God Knows Our Pain

11:58 PM

God Knows Our Pain
Pain is temporary, 
glory is eternal.

I often forget this:

God knows our pain.

Remember: despite what Jesus gave to the people, despite healing them, despite performing miracles in their midst, feeding them, changing their lives and forgiving their sins, He was treated unfairly. 

He was abandoned by those He called friends.

He was gossiped about and criticized.  

He was looked down and called names.

He was "bullied". 

He was humiliated.

Sounds familiar?

We may not have performed miracles and made a major change to the world the way Jesus did but we have loved. We have offered a part of ourselves to someone. We have sacrificed for others.

Sometimes, despite our goodness, generosity and kindness, we are beaten emotionally. We've been betrayed. We've been abandoned when we were in need. We were treated unjustly at one point in our lives.

This is how Jesus could comfort us. Because He Himself experienced all these when He was on earth---only worst!

God knows our pain and He showed us that despite the pain, everything will be alright in the end. 

He showed us that our enemy may think they succeeded in putting us down, but they actually propelled us to our destiny. They have provided us a stepping stone, a break.

Jesus showed us that pain is temporary, but the glory that awaits us is eternal.

God knows our pain and He sure knows how to get us through it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Lux! It was a reminder of how much He went through to give us all salvation; and if He can endure all of that, then you and I can surely make it through this life :)

    I enjoyed your writing. Thank you for joining us!


  2. So true and sadly so many do forget. but not only does He Know our pain, He cares about it.

    Thanks for sharing!!