3 Australian Cities To Spend An Extraordinary New Year’s Eve

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3 Australian Cities To Spend An Extraordinary New Year’s Eve

Celebrating New Year’s Eve is probably one of the best things to do under the sun. The most interesting thing is that different people celebrate in different styles. While some prefer preparing cakes, candies, cookies, chocolates and mouthwatering delicacies for their loves ones at home, others prefer celebrating in some outstanding location that would leave them with bags of memories.

Well, both are memorable but when you step in a new country to celebrate such a special occasion, you experience new things and come back with wonderful stories.

So, if you are in search of one such venue where you can celebrate the best new year’s eve of your life, why not try Australia?

No, it’s not because it’s both a country and a continent but most importantly, it has some awesome cities where the celebrations are bound to leave you spellbound. Apart from having smaller cities, Australia has eight capital cities out of which you can aim to visit Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane where the celebration leaves everyone speechless.

Therefore, if you are keen about this plan and willing to make a move, eDreams will be there to assist you by all means. So, let’s gather a few facts and know how these three vibrant Australian cities can surprise you with their New Year’s Eve celebrations:

This beautiful city is sure to amaze you with its astounding display of fireworks. Once you reach the Darling Harbour, the nocturnal sky there will keep your eyes still for a few moments.

If you are done, move towards the Harbourside, say with your favorite drink, and witness dazzling displays like you had never dreamt of. Just don’t worry about cafes and restaurants as the Darling Harbour is lined with a lot of these.

A visit to the Bondi Beach will also be quite memorable while the light shows at Taronga Zoo will keep your little ones happy.

What’s best about Melbourne is that it would bring you a plethora of locations where you can take short visits and keep celebrating. People usually head to the Docklands, Southbank, Federation Square and CBD.

In case you are willing to party hard, visit the suburbs like Richmond, Collingwood, St Kilda, Abbotsford, South Wharf and more. There are exclusive European bars that arrange Hawaiian themed parties where you are surely going to have a blast. Even at 123 Queen Street, entertainment will take a new note with themes of 90s.

Nothing can beat the magnificence of the 31st night over the Brisbane River that goes illuminated with an out-of-the-world light show. Although the show lasts ten minutes, it’s grand enough to get you goosebumps. To have the best views, move towards the River Quay or the Streets Beach or rather towards Clem Jones Promenade.

Don’t worry about the routes as eDreams will be your tour guide and would give you the best possible suggestions for a nice and pleasant journey.

Enjoy and All the Best!!

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