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Let Me Describe Myself

8:10 PM

Let Me Describe Myself

Let me describe myself.

At least let me try.

If you’ll ask me, I would not be able to answer you right away. I guess I’m just too complex to put into words. 

Inquisitive, calm, insouciant, relentless, resilient, independent and dependable. Those are just some of the things that can best describe me.

Inquisitive because I couldn't sleep at night without satiating my curiosity. I always ask. Always wonder about so many things around me. I am thinking way ahead than others do. Which is quite tiring since it doesn't leave me at peace whenever a question in my head is left unanswered.
Calm because petty things and changes don’t seem to bother me. The traffic, the delays, the weather. Something inside me always assures me that no matter how strong the storm is, it will never last. Calmness will follow. And everything will be alright again.
That’s where being insouciant comes in. I stay positive no matter how impossible and difficult the situation becomes. Sometimes though, this exposes me to a more intense pain when what I all so optimistically believed to happen does not come to pass.
Independent, because I can work alone, eat alone and even go malling by myself. That’s why I don’t understand why people tell me they’d rather starve than eat out alone. I don’t get it. Don’t they enjoy their Me-time? 

My me-time is very important to me. It’s when I get in touch with myself whom I often take for granted. It’s my chance to give myself the attention that only I can give.

These are just a few of the things about me. There are absolutely more than meets the eye. But I am grateful to my Maker for creating me this way. I may have flaws and imperfections but I know that they just add color to my already wonderful being. 

As my favorite Bible verse goes; I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

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  1. ikaw na!!! i noticed you didn't describe yourself as humble, is that intentional or did you just miss that about you? Or maybe you're just confident, which I will concur to.

  2. i don't think saying "I am humble" shows humility at all! haha!

  3. my point ka in some level!! onga noh! so you wanted to, but in the spirit of being humble you didn't. ahahaha!! ironic much?

  4. love the way you describe yourself, stay as you are. Godbless :)

  5. It's always nice to look back for a while and see how far you've gone. Those valuable qualities that you describe, those that are beyond skin-deep are worthy of possession! Keep them yours. :)