Guide To Creating A Productive Home Office (7 Practical Steps)

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Guide To Creating A Productive Home Office

Creating a productive home office is important especially for the 3% of remote workers in the US.

How you design your space and what furniture you use can impact your productivity. 

When your space is organized and comfortable, you're able to work more efficiently.

Here's a guide from StressLess to help you create a productive home office you will love.

Guide to Creating a Productive Home Office

1. Find a location

If you don't have a room in your home for office space, get creative. 

A spare bedroom or a dining room would work. 

To help you in your productivity, let the people in your house know about your work hours. At those times, the room should be off-limit.

You can also set up your office space in a garage or outdoor shed as long as it's feasible.

2. Consider the space for meetings

Working from home sometimes entails client meetings.

If you need to meet with clients online, you must give your home office a professional look.

Be prepared for the times when you have to go on cam. 

When you need to have a face-to-face meeting and use your home office as a venue, make sure that it's also ready for such an event.

3. Choose your office furniture wisely

There are many choices out there for office furniture.

Take into consideration the size of your desk, how big of a storage space you need, and what should be within your reach.

To make your home office blend into the rest of your home, your desk and other office furniture should match the overall look of your home. 

Find great deals on desks online — many communities have Facebook swap pages. 

Ikea has affordable desk options.

Google keywords "best home office desks for sale". It's a great way to find deals.

4. Sit on a comfortable chair

You work 8 to who knows how many hours every day.

If your back starts to hurt while sitting, it's time to think about investing in a quality office chair. 

Don't just go for the look or style.

Ergonomic office chairs are worth the extra money. 

A cheap piece of furniture that will need to be replaced eventually isn't a wise investment. 

Ergonomic leather office chairs from Ekornes are the answer when you want comfort and style for your home office space.

5. Keep your workspace organized

You need to get your workspace better organized. A messy desk or room could be distracting.

Studies show that stress and anxiety are linked to a messy and untidy environment.

Shelving, storage boxes, and solid cabinets will help keep your home office better organized. 

6. Know your electronics

Your home office is likely to need more electrical outlets than the other rooms in the home. 

Invest in a quality surge protector and a power strip to protect the electronic devices you use.

Use cord covers to keep things looking neat and organized. This will also help prevent any hazards.

Watch these 13 cool hacks for organizing cables:

7. Make your space personal

Your office space should be comfortable and conducive to working. 

Create a space that's pleasing to your eyes and that will help you concentrate.

Hang photos of your inspiration and posters that you love.

Add an item or decor that reflects your personality or passion.

Put your favorite indoor plant in your home office. This will not only add to the aesthetics but will also produce oxygen that your body needs.

Even when you're just at home, you should keep a professional vibe. Creating a productive home office could help you with that.

Your StressLess space can provide you with the inspiration that you need to be productive. 

When you love spending time in your home office, work is going to be more enjoyable. 

If you have everything you need in your office space, you will be more productive and less stressed out about working from home.

It is worth spending time and money on.

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  1. I really like this post! I think having a set and comfortable place to work at home is really necessary. Especially the point about needing a comfortable chair. Definitely a must if you'll be sitting there for hours.

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