Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress Sleeves For Your Upcoming Wedding

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Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress Sleeves For Your Upcoming Wedding

In planning a wedding, nothing could be more exciting than finding the perfect wedding dress. 

All eyes will be on the bride on her big day so it's important that she makes an impression. 

Finding the wedding dress is often the priority of the bride after getting engaged

Or let's be honest, of any girl from the day she realized she'll get married someday.

What do you consider when picking a wedding dress?

  • What kind of dress should you wear? 
  • Is your body shape right for the specific style? 
  • The neckline, color, length, and material? 
  • Should you buy online or at a store?
  • Which sleeve to choose?
The importance of sleeves reentered the bridal scene after The Royal Wedding. 

Royal Wedding Princess Diana's Wedding Dress

From flowy flared fabric to intricate lace detailing, sleeves are no longer used for modesty, but to add a fashion statement.

Almost every collection from recent the bridal fashion week placed emphasis on sleeves. 

There were Victorian-inspired bishop sleeves, detachable, modern illusion lace, and many others.

With so many types to choose from, here is the sleeve glossary that will make your wedding dress planning a little less stressful.

Straps and Strapless

Strapless gowns usually feature a straight-across or sweetheart neckline. 

The dress ends right above the bust and has no fabric covering the shoulder. 

Strapless dresses are popular among brides as they come in various silhouettes and are genuinely flattering on most body shapes.

Strapless Wedding Dress

Spaghetti straps, thick straps, and halter straps have delicate sleeves that support the bodice without covering the entire shoulder. 

Spaghetti straps are popularly seen in ball gowns, especially with an empire waist. 

The straps can be easily removed and embellished to create a timeless and classic look. 

Spaghetti straps are the right choice for brides who want a wedding dress as close to strapless as possible, but with a little bodice support.

Spaghetti Straps Wedding Dress

Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress Sleeves for Your Upcoming Wedding 

1. Sleeveless 

Sleeveless wedding dresses are often mistaken for strapless gowns when they are more similar to dresses with straps. 

These dresses have wide straps over the shoulder to hold them in place. 

They provide more coverage than simple straps and are found in gowns with Queen Anne, jewel, high-neck, asymmetric, square, and bateau necklines. 

Perfect Wedding Dress Sleeves: sleeveless

2. Short Sleeves

Short sleeves are versatile and the classic style for summer weddings.

They are similar to a short sleeve blouse or shirt that covers the shoulder and goes all the way around the arm, providing a generous range of motion. 

The Perfect Wedding Dress Sleeves: Short Sleeves

3. Cap Sleeves

Cap sleeves are short and hang from the shoulder with no fabric under the arm. 

They give your wedding dress a cutesy and feminine touch. But when pairing them with an illusion neckline or soft lace, they turn chic. 

Cap sleeves add stability and coverage even though they cover just the shoulders. 

Perfect Wedding Dress Sleeves: cap

4. Off-the-shoulder

Off-the-shoulder wedding dress sleeves are the romantic and ethereal choice.

The sleeves surround the shoulder, exposing skin in a sexy yet chic way. 

Wedding Dress Sleeves: Off-the-shoulder

5. Puffed Sleeves

Puff sleeves are a short-sleeved variation of the Juliet sleeves with a puff fitted at the bottom of the sleeve. 

Such sleeves are generally made from lighter fabrics to create a youthful and bohemian feel. 

The Perfect Wedding Dress Sleeves: Puffed Sleeves

6. Butterfly Sleeves

Butterfly sleeves, as the name suggests, are loose-flowing sleeves, fitted at the top of the arm with little to no coverage underneath – the reason why they flutter! 

Butterfly sleeves are commonly seen on bridesmaid dresses but have made their way back to the bridal world.  

Perfect Wedding Dress Sleeves: Butterfly Sleeves

7. Tulip Sleeves 

Inspired by the look of a tulip, this short-sleeve wraps over itself at the top of the shoulder. 

Usually seen in bridesmaid dresses, they are an option worth considering when customizing your wedding dress to have more coverage but with a romantic touch. 

Perfect Wedding Dress Sleeves: tulip sleeve
Keiko Lyn

8. Elbow-Length, Three-quarter, and Long Sleeves

The elbow- and quarter-length sleeves are perfect for weddings in all seasons. 

Depending on the fabrics used, they create a modern and sometimes dramatic look. 

They also come in soft tulle to create a structured and different feel.

Some churches make it mandatory for brides to wear sleeves for the ceremony. 

Long sleeves are usually preferred, as they add a formal feel without going overboard. 

Whether you prefer a vintage vibe or a sexy silhouette, long sleeves are the way to go.


9. Illusion/Lace Sleeves 

This wedding sleeve option is excellent for brides who prefer more coverage in a sexy way. 

The illusion lace detailing wraps around the entire arm, starting from the shoulder to the wrist. 

They are typically made of sheer fabric and are a transparent style that won’t show too much bare skin. 

long sleeve lave wedding dress

10. Juliet Sleeves 

Juliet sleeves are fitted long sleeves that feature a gathered puff at the shoulders. 

They depict the Renaissance and Shakespearean fashions and paint the bride in a romantic light. 

long puff sleeve

11. Bell Sleeves 

One of the top trends seen in the most recent Bridal Fashion Week runways is bell sleeves. 

They are full sleeves that open at the cuff and flare toward the wrist, creating a dramatic touch to the arm. 

Often, bell sleeves are long-sleeved and add a fullness that is both awe-striking and flattering. 

bell wedding dress sleeve

12. Bishop Sleeves 

The long, loose-fitting bishop sleeves are a classic style that is full at the top with a tight cuff at the wrist. 

This style creates a whimsical effect and is a popular choice for relaxed-style or bohemian weddings. 

bishop wedding dress sleeve

13. Poet Sleeves 

Poet sleeves are also known as flared/bell sleeves. 

They paint a romantic and feminine feel while holding true to the youthful spirit. 

Not to mention, they look especially great when done in sheer fabrics or soft lace. 

Poet wedding dress sleeve

Finally Selecting a Sleeve Style

Choosing the right wedding dress sleeve style that suits your body shape is an essential part of your wedding planning. 

The sleeve fabric doesn't have to be the same as the wedding dress. 

You can choose from a wide array of materials like tulle, lace, or netting. 

Whether you need the sleeves or not completely depends on the formality of the wedding and your personal preference. 

Most importantly, the sleeves you choose should make you feel beautiful and confident on your big day.

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