I Pray

11:05 PM

I Pray

Dear God,

Today I pray, that You fill the huge space in my heart.

Lord, it's too big for shallow things to fill.

I pray that You will help me feel Your presence at times like these; when I feel alone, down and empty. I try so hard to see and feel You but my vision is blurred and my heart numbed.

It's taking all my strength and faith to remember that You are here, even if I can't feel You at all. I pray that You surround me with the warmth of Your love.

I pray You heal the wounds invisible to the human eye. 

There are wounds so deep it's been here for years but haven't healed completely. Some of them caused by Your other children, mostly I've inflicted on myself.

I pray that You help me stop the pain they bring. Deep wounds, shallow wounds, bruises and scratches; I pray that You wash them with Your most precious blood and heal me.

I pray that You make me new again. I pray that You remind me how beautiful I am, because I am made in your image and likeness.

I pray that You remind me how precious I am because You Yourself knit me together in my mother's womb. You know when I sit and stand. You etched my name in Your palm.

I am worth more than many sparrows. You think of me every minute, every day. 

I pray that You make me whole again no matter how broken I am right now.
I pray that You use me and my brokenness to bring light to those who are also in darkness.

I pray that You turn my trials into testimonies, my mess into Your message.

I pray that You wont let go of me, no matter how close I am to giving up.

I pray that You wash away all my tears and help me see the beauty of life again.

I pray for miracles. Make me believe in miracles again.

I pray for a heart longing for You, knowing You're all that I need; mouth never ashamed to give praise and hands reaching out to others readily.

I pray that I'll forget about me and make everything about You.

I pray that You make me like a child again.

I pray with desperation and hunger in my soul. 

I pray, placing all my hope and faith in You.

In Jesus' name.

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