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10 Little Things You Can Do To Make The World A Better Place

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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

You don't have to wear a cape or possess superpowers to save the world. There are just 10 little things you can do to make the world a better place.

You don't have to invent a fascinating piece of technology to change people's lives tremendously.
You can do simple acts in your everyday "mundane" life and make the world better than you found it.

10 Things You Can Do To Make The World Better

1. Pay someone a compliment or speak words of kindness.

One kind word could mean so much to someone who's having a bad day. At least once in your life you've met someone who can say just the right words to turn things around, enlighten you, or help lift the burden that's been weighing you down. Someone who can make you feel awesome when you're feeling lousy. Why don't you be that someone to somebody today?

Kind words are like honey
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
-Proverbs 16:24-33

2. Send a note, email, or text message to a friend.

In the middle of a busy day, a simple and maybe short note asking the person how they're doing can make them pause and remember that life is not just about boring work. Knowing that someone thinks of you and cares enough to want to know how you're doing can be an instant mood booster.

3. Do a random act of kindness to a stranger.

Everyone seems preoccupied doing their own business. Break the ice.
Help a stranger carry a heavy package.
Give up your seat for someone who needs it more.
Give a drink or a snack to the guard in your building or the traffic enforcer.
Let the person behind you in a line go first as long as it won't cause others any inconvenience.

4. Donate to charity.

Your contribution can go a long way for those who need it.
Bonus: What you give comes back to you a hundred folds. Your cup will never be empty.

5. Organize a charity event or volunteer to one.

Plan and initiate an activity that will bring a smile to those who can't pay you back.
  • Throw a party in an orphanage.
  • Schedule a day when you and your friends can spend with and serve the elderly.
  • Set up a show to entertain persons with disability or children suffering from a terminal disease.
  • Organize a cleanup day in your area.
Sometimes, all the world needs is a little push for it to open its generous heart to the needy.

6. Say "hello" or initiate a conversation with the janitor, guard, or delivery guy.

They work laboriously the whole day. A stranger stopping by to greet them and to make them feel valued and appreciated is enough to break their routine.

7. Leave a generous tip, even to those who gave you a lousy service.

Maybe the waiter who took your order and delivered your food is preoccupied because of some problems at home. Maybe he's running out of cash and he needs to pay for his kid's tuition.

Or maybe that waitress is just having a PMS. As long as they weren't rude to you (in which case you may report them to the management), give them a tip that can bring a smile on their faces.

Don't let other people's mood affect you and ruin your day. 


8. Forgive your enemies.

I will even go as far as saying pray for those who persecute you (Matthew 5:44). It is crazy. But the world needs crazy, less bitter souls and more forgiving ones.

Forgiveness opens the door of blessings to come in, which anger and resentment have been blocking. 


9. Respect the environment.

You don't have to sweep the whole city. Just do your part in keeping your place clean. Don't throw your garbage anywhere. Participate in plant-a-tree events or do so in your own backyard. Recycle.

You don't need to be Captain Planet to save the earth.

10. Follow The Golden Rule.

It's not called The Golden Rule for nothing. It is the basic, most important, general, ultimate rule for all. It's the simplest yet most powerful and effective way of living a peaceful life.

Don't be one-sided.

Treat others as you want to be treated. Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you. Life is as simple as that.

Let's not complicate it.

Never underestimate the power of one.

Pay it forward.

You can change the world and make it a better place one person, one little act of kindness at a time.

Will you do it?

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  1. I think these are all wonderful reminders... the last one is one that I think people tend to forget, they think they can just apologize for their behavior instead of thinking about what they say or do before hand... Also, forgiving is the only way to move forward, even if that person doesn't accept it :)

    1. Yes it is, Launna. Especially forgiveness of oneself.

  2. I loved this post. It's so EASY to do good! But somehow we still forget or don't manage to. This has inspired me to spread some love today :-)

    1. It's so easy to forget to be good when tough times come, and you're surrounded with negative people. It is a good thing to be reminded that it is indeed easy to do good. We just get strayed.

  3. LOVED the image at the end ... and don't you love to chat up that check-out person, ask them how their day is going, wish them the best as you leave?

    Great post, cool ideas!

  4. Simple things we need start to do before dreaming to do great things in this world :D

    1. That can be a beautiful subtitle for this post, Joanne.

  5. as long as one is not selfish the world will be a better place.

  6. Hello stranger, such a wonderful post!

  7. I enjoyed this post so much! All of these are wonderful ideas to be kinder to one another. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I really appreciate your comments on my kitchen!!

  8. Oh, how I love this post, Lux! Yes....the simple, little things end up meaning so much!! And, I am always blessed myself when trying to do something small for another. Kindness matters! I love the pay it forward too! Recently, when we returned home from vacation, we were so blessed to find a $100 bill fall out when I opened the front door!! I have to admit I thought it was a fake bill, as I haven't seen a $100 bill in a long time! Luckily, my kids realized it was real!! It is still a mystery as to who did it, but we felt inspired to pay it forward, which is a great blessing! Blessings to you!