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Texas Diamonds: Where To Buy Lab Grown Diamonds Wholesale In Texas

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Where to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds Wholesale in Texas Where to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds Wholesale in Texas

Some people have been looking for places where to buy lab grown diamonds wholesale in Texas. Lab grown diamonds are trendy lately. They're considered an ethical, wallet-friendly alternative to mined diamonds. 

Some see it as a saving opportunity while getting the results and products they want. Others don't agree. If you are looking to buy lab grown diamonds, you could buy Texas wholesale diamonds at Shira Diamonds.


Loose Lab Grown Diamonds Wholesale in Texas Guide

What is a lab grown diamond?

Man-made diamonds or lab grown diamonds are grown in a highly controlled laboratory environment. 

They use an advanced technological process that could duplicate the conditions on which diamonds get to naturally develop when they form in the mantle. 

They contain actual carbon atoms that are arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure.

How are lab grown diamonds made?

The lab-grown diamonds are made from the tiny carbon seed of preexisting diamonds. 

They use advanced technology to either add extreme pressure and heat or use a special process called CVD to mimic the natural method of diamond formation. 

Other laboratories grow their diamonds through deposition of pressure and heat treatment after they have grown.

Fancy-colored diamonds are formed when there are small amounts of specific traces of elements present while the growth phase of the diamond is happening. Just like how it happens in nature. 

Lab grown diamond vs natural diamonds

You could only identify if a diamond is laboratory-made and not naturally made by using specialized equipment that would be able to detect the minor differences in elements and crystal growth.

How are lab grown diamonds made?

Tips on Buying Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

1. Do your research

Research to make sure that what you are purchasing is actually a lab created diamond. 

A lot of lab grown diamonds could be purchased online. Make sure that the company you are buying it from is reputable.
2. Engagement ring style

Knowing the kind of style your partner prefers is important. You could ask her family and friends, or snoop into her Pinterest page. 

See what she likes to get a broad idea of the ring you should get. There are different styles of lab grown diamond rings you can choose from.
3. Availability

When it comes to purchasing rings, size does matter! Lab grown diamond rings are available in many shapes and sizes. Combinations may be a bit harder to come by. 

Check which lab could create the diamond engagement ring that your partner likes.
4. Consider a colored stone

Lab grown diamonds come in a wide variety of fancy colors. Pink, yellow, blue, and many others are available aside from the usual white.

If your future fiance loves sapphires or rubies, you may consider lab created gemstones.
5. Make it special

Getting a customized ring design is a great way of making your engagement ring unique. 

No one would have the same ring as your significant other. That's a lot of brownie points for you.

If creating a custom design is out of your budget, you could request a custom modification to make your ring one of a kind.

Buying Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab Grown Diamonds Texas Prices

How much is a 1-carat lab diamond in Texas? How much is a 2-carat lab grown diamond? 

A carat diamond that is created in the laboratory usually weighs about .2 grams. 

A 2-carat lab diamond would be .4 grams, which is similar to naturally mined diamonds. 

You could save about 40 percent or more when you choose to purchase a lab-created diamond instead of an actual mined diamond.

Why shouldn't you buy lab created diamonds?

1. Lab grown diamonds are worthless

The prices per carat of lab created diamonds are dropping fast. 

The more competitors there are in the market, the more we know how they are made. 

That means they are getting more beautiful, varied, but also more affordable.

This would make lab grown diamonds worthless over time.
2. They are bad for the environment

These lab made diamonds are increasing the carbon footprint since they are not being made naturally.

Lab grown diamonds are made with electricity, which is bad for the environment. 

They use about 250 million joules per carat.

Though some of them are grown with 100 percent renewable energy, the majority of them are not.
3. You cannot get lab grown diamonds appraised

Some grading labs have started offering certification for lab created diamonds but a lot of them still don’t have a grading system. 

Lab Grown Diamonds Texas Prices

A gentle reminder: always get your diamond appraised and insured. Whether it's lab created or naturally mined.

Having known these facts, which one do you prefer? Lab grown diamond vs natural diamonds? Let us know in the comments below!

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