your core audience as advised by one of my favorite
       authors, Bo Sanchez.

4.  How much time do you dedicate to writing or to your blog?
      When I started to become serious with blogging I saw to it that I update my blog every day if
       not every other day. Now I blog at least thrice a week and dedicate most of my time visiting
       other blogs as I learn a lot from them.

5.  What is your blog about?
      Majority is about my faith and my life journey. Life has been pretty amazing when I surrendered
      my life to God and when I started to embrace my status and I want to share that to many. I also
      sometimes blog about my travels, reviews of books, movies, products, or places, re-posting
      quotes/songs that speak to me. I've also dabbed into writing short stories (6-25 words). Mostly
      brain farts really.

6.  Where does the inspiration behind your writing come from?
      My hope to let people know that they are not alone in what they are going through through the
      stories I share.

7.  What is your best post or the one you had the most fun writing?
      Everything about being single, the ups and downs, the pros and cons.

8.  What is the hardest thing about blogging to you?
      Sometimes I have too many ideas I don't know where to start. Sometimes I want to write but
      I have not one single idea what to write about.

9.  Where do you see your blog in 3 years?
      Hopefully I would be able to reach out to more readers, inspire more people and get to know
      more wonderful friends through it.

10.  What is the best social media outlet for your blog?
       Google+ and Twitter.

11.  What is one thing you would want your readers to know about you?
        That I may not be as great a writer as J.K. Rowling is or as poetic and profound as
        Maya Angelou, but always always always, I write from the heart.

Step 3: The 11 excellent bloggers I nominate are:

11 Questions the nominees must answer to accept the award:

 1. What made you start blogging?
 2. What is your blog goal for 2015?
 3. If you are not blogging, what do you do most of the time?
 4. What is your own definition of success?
 5. Who do you look up to or want to emulate?
 6. What was your dream when you were a kid and were you able to achieve it?
 7. How do you deal with writer's block?
 8. What book or movie changed your life or outlook on life?
 9. What are you passionate about aside from writing?
 10. Your favorite movie line.
 11. What advice will you give your 13 year old self?

I now officially accept my second Liebster Award for 2014.

It has been a year full of surprises!

Thank you 2014 for being so generous to me!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your answers :) I like the advice you gave for new bloggers! How lovely is to know that you have had a good year. Liuba x

    1. I am glad you are part of my life too, you are like an angel and all your lovely posts keep me inspired and strong! Much love, Liuba x

  2. congraz dear

  3. Honest answers and congrats on the award.

  4. Congrats Doll, You deserve it

  5. Awwww Lux mami...Muah!!!!...Tibs loves you sooooo much mamacita! I mean, Tibs loves her some Lux baby!...hehe...Uhhh mami, I already accepted this award buh for you, I will gladly answer these questions eh...So here goes,

    #1 - I started blogging because I wanted to reach out to alot of people...I wanted to inspire people in the little and best way that I can.
    #2 - Hmmm...My blog goal is to touch as many people's lives as possible.
    #3 - Uhh That's easy...I'm either watching a movie or I am resting or at work..
    #4 - Personally, I feel like 'success' is not being rich or wealthy, buh I believe that success is when you explore that unique thing bout you and turn it into something that makes people around you happy...
    #5- Uhmmmm No one!...I don't wanna be like anyone buh me!
    #6 - Uhhhh I had dreams mehnnn...and I am so glad I didn't go through with them cuz It will make me an unhappy person....Thank God I grew up and knew better....(I wanted to be a space ranger...i mean really?)
    #7 - I have NEVER had that....Thank God!
    #8 - or movie?...Naa....Person? Alot!
    #9 - Fashion
    #10 - Action
    #11 - Don't go to that party that Andre is putting together cuz it will be the end of your

    Okay mami, All done!....Thanks alot mami for this....It means alot coming from you...

  6. Oh Lux...**covers face** I just read your comment bout the award......I want to say that I am REALLY HONESTLY grateful for all your support Lux...I mean, it means alot to me that you still considered me for this. May God bless you mami. You are a great woman and I am glad to have met an awesome blogger like you.

    1. That means so much, Tibs. Thank you so much. My heart is bursting with gratefulness for people like you. :)

  7. Thanks so much, new friend.
    This means a lot.
    Please don't be offended or upset if I don't run with this one. I don't generally post awards, and I'm away on vacayfor Chrismassukkah.
    Have a wonderful holiday season, Super. =) xo

    1. Don't worry about it. I just nominated those I believe are worthy of such an award. Enjoy your vacation, dear.

  8. Congratulations! :-) Christmas arrived early for you.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Yes it did! Thank you, dear. Enjoy the holidays!

  9. Congrats! Love your Blog <3
    many Hugs!

  10. Congratulations on accepting this award and for completing everything! I loved all of your answers and I am excited that I found your blog through #BloggerCareGroup! Keep up the great work :)

    1. Same here! I learn a lot from your posts. :)
      Thanks again for nominating me.

  11. I like reading these kinds of posts as you get to know so much about person :)... I want to thank you for the lovely award, I am very touched xox

    Merry Christmas to you and your family... I am so glad we found each other through blogging xox

    1. So am I! Your posts are really inspiring. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too.

  12. I enjoyed reading your answers. xx

  13. writing from the heart is what it is all about....
    i have been at it for eight years...and i peaked a few years ago...
    over 100 comments a day....2600 wore me out...
    i am happy where i am...letting people find me....

    1. Good for you, Brian! Keep it up.
      Yes it is very rewarding, isn't it? :)

  14. Thanks for nominating me :-) I've done the tag already though, but maybe I'll do it again if I have the time, we'll see :-)

    1. I received the nomination months ago but only was able to write about it now, so don't worry. No pressure. :)

  15. Congratulations on your award you deserve it... Merry Christmas

  16. OMG thank you, Lux! sorry now lang nakapag open ng blog because... I'm EXPECTING! :D 1st trimester is really a roller coaster for me but I think I'm getting better now. Again, thank you for this award! :* HAPPY 2015! <3

    1. OMG! Double congratulations! Ang ganda ng 2015 mo! Ingat. Huwag na masyadong gumala muna. ;)

  17. Thank you very much, Esther. :)

  18. hi, Lux!!! finally! haha :*