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Happiness Boutique: Happiness In A Small Box

8:00 AM

We define our own happiness.

Happiness can come from many things. Some from the most profound reasons, others from life's simple pleasures. My latest happiness came from Happiness Boutique. Happiness in a small box it is. 

A simple parcel that contains a fanciful pair of earrings and an elegant necklace. Life's more beautiful when you surround yourself with pretty things, don't you think?

It's perfect timing because it's my friends' wedding. Oh, I'm so happy to finally see her get hitched. She and her fiance were my favorite neighbors when I was living alone. 

So, to the wedding I went and celebrated their milestone---with my Happiness Boutique jewerlies. It was a happy day.

Happiness Boutique: Happiness In A Small Box

The items

Dainty Flower Earrings
Material: zinc (nickel and lead free).

Pastel Colors Statement Necklace
Material: zinc (nickel and lead free), acrylic, rhinestones.

The verdict

Packaging: I love that they took extra care by wrapping the items in bubble wraps separately. The box was simple but nice. There was a card that contains instructions on how to care for the jewelry. It has a short note for me too.

Design: I definitely love how the jewelries sparkle especially in the light. The design is very posh and versatile. You know it will not go out of style any time soon. I chose the product because I think it will be easy to find a dress or top that will match with it. And I was right. Superb quality for the price. 

Did I say I love it?

The customer representative was also professional and helpful. So it's a breeze transacting with them.

My dress was really simple, but I felt elegant. I was confident because I chose the right accessories---thanks to Happiness Boutique!

I got to see good friends, I witnessed a marvelous cerebration of love, and I was more than satisfied with my look. Oh, happy day!

We define our happiness. Happiness for me is surrounding myself with people who appreciates me for who I am, laughing my head off over silly jokes, and catching up with friends I don't always see.

Happiness is a heart full of gratitude at the end of the day because you know that somehow, you've done something right in your life to deserve wonderful friends.

Happiness is witnessing true love being celebrated.

Happiness is a pair of dainty earrings and a pretty necklace to go with your dress.

Yeah, happiness can be found everywhere if you know where to look.

Disclaimer: I have received these products from Happiness Boutique free of charge in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are my own.

📸: Carlo Vicente

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  1. I love the details. Very beautiful.

  2. I sure agree. Great people coupled with this box happiness, I see how you are glowing with happiness.

  3. Perfect day to wear your happiness boutique findings. You both look lovely!

  4. I love all of their necklaces! Love this one on you too :)


  5. yes :) I got a box too :) they sell lovely items

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    Stay Gold

  6. So beautiful and chic in your simple dress! I love your jewelry!!!
    Kisses, Paola.

  7. Brinco lindo amei, tenha uma semana abençoada, obrigado pela visita,

  8. Dear Lux, You are a beautiful lady. The blue dress was perfect for you and you looked very elegant. The jewelry is a perfect addition too! By the way, we are sort of on the same page ... I featured "happiness" in my last blog post too! :-)

  9. what a lovely post my dear
    this is such an amazing item review
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
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  10. Hi, Lux!

    Good things come in small boxes, and those elegant jewelry items from Happiness Boutique prove the adage. The earrings and necklace certainly did make a statement and completed your outfit on that special occasion. In fact, you looked gorgeous, dear friend. When you look good it gives you a psychological lift and you tend to feel better and perform better.

    Your happiness is mine, dear friend Lux. Enjoy the rest of your week and come back and visit me again soon!

  11. What a beautiful necklace and earrings, they really suit you

  12. Sure did the trick some slick!

  13. Wow what a nice post! I love all the details you wrote!

  14. Amazing neck-piece and earrings :)

  15. Such pretty and sparkly jewels, and such a lovely and uplifting post! Thank you for sharing and brightening my day!

  16. Hi sweetie,
    so lovely necklace.
    Maggie Dallospedale

  17. ;D

    Peças lindas! Adorei!

    Ótima terça!

    Beijo! ^^

  18. Pretty baubles, lady! Perfect for the occasion!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  19. oh, you're just stunning, Lux!

    what a gorgeous day ...

  20. Nice accessories, Lux! They made your outfit extra glam! :)

  21. Lovely pieces....smiles ~

  22. it's true - happiness sometimes comes in small packages! :) lovely pics throughout this post! :D

  23. These are so pretty... And they go so perfectly with your dress... You look fabulous :)

  24. that is some nice jewellery

  25. What a beautiful necklace and earrings

  26. Awesome! Great post dear.

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  27. i love this brand, gorgeous necklace
    new outfit on my blog <<< 90sripped jeans and patch >>>
    have an happy day, kisses

  28. You looked gorgeous! And I do love how the jewelry looks in the light. Stunning. :)

  29. Beautiful post, Lux, and gorgeous photos. Your description of happiness is exactly the way it should be...from the inside out, not the other way around.

  30. What lovely jewelry. Your beauty shines in these pictures! Congrats to your friend on her wedding.

  31. I love jewelry. Beautiful necklace and earrings!

  32. Such beauty. A lovely post.

  33. You look so gorgeous and happy in your new jewelry! And they look like the perfect items for the wedding as well. It completes your look.