How To Keep Your Dog Happy While You Are At Work

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How To Keep Your Dog Happy While You Are At Work

How To Keep Your Dog Happy While You Are At Work

You work hard to give your dog a good life. 

But dogs know when you’re leaving them for work. 

Puppy dog eyes get activated.

No matter how much verbal reassurance you give your fur baby (complete with behind-the-ear scratches), the look of betrayal on their face never makes leaving easier. 

So, let’s look at ways to keep your dog happy while you're at work.

How to Keep Your Dog Happy While You're at Work 

1. Keep unsolicited callers away

A knock at the door is usually enough to send most pooches into a mild panic. 

Barking, growling, excited running from room to room, and jumping up at the door is all part of the routine.

But you'd rather this didn't happen especially if you're not there.

There is quality Do Not Disturb signs out there that you can buy online

Keep your dogs at peace and happy while at work by keeping unsolicited callers away.

2. Turn on the TV

Create a distraction by leaving the TV on.

They may not be interested in the storylines in Friends, but the constant chatter on a medium volume should be enough to help keep your dog happy while you're away.

Documentary channels in particular are a safe choice for all-day shows with their calming or neutral narration.

3. Hire a dog walker

Hiring a dog walker is a great solution to your dog’s natural restless energies. 

A full walk could help them to peacefully nap.

Check your local services online. 

There are great apps that you can download, hooking you up to professional dog walkers in your area.

Let them go on a walk with a trusted dog walker so they can be entertained while you're working.

4. Keep them calm

Dogs get antsy when you leave them at home. 

Before going to work, try to help your dogs relax. 

There are many ways you can calm your dog. 

Play relaxing music or leave the TV on.

Give them their favorite toy or clothes with your scent.

Check out natural supplements like some of the best CBD oil dogs need to relax.

CBD has properties that affect your dog's brain receptors that produce soothing or calming effects.

If you have the time, take them for a quick walk or play with them to release some of their energy. It will also make them tired so they'll rest while you're away. 

Extra Tip

Dogs love the company of other dogs. 

If you have the resources and the room to spare, look into adding a rescue dog to your family.

Your local shelter has old dogs, young dogs, dogs of all sizes and breeds, and they’d all love the chance to go home with you today.

This way you don't only keep your dog happy while you're at work. You also help save a life.

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