Choosing My Online Wedding Invitation: Paperless Post Review

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Choosing My Online Wedding Invitation: Paperless Post Review

In case you missed it, I'm getting married soon! It seems only yesterday when I was enjoying the ups and downs of the single life, wondering if I will ever find the one. It was a long journey but God has plans far better than I've imagined. Fast forward to today, here I am stressed out and excited at the same time, planning a small and simple wedding; meeting suppliers, finalizing details and choosing my online wedding invitation because it's more practical and better for the environment.

Why I chose to go digital?

  • Paper wedding invitations are expensive.
  • All suppliers I've contacted both locally and abroad require a minimum of 50 copies. Again, this is a small wedding. We don't need 50 copies.
  • Honestly, people will either throw it away or keep it and forget about it after.
  • It will only collect dust or add to people's clutter.
  • We want to help the environment and save a tree.

Paperless Post Review

It was another part of God's beautiful plan that the wonderful people I've worked with before from Anagram Interactive introduced me to this awesome website creating online invitations.

What are the chances?!

Why I like it

Paperless Post is easy to navigate, have expressive and various designs and layouts, and they even have designer collections (Kate Spade, anyone?).

Paperless Post Designer Collection

They have invitations for any holiday or event.

If you have a finished design, you can upload it, customize and send to your guests using the platform.

You can import contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo or Aol mail, create recipient lists, and invite guests.

It's fun that I did not only see wedding invitations and RSVPs, they also have thank you cards and even Bridal shower, bachelorette party and engagement party invitations.

With RSVP, you can also track who’s opened your invitation, who’s RSVP’d, and who needs a nudge.

Paperless Post Bridal Shower

Paperless Post Wedding Invitations

So they really have all the cards you need in an online version.

Oh, just check their website and see for yourself.

They also have friendly customer service so it will be easy for you.

Here's the result of me playing around their Our Big Day design by Crate & Barrel.


You can customize the background. I chose these pretty blossoms.

sample from template

I changed the envelope color from yellow to rose gold and changed the stamp to gray heart.

envelope sample

The lining can also be customized so I used one that's colorful and dainty.


Enter your recipient's name:

I enjoyed trying different styles and layouts I have a few saved on my draft.

Note: These are only samples for your reference. 

Holiday is fast approaching. I'm sure you'll find a card to send your loved ones this season and show your thoughtfulness and creativity even when you're far away---in a very practical and environment-friendly way.

How about you?

Which do you prefer? Online or paper invitation? Why?

Note: I have received compensation for this review but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Beautiful Lux, dear light, I am so happy to receive this transmission. I wish you joy in your marriage. It's a wonderful adventure.

  2. Congrats to you! E-invites are the way to go!

  3. Look great.