How To Stay Sane And Productive Working From Home: Campaign Monitor Review

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How To Stay Sane And Productive Working From Home: Campaign Monitor Review

I work online. Social media management, content and copywriting are my main focus. As of this writing, I also have wedding plans to do and house duties which include taking care of our 17 dogs. All these resulted to me sacrificing my time blogging.

I used to actively engage with subscribers and followers. Now I can barely post. Not complaining! My life has beautiful plot twists.

But I know that I must put time and effort in maintaining my relationship with my faithful blog family as this is the main reason why I started to work from home.

But how do I stay on top of things without going crazy?

How to stay sane and productive working from home? Here's my Campaign Monitor review and other tips I'd like to share based from my experience.

How to Stay Sane and Productive Working from Home

1. Keep your environment conducive to working.

I used to work in the bedroom. Big mistake! Your bedroom is a place for resting, not for working.

As much as possible (and please make it possible), do not work in your bedroom. Although you're working from home, keep "home" separate from work.

You'll see your bed and that will give you the feeling of wanting to "lie down for just a minute" and be comfortable. That's procrastination waiting to happen. That will result to projects delayed and tasks half-done. If you want to stay productive while working from home, don't work in your bedroom.

Working environment

2. Keep distractions away.

What distracts you from focusing on your task? For me that's my phone. Sometimes the dogs asking for neck scratch too. Dog owners know the struggle.

Put your phone away or turn to Airplane mode. There are also productivity apps you can download.

For your dogs, establish a routine. Give them treats before you start working or after. Whatever works for your pooch. Don't let them in your working area if they get too hyper or needy.

Personally, I find it helpful if I feed them first or play with them before working because by then they're full and tired and they would just want to sleep under the table or beside me.

Keep distractions away

3. Have a routine.

I'm lucky have clients who let me work anytime I want as long as I finish the hours we agreed on. I choose to work as early as I can so I can work some extra or run personal errands and end the day early too.

Establish a routine around your schedule like going to an office. Have breakfast, check emails, decide on which task to work on first, have a break and allow yourself to rest.

food laptop

Campaign Monitor Review

4. Schedule ahead of time.

I'm thankful that there are apps and tools that allow me to schedule ahead of time. I can schedule social media posts and emails. Recently, I've come across Campaign Monitor.

What I like about Campaign Monitor

  • It is easy to use. 
  • Signing up is uncomplicated.
  • If you're new to email campaign, there is a short tutorial video that shows you a quick overview of how to start and monitor your emails after sending.
  • They have professional looking email designs ready to use and easy to customize.
  • They have pricing plans to suit your budget.
You know they have the best intention for your business and subscribers because before you can send a campaign, you will be required to verify your subscribers list. You just need to answer how you obtained your list and how often you email them.

But that leads me to what I don't like about this tool...

What I don't like about Campaign Monitor

I have answered the questions so I can set up my email marketing but I didn't get a reply.

It takes forever for their support team to respond. I've messaged many times about my concern but still hasn't received any feedback.

Based on my experience, I'm giving Campaign Monitor 3.5 stars.

5. Step away.

Take a few minutes to step away from your desk. When work is getting too much, when I encounter some good old writer's block, I find it helpful to take a few minutes away from my laptop.


What do I do?

  • Take a shower. My best ideas for some reason come to me while I'm in the shower. Amazing how many articles I've finished writing in my head while enjoying a cool bath.
  • Snack. I don't just snack on any food because food affects the way you think and feel. So you also have to be mindful about what you're putting inside your body.
  • Read a few pages on whatever book I have my hands on.
  • Watch funny videos or vegan cooking videos.
  • Play with the dogs.

When you remove work-related thoughts in your head, you find yourself ready for more ideas to come in.

6. Take vacations.

Vacation does not need to be grand. You don't have to book a flight to Bora Bora or Maldives. Mini-vacations could be great and helpful.

How does being away from work help you achieve more at work?

Your brain needs to reboot. Your body needs to rest. Your soul needs to recharge. 

A healthy, calm body, mind and a soul at peace make you productive.

Vacations help you stay sane because stress from work can drive you crazy.

Lux in Boracay

How about you? How do you stay sane and productive working from home?

What is the email campaign tool you use?

Please share with me in the comment!

Note: I have received compensation for this review but all opinions are my own. 

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