Guide To Creating A Productive Home Office

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Like many of the 3% of workers who work remotely from home in the United States, creating a productive home home office is vital to your success. How you design your space and what you use for furniture can have a big impact on your overall productivity. When you have your space organized and comfortable for your needs, you are going to have a better, less stressful work day.

Here are some ideas from StressLess to help you create a home office you will love.

Guide To Creating A Productive Home Office

Determine the Location

If you don't have a room in your home specifically for an office space, it's time to get creative. A spare bedroom or a dining room can be perfect if you turn it into a home office. Look at the space and make sure it make sense for the needs of your family. To be productive while you are working, let everyone you live with know that during your work hours, you are to be left alone as much as possible.

You can even set up your office space in a garage or outdoor shed if you have electricity installed.

Consider the Space for Meeting

If you need to meet with clients in your home office space, you must make it comfortable for meetings. To give your office a professional look, be prepared for the times when you are having a meeting. Identify a space and make it ready for a meeting. Don't just pull out folding furniture when a client arrives.

Choose Your Desk Wisely

With so many choices out there for office furniture, take into consideration how large you want your desk, how big of a storage space you need, and what elements you need to reach easily all the time.

If you are trying to blend your home office into the rest of your home, your desk and other office furniture should match the overall look of your home. There are many ways to find great deals on desks — many communities have Facebook swap pages, Ikea has affordable desk options, and searching for “best home office desks for sale” is a great way to find deals.

Sit On a Comfortable Chair

Your old office chair isn't going to work when you are trying to be comfortable and productive in your home office. If your back starts to hurt while sitting, it's time to think about investing in a quality office chair.

You are going to be in this chair for many hours a day, so this should be an item you think about carefully. Ergonomic office chairs are worth the extra money rather than buying a cheap piece of furniture that will need to be replaced. Ergonomic leather office chairs from Ekornes are just the answer when you want comfort and style for your home office space.

Keep Your Work Space Organized

If you are prone to getting easily distracted, you need to get your work space better organized. Shelving, storage boxes and solid cabinets will all help you keep your home office better organized. When you find your desk always full of clutter, find ways to get the clutter off of your desk and into storage. 

Know Your Electronics

Your home office is likely to need more electrical outlets than other rooms in the home. Invest in a quality surge protector and power strip to protect all of the electronic devices you use as part of your work day. All cords should be managed as much as possible, with cord covers to keep things looking neat and organized. This will also help prevent any hazards from cords that are loose in the room.

Make Your Space Personal

Your office space should be comfortable and inviting. Even if you are the only person who ever sees your space, it should be designed with the things you love in mind. Pictures and favorite posters will give your space a personal touch, and a decorative workspace makes people happier and more productive.

As you make your space more inviting, consider the following:

     Plants give your office fresh air and greenery
     People that enjoy their office are able to be more productive
     An individualized work space lends to your creativity

Working from home is a great experience for most people, and you should treat yourself as the professional you are with a good looking, functional office.

As you think about the work you do and the space you need, you will discover an office design that works for you.

Your StressLess space will inspire you and give you what you need to be productive. When you love spending time in your home office, work is going to be more enjoyable. If you have everything you need in your office space, you will be more productive and less stressed out about working from home.

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  1. I really like this post! I think having a set and comfortable place to work at home is really necessary. Especially the point about needing a comfortable chair. Definitely a must if you'll be sitting there for hours.

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