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Rainy Day Essentials and Outfits

12:14 AM

Rainy days are here!

Naturally, there's a need for a rainy day outfit.

I scouted the internet for rainy day outfits that will not just help keep you dry (or at least not soaking wet) and warm, but will also keep you looking cool and stylish at the same time.

Don't forget your rainy day essentials before you head out the door.

Rainy day essentials:

  • boots (especially if you're in a flood-prone area), or any waterproof shoes that will keep your feet dry
  • sandals if you don't mind your feet getting wet (just remember to wash them thoroughly ASAP)
  • jacket/cardigan/windbreaker/sweater
  • umbrella (men, you're not waterproof)
  • cropped pants, shorts
  • leggings
  • waterproof bag
  • rain coat (if you must)
Here they are (all photos from Google images):

just a random guy in the park. that you want to bump into. and spend the rest of your life with. *swoon* 

this is too cute to ignore

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  1. I don't think I can pull off a pair of fashionable boots going to work.



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