Faith It Til You Make It: Powerful Steps For Personal Growth

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Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. -Corrie ten Boom

"Faith it 'til you make it," is a line from Joel Osteen that has become a personal favorite.

It encourages us to develop a strong and unshakeable belief in ourselves, even when faced with doubts.

This unwavering belief acts as fuel, propelling us forward even when we can't quite see the finish line.

Take action with faith

  • Job Interview Jitters? Feeling under-qualified is common. Instead, focus on your strengths and experiences. Research and practice. Visualize yourself confidently presenting your skills. Faith is believing you're equipped even when you can't see it happening yet.
  • Dream Chasing Doubts? Don't let negativity dim your light. Your naysayers simply can't comprehend the incredible things God has planned for your journey.
  • Love Life Struggles? Dating can be tricky, but don't let past heartbreaks define your future. Trust that God has someone amazing in store for you. Relax and have faith that the right person will come along. While waiting, work on yourself. Build the future you want, so when someone comes, it's just a bonus.

Move Forward with Faith

Fear of the unknown

It's natural to feel apprehensive about the future

But one thing is certain:

Whatever the future holds, God is already there.

Take a deep breath, release your anxieties, and believe He's working behind the scenes, even when you can't see it.

Heal from Hurt

Maybe a parent, an elder, a teacher, or a mentor made you feel incapable or planted the seed of doubt in your heart.

Past experiences can leave emotional scars. 

It can make you doubt your capabilities and worth.

But with faith, you can rise above them. 

Take that first step, believing in your strength and resilience.

Faith it til you make it

Faith is a powerful tool for navigating life's uncertainties. So when doubt starts rearing its ugly head, choose to move forward and have faith in yourself. You'll make it.

How has faith helped you grow?

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  1. positive thinking and visualizing can be powerful tools.

  2. Great words to remember and live by! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment.

  3. Belief is powerful isn't it? So very powerful in both positive and negative ways.

  4. Excellent post. Joel Osteen is one of my faves. I think I'll take your advice :)

  5. Thank you for this reminder! "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" Philippians 4:13

  6. Just what I needed to hear... I never liked the saying fake it until you make it... I don't do well with that but I like this... Faith it until you make it, that is doable, that is possible... ;)

  7. Excellent reminder of how we are to walk as Christians when things are not looking so great.

  8. Faith till you make it! What a great mantra to repeat especially when facing life's struggles! Blessed by your words today!

  9. I so agree. Faith and believing in yourself is so important. If you don't, nobody will return believe you.

  10. Hi Lux! I have heard and read about Joel Osteen, and this sounds like something he would say for sure! I really would like to have a faith that moves me though the hard times that I don't understand. Sometimes I fly on grace, sometimes I struggle. it 'til I make it sounds tailor made for me!
    Tuesday blessings!

  11. Super inspiring words :D
    You do actually have to believe first to achieve anything :)

  12. So inspiring post!!! Totally agree darling!!

    Kisses, love Paola.


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  13. Hi Lux,
    This so well said! I love that mantra: Faith It 'Til You Make It! Keep writing, girl! These words, your words, they encourage and they matter!

  14. Nice, inspiring words....I am a die hard optimist!!

  15. SO true... I've seen that statement before and love it... Having FAITH when going through life (the good and bad stuff) is the best way to do it!!!!! Acting 'fake' is NEVER the answer---and one will never make it by doing it that way.. Having FAITH is the answer... Thanks be to God.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back anytime.

  16. I like that! Joel Osteen is pretty darn wise.

  17. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Absolutely loved this. <3

  18. Very uplifting post. Good to read at the end of the day and reflect.

  19. Great words. Just believe in yourself.

  20. Oh how I love this new little mantra you have taught me: "Faith it 'til you make it." What a powerful, short, memorable thought! Thank you :).

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  22. Wow, the right post for me today!!!
    You're great, thanks a lot...


  23. Serious a must - faith it until the next level of faith takes you where you do not know how to get through it. thanks for sharing! #bloggercaregroup

  24. Thanks for this wonderful post! A great quote to remember and apply to one's life! Thanks for sharing....God bless!

  25. Another one is Act As If....but we do not have to act because we have a God whose Grace is Sufficient to meet our needs. I am your buddy on The Weekend Brew.

  26. Thanks for sharing this great post at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  27. Short but very powerful post.

  28. Ah yes... the power of Decreeing and Declaring! Love this! (And don't we all need the reminders to DO it from time to time?)

  29. I'm not going to forget this!! Excellent, motivational and memorable...well done:)